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Gregg Braden Holy Land Tour
March 8-24, 2018

What the participants have to say about the tour:

Shalom Elan,

Don and I wish to express to you our deepest heartfelt gratitude for your superb leadership in organizing the magnificent spiritual pilgrimage that we shared in the Holy Land. Thank you for your care, kindness and attentiveness to all our needs. We truly had a life changing experience in your beautiful Israel. We are so blessed to have gotten to go with you and Gregg on this beautiful and historical journey. We appreciate the list of participants and all the pictures you posted on Facebook.

Blessings and Love,
Anna and Don S. / USA

Dear Elan,

You were an angel presence paving the way of harmony for all of us throughout the trip. Thank you. You provided a template of peace that protected the tour and guided it. Thank you. Your quiet strength brought comfort and confidence. Thank you. You were as integral to the success of our journey as Gregg was. Thank you. It is a pleasure to know you.

Having traveled with Gregg before, I knew to expect marvelous mysteries, fascinating clues, and enlightening answers and I was not disappointed; but this trip included even more. Our guides interestingly explained the historical significance of the sites we visited and Gregg’s commentary dropped the visit into a deeply personal spiritual pilgrimage. Utilizing the heart coherence Gregg teaches throughout the journey brought such overwhelming gratitude my eyes overflowed on a regular basis. The insights, images and messages that came through that process are the real souvenirs that I have brought home, and they continue to inspire and unfold in my consciousness. Ideas Gregg shared in his lectures left me so excited I could hardly sleep for weeks.

Being in the Holy Land made the Bible stories I’ve read all my life real for me. That probably would have been the case traveling in Israel & Palestine with any group. Beyond that, Gregg’s lectures connected the dots from DNA to Torah Code to God Code to the nature of reality, and now life makes more sense. I’ve heard Gregg’s provocative question again and again, “Who are we?” and with this trip, like looking at a magic eye puzzle, answers are beginning to come into focus. I am profoundly grateful.

with warmest regards,
Glenna C. / USA

Dear Gregg & Elan,

I’ve been on a journey to transform from a man to a human for a couple of years, though I’ve only realized it this last year. I did not know what to expect from this tour as I’ve only been to one of Gregg’s events, so the transformation I experienced was truly overwhelming. Your knowledge of the land, people and history, and how you shared it, turned this into an extraordinary learning and spiritual event. It has opened my heart to many possibilities not previously imagined. It also brought together many ideas and concepts that were floating around since my childhood, that made no sense by themselves, into a more concise picture. There are many holy land tours but none like this. I feel blessed to be part of your first one!

Andrejs A. / USA

Thank you Elan, it was a pleasure traveling through the Holy Land with you and Gregg.

I took this journey as I needed to know who Jesus was. I was brought up as a strict Catholic and have spent all my adult life shedding the indoctrination of the Catholic religion which is so embedded in our cellular level. I needed to know whether Jesus was a real person and what was his role on this earth 2000 years ago.
This journey was about listening and observing the multi layered history of a land that is thousands of years old and realizing that there has been a matrix of major religions who have called this land home, and it is very sacred to each and every one of them.

I wanted to know about this land and why was it so attractive to so many people and cultures and – as the tour banner said – search for the original wisdom, and who better to describe and teach us about the Holy Land then Gregg.
I have come away from these 16 days knowing far more about the history of Israel then I have of any other country I have visited, I have learnt about the infinite possibilities of the Torah Code, about Jesus and his message to us, and that it’s not about religion – it’s about empowering ourselves to achieve a higher realm of living and much, much more. To think we are in this world but not of it.
I enjoyed the lectures and more importantly the meditations at each site we visited to get a real feeling through the heart of what has transpired at the place we were visiting.

Love to do more of Gregg’s tours and bring my husband with me. I understand fully that you and Gregg were feeling your way through this trip as to what and where to visit that was most appropriate to the group. It was a good lesson for me to let go and let God.

Kind regards,
Maria T. / Australia

Dear Elan,

It was great to finally meet with you in person during this trip – thanks very much for all your hard work and excellent management skills that ensured the tour ran smoothly.

Jieyu C. / Singapore

My Dear Elan,

What a honor it was to meet you and come together in such a group of love, peace and compassion. Thank you and Gregg Braden for making this Mystic Travelers adventure possible!
Martha Reich Braden, thank you for your beautiful gift of music, which amplified our experience.

With heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, I applaud Gregg Braden’s profound wisdom and teachings during our sacred journey to the Holy Land.

As a Minister, to walk where Jesus walked is a dream come true. My understanding of the history, culture and sacredness of the land is greatly appreciated. Our time together at the Sea of Galilee expanded the depth of my love, compassion and deepest sense of gratitude, which will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you Gregg Braden, for leading us through the Holy Land, while lovingly teaching us how to expand our awareness, connectedness and consciousness through the coherent heart field of love and compassion.

It will be my pleasure to join all of you in a future adventure.

With Gratitude, Love and Appreciation,
Bonnie L. / USA

To everyone on Gregg Braden’s Holy Land Tour,

I came back home last Sunday, my spirit is still soaring in the air. It doesn’t get any better than this!

I want to thank each and every one of you for being on The Pilgrimage! Each of you made it an Exceptional Pilgrimage!! Thank you!!!

Sending you Love,
Eileen H. / USA

Dear Elan, Gregg and the wonderful Holy Land Tour team,

I am thankful for all of the care you took to provide a safe and nourishing journey for us. It was a luxury to be able to focus on the content of the pilgrimage and work on my inner temple. I feel equipped to participate in the evolution of our global consciousness and will have fun doing it!

Love Always,
Melissa Z. / USA

Hello Mystic travelers,

My heart is full of gratitude and appreciation for being able to travel with Gregg, Elan and all of you to the most amazing place that I have ever been. It was such a well organized Holy Land tour and made so very interesting by Gregg. I will never forget the things that I saw and learned.

Blessings and love to all of you,
Linda F. / Canada

Dear Elan,

Thank you for all you did to make our trip to the Holy Land a first class experience. And thank you Gregg Braden. I had heard you speak in Arizona on 3 different occasions around 10 – 12 years ago. So it was a very easy decision to go on this trip of a lifetime for me, and one I will reflect on for years to come. I do want to say that sharing 2 buses with over 100 people from 16 countries and everyone being so spiritually open was wonderful. I was in the back of bus #2 and felt such closeness with everyone near me.

Blessings and happiness to everyone,
Noel S. / USA

Dearest Elan,

Thank you for your care and presence to this and to so many details on the trip. You put together an amazing journey that gave us a deep experience of your country. Now I am quietly integrating as I know it will be reverberating through my soul for a long time.

I am back in the far north with the snow, but still feeling my feet on the Holy Land ground with these awakened memories now holding me in the eternal spring.

Katherine C. / USA

Dear Gregg, Elan and all the mystic travelers in this wonderful journey to the holy land!

This was a magnificent trip for me, that opened my heart even more, broadened my perspective on life and human beings, and increased my capacity for tolerance, compassion and understanding of « the other » that is different to me. I think I have become a better being, I have matured in understanding and – more so – in feeling the life of those who have previously walked on this land and played a powerful part in it.

I have matured in my global understanding of this planet we live in and our origins, where we come from.

I am trying to put words to describe my experience of this journey, but there are really no words… No words will convey the depth of appreciation and gratitude I have for Gregg, who gave us so much with his gentle presence, with his teachings that opened my eyes into a new understanding and perspective of life.

There are no words either to convey what my heart perceived there: the flashes, the connections that were triggered because I was walking on this powerful land, but all I can say is that it is deep, profound, and will not leave me!

Thank you also to Elan who did – along with our guides – a fantastic job in accompanying us and making sure that things would be as smooth as possible for us…

And thank you to all my new friends who participated in making this journey exceptional. I enjoyed all of you with whom I sat during meals and whose presence was a real gift for me. What a group we were! So full of love for each other, so gentle and open to each other.

With love and gratitude to you all – you are in my heart!
Danielle S. / France

Dearest All,

What an experience!!!! My heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for being part of a very special journey…to Gregg in particular…for your essence and ability to convert the newest ideas into ordinary words…

…for me this was the journey of a lifetime…to walk where Jesus walked…to feel His presence…to hear the history of this Holy Land…this was the making of a story of the past, present and future in real time…my faith has grown …that tiny light I’ve had as a believer now burns so bright..

In my work as a healer, there is now that perfect message that comes to the table…there has been instantaneous manifesting…unpredictable circumstances straighten out…the list grows longer everyday…

Thank you Elan for the heart you put into making this experience a reality…to Lauri’s help on the tour, to our guides, Herzel and Helen…Martha thank you for your voice and message…

My love always,
Caroline K. / USA

Loving Mystic Travelers,

On my return from our Holy Land journey, transitioning back into my everyday normal took time. It was as Gregg predicted: the altered state we experienced on our journey would accompany us home; and hang around for a while. Incredibly, each night for over a week, I dreamed that we were still on our journey with Gregg, Elan, Lauri, Helen and Hertzel experiencing the incredible mysteries of the Holy Land, and answering its call. Perhaps I had these nocturnal journeys because I was not ready to let go of a journey that was transforming my life. Regardless of the reason, I loved that our journey was continuing. And it is, is it not? I am so thankful to have walked the Holy Land with you, sharing our stories, and watching our cups running over with love and awe.

Gregg and Elan, thank you for being the catalyst, and organizer for an awesome experience and for Lauri’s support. Looking forward to our paths crossing again. Each time I hear from one of the Mystic Travelers, I am transported back in time to the Holy Land, and the connection we made with each other, and the call to witness peace in the Holy Land.

Love to you all,
Maria P. / USA

Hello Everyone!

It’s been two weeks and my spirit has floated down to join my body. As I return to my life’s activities, my feet feel as though they are barely touching the earth. I feel like a bird flying effortlessly in the air, with the biggest smile on my face. I LOVE it!

Gregg, you are the first person who has said to me, “What do you feel?” In the past, I have worked with many others who have said, “What do you see?”, “What words come to your mind.” For me, I have ALWAYS experienced a ‘feeling’ and had to come up with words… You are the first person who said, “How do you feel?”, “What are you feeling?” I felt right at home! Many thanks!!

Gregg, thanks for reminding me of the Quick Coherence Technique AND having us use it every day! I drove from South Lake Tahoe, California to Pennsylvania and arrived yesterday – six days of eight to nine hours of driving per day with LOTS of trucks to PASS!! At first, every time I passed a truck, my entire body tensed. Then, I had a lightbulb moment! The Quick Coherence Technique. Today, I pass trucks as though they are regular, small, insignificant vehicles. It’s amazing! It works!! Yeah!!!

Elan thank you for being the perfect organizer and posting photos of our travels on your Facebook page. It will help me identify my photos. And, it’s very nice that you respond to emails immediately!

Lauri thanks for your uplifting, positive, smiling presence, and especially, in taking up the rear and keeping me from getting lost!! (If you only knew…)

Sending Love & Healing Qi to Everyone,
Eileen H. / USA

It was so lovely to meet so many awesome people. Thanks to all of you for our connection. I learned so much about myself on that amazing tour!

Linda F. / USA

I am deeply grateful that I could do this trip. Love to all the beautiful people who attended. It’s a gift to be with so many like-minded people.

Margo F. / USA

I am so grateful to everyone for my life-changing tour. Love you all, and hope you are blooming bigger than ever!

Michelle B. / USA

Gregg Braden Retreats (2016-2019)

From Cell to Soul Retreat – March 2019

Dear Elan,

Thank you for organizing the best retreat I have ever attended!
My dream was to see Gregg in his homeland. Followed his work for ages.
Everyone connected, and I was blessed meeting so many beautiful souls.
The Hyatt Tamaya Resort on the Native Land reservation is spectacular and I made a point of going for an early morning walk down by the Rio Grand river.
The teachings were so informative, along with the heart meditations. The breathing exercise was incredible.
Your wit and jokes plus your beautiful songs were so heart warming.
The location and the staff, also the food, were all outstanding. The concerts and our farewell day were very beautiful and I left felt feeling this was surely a bit of heaven that fell from the stars creating a wonderful finale. Looking forward to seeing you all at the Conference in November.

Much love and blessings
Elizabeth B. / UK

I went to the Cell to Soul Conference (in Vernon BC) in June 2018 with Gregg Braden and to the From Chaos to Coherence November 2018 with Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton. I thoroughly enjoyed both of those conferences and came home invigorated.

This most recent Cell to Soul, however, was for me one of the most powerful experiences of my life (I am almost 74).
Gregg, as always, is compelling, brilliant, funny, caring and inspiring. He provided some new information based on new studies, which I appreciated. In this conference he provided just enough of the scientific basis for Human by Design, but also included more experiential experiences. I like this balance. For me, meditation has always been difficult and scary. In this conference, I felt more relaxed and comfortable with doing the heart brain coherence, able to get past my fears of failure. I also thoroughly enjoyed Christian Minson’s breathing sessions, although again at first I was apprehensive. I was able to have some breakthroughs – this is the first time I have ever done any body release work. I would like to see a similar format in the May 2020 retreat, which I plan on attending.

Thanks Elan to you, Gregg and Laurie for an incredible, meaningful experience. Please keep up the good work!
Linda D. / OR. USA

Dear Elan,

Thank you so very much for your beautiful note. I wanted to respond quickly before I lose the luster and the spark that continues to expand in my heart.

First let me say this to you, Elan… thank you for your most gentle yet effective approach, your dry and sweet sense of humor, and your willingness to be fully present within each moment. You do it masterfully. It was not lost on me, or I’m sure anyone else, that there was a LOT of responsibility on you, and you rarely looked or acted ‘affected’. So for you, dear beautiful soul, I thank you from a most genuine place of care for your care of all of us. I know what it takes to pull something like this off, and you are to be congratulated. Thank you for understanding what it means for people to be there, and for staying in your heart in order to provide that seamless experience from your ‘end’ of the work all the way through to Gregg’s.

I have been to many a retreat and program in my life, and this just may have been my all-time favorite. It hit all the right buttons for me – Heart-centered, fact-based, amazing and beautiful human-being delivering in such a vibrant, loving tone with a charismatic presence. The depth of Gregg’s understanding of these concepts is difficult to comprehend. The ‘package’ of Gregg as just one human-being is almost unbelievable. Gregg was clearly put on this planet, at this particular time, to guide us into a new era, not only with his critical thinking skills and his gentle demeanor but showing us all how to live a heart-based life. I simply could not be more impressed. And there’s one more word… Humble. The last two times I saw Gregg speaking at events, I could see this about him, and certainly it’s clear in his writing and his shows, but to be part of this well-planned and executed event really was where the rubber met the road. Gregg didn’t miss a beat with anything that came up unexpectedly and, again, his genuine heart shone in every single minute of all aspects. In other words, you can see how people can put on a certain ‘face’ but see their humanness come out here or there – that never happened once with Gregg. Gregg is the real deal, the genuine article. He is a beautiful soul with countless talents, and says what needs to be said in a way that is concise, conscious and compassionate.

Thank you both for the roles that you play on this planet. But mostly, thank you for providing the opportunity to participate in such a beautiful, genuine and loving program.

With much appreciation,
Teena C. / AZ. USA

Well, Elan,

The From Cell to Soul Retreat experience was truly wondrous. The amount and quality of the scientific information that Gregg Braden presented to us is just so valuable in understanding who we are, and in understanding our purpose and our potential and our value as human beings – Gregg was so very effective in emphasizing those key points. He is truly a master of effective communication and teaching, explaining the many complex concepts and connecting the dots for us with powerful examples and analogies and visuals. He also deftly uses his fine sense of humor and wit – which is so fun – along with responding respectfully and effectively to audience questions. Gregg Braden is simply amazing.

And then how valuable it was to learn step by step the Transformative Breath Technique to release past trauma from our bodies, freeing ourselves from trauma attachment so we can move further along our path to ascension. Additionally, the daily programs were very well-organized – truly great planning – with each session and break timed just right. And the nightly musical entertainments were perfect choices, strongly supporting the spiritual experiences we were having. It was also fun to witness the sweet, loving and humorous exchanges between you, Elan, and Gregg and Laurie – one could tell each of you did your particular job very well, complementing each other as you worked harmoniously through the retreat together. And the choice of the Tamaya Resort – perfect – sacred ground for clearing and releasing and the seeding of truth for creating wondrous change. I am most grateful and in awe. Thank you.

Peace and Love to you and Gregg Braden and Laurie and to the other support staff.
Wishing you all many blessings,
Paula T. / MD. USA

Hello Elan and Gregg,

We both had a transformative time at the Cell to Soul retreat – it was particularly rich for us to be there as a couple! So much for us to continue to discuss and incorporate into our daily lives. Being guided through the process of heart/brain coherence with Gregg took us both to a whole new level of energy and depth of connection with the wisdom of our hearts. The transformational breath sessions were also very powerful for both of us. During the second session I had a life-changing experience of connecting with the matrix – I felt myself rise above the floor, felt light/heavy, hot/cold, past/present, completing connected with all things/times. An amazing experience!

We are very grateful to have experienced in person Gregg’s passion for life and the Discoveries and Mirrors guiding us to live our infinite potential. There is no greater work than this!

Thank you so much! We look forward to joining you on an exploration of one of the tours you offer in the future.

Carol & Scott F. / Canada

Hi Elan and Gregg,

It was a great deepening experience!!!!
I loved it!!!!

The place you chose made it comfortable and nice. The quality of the food you supplied and the venue. The breathing exercises were incredible, and the content of Gregg’s sessions and teachings were profound. Even afterwards I realize the quality of Gregg’s presence.
It was really 4 days ‘out of the world’.

Gregg and you made it amazing!!!!.
Thank you,
Agnès P / France

Thank you Elan, thank you Gregg,

For such a moving and heartfelt experience.
I am filled with gratitude and appreciation for all you do, and for having had the good fortune to experience.
I look forward to more wonderful moments together in the future.

With love and blessings,
Karen G. / KS. USA

Hello Elan,

Just emailing you makes me happy! Not to sound weird, but the retreat was really meaningful for me. Thanks again for everything Elan. Well done to you, Gregg and the rest of your team for putting together such a nourishing and informative event.

All The Best,
Kimberly K. / AZ. USA

Hi Elan,

I wanted to thank you so much for one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have been to retreats before, but never of this caliber. Over a week later, I’m still buzzing from my experience and can’t wait for my husband to experience this same retreat next year.

I have studied Gregg’s work for over a decade, and he is wonderful in print, but truly awe-inspiring in person. I am so impressed by the authenticity of both you and him. Thank you.

If I had one retreat to recommend, this one would be it. It gave me such a better perspective on love and life. It was truly amazing.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Sending Blessings,
Michelle A. / CA. USA

Dear Elan,

Much gratitude for everything that you represent in my world.

Create a wonderful day,
Robert S. / Serbia

Hello Elan,

I am deeply grateful for Gregg and his AMAZING TEAM that held us with safety, care and compassion. I would suggest the Cell to Soul Immersion experience for anyone on a transformational path!!!

Heart-2-Heart hugs to all of you!!!
Kimberly G. / FL. USA

Thanks Elan! Once again you guys pulled off an amazing experience! I am processing so much stuff that I headed up to Taos for a few days to deal with it! :) Thanks for all you do, and I’ll greatly look forward to the next one!

With much gratitude!
Dane L. / CA. USA

Thank you for the gift of new meaning to know anything by heart. I feel I have learned that listening with the heart softens old patterns and inspires virtuosic transformation. The breathing exercises seemed to alleviate congestion in the cerebrum by opening some sort of valve mechanism to the heart where genius-like brain sequences within the neurocardial system become effortlessly accessible. I will not be surprised if building blocks of beliefs about the heart’s constituencies equate with or exceed the cerebrum and possibly enteric nervous system. I have no doubt that particularly strong beliefs create physiological conditions as this is basic to fundamental psychology and worthy of ongoing quantification.

May all humankind flourish in believing the best physiological quality. May evidence of Peace, Love and Happiness be viable always.

Warmest regards,
Sherry P., PSYD, LMT / FL. USA

Dear Elan,

Thank you again for orchestrating such a magical experience. You and Gregg are doing tremendously valuable and much needed work!

Thank you for the gathering, for your delightful sense of humor and your heart warming songs. We hope to cross paths with you again in the near future!

With love and gratitude,
Téa & Dr. Jason S. / Canada

Hi Elan,

I really enjoyed the From Cell To Soul retreat. The breath work fitted in beautifully. And I loved the meditation toward the end that, for me, brought everything together beautifully – combining the heart-mind connection with the mirror neurons.

Thanks, again, for a wonderful conference. You did a great job in the organizing and smooth operations. Felt quite seamless.

Many Blessings,
Liz C. / CA. USA

Aloha Elan,

This was the first time I attended one of Gregg’s retreats. At first, I was wary and stayed in an ‘observer mode’. Gregg was right when he said how important trust is, and it’s fair to say I didn’t have trust to begin with. That changed quickly and, I’m happy to say, I was able to fully open to the information and experience.

His anecdotal stories helped me put what was being shared into a context that I could remember better than if he’d shared data only. Plus, it helped me get to know him AND made it so much fun! Gregg is ‘the real deal’. By that, I mean he lives what he teaches. It made all the difference knowing that. So, I’m grateful not only for the retreat but for knowing he’s on the planet, and that his life is dedicated to helping us all. The workshop was transformational – it gave me knowledge and tools that are priceless.

And, last but not least, your wonderful humor helped make the event an absolute delight! I didn’t have the opportunity to let you know in person, but you helped make the workshop with Gregg an amazing experience. I have no idea of all that you do to make these conferences successful, but I do know how much your humor and the sharing of your native songs was a joy for me.

Mahalo nui loa,
Judy R. / HI, USA

Many beautiful friendships made at Gregg Braden’s Cell to Soul this past week in New Mexico. Sacred land and sacred hearts shared. Thank you to everyone who shared their spirit with us all. A lot of healing and sharing and gratitude to all.

Melissa B. / Canada

A wonderful ending ceremony for 4 fantastic days in NM high country! Such a special, spiritual setting with a group of wonderful people and marvelous teachers!

Margo F. / NC. USA

Dear Elan,

It was an honor to meet you as well!!….as you so eloquently voiced to me, “We co-created” the opportunity that unfolded for my presence at this most amazing Cell to Soul event at the Tamaya Resort. I am deeply grateful it manifested so beautifully. The presence you held for the Cell to Soul event was amazing and beautiful.

Gregg’s stories, shared with such heart, honesty, humility, integrity, wisdom and insight, were so relevant to the collective. The science and knowledge shared was deeply inspiring and thought-provoking.

I set the intention to come to this event for inspiration and transformation. Through the transformational breath work on Day 1, I was gifted to tangibly experience “re-birth”. I recall every detail, and it was a life-changing experience. The entire event was beyond what I imagined/envisioned!

I was impressed by the environment of safety that was created through the loving and caring presence of you, Gregg and the entire staff, from day one. The level of trust instilled opened the way for deep wonderment and allowing of experiences that may have otherwise not occurred for me. Following 2 decades of experiencing “holistic” type of educational offerings and experiences, the degree of sharing from the heart was unparalleled. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I would recommend this event for ANYONE who is desiring an experiential workshop that includes deep scientific support and truth.

Thank you again for your presence and hard work to support this event.
May the blessings you share with others return to you in multiplicity!!

Namaste….with Heart,
Kimberly G. / FL. USA

Gregg Braden & Dr. Bruce Lipton Tamaya Retreat - Nov 8-11, 2018

From Chaos to Coherence Retreat (Gregg Braden & Dr. Bruce Lipton) – November 2018

I am so grateful for my experience at the Tamaya Resort in Santa Ana Pueblo with Gregg and Bruce! They are masterful presenters and have the ability to make science hit home in the reality of everyday experience. They are both such riveting story tellers about the true evolution of mankind and its connection to the earth, the universe and spirit. The stories give hope, and “power tools” to everyone willing to connect to their heart. I was blown away by the Field we created in that space with 200 open hearted individuals in that sacred place. This created the unseen magic woven into the background that gave me wonderful attention depth and learning endurance for 4 days. I even wrote detailed legible notes, a feat previously unknown to me! I know we were able to achieve the gamma brain states that Gregg spoke about. Thank you for your courageous pursuit of the powerful possibilities humans are heir to. Thanks for your commitment to show and tell us about it. I am so excited to be able to convey the truth to others and empower them too.

Dr. Scott V. W. DC / CO. USA

For four days, we were immersed in heart resonance, coming together as a loving and caring community. With such collective energy, there is the opportunity for transformation. To be in the company of Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton is an experience like no other. To go deep into our hearts, and to learn how we are the co-creators of our life, no matter the programming we received early in our lives, is empowering. I left this event, knowing and understanding that without a doubt I am indeed in charge of my destiny, through the power of thought, through conscious awareness, and through harmonizing my heart and mind. The choices are mine to make, and what I feed my soul through thought and lifestyle choices ripples throughout me, but also beyond to the greater good of all humanity and all beings. Thank you Gregg and Bruce and all those there who came together in coherence for a magical and life-changing event. Thought by thought, heart by heart, we are changing the world. Love to you all.

Wendy D. / Canada

A WONDERFUL event – even better than I anticipated. Lots of superlatives in my comments but all well deserved!! The energy was incredible, increased by being on sacred tribal land and the fantastic participants, but even more so by Gregg, Bruce, Elan, Laurie, and the rest of the team. The knowledge base of Gregg and Bruce was incredible, especially all of the NEW information. The presentations were beyond excellent, and the flow and relationship between Gregg and Bruce’s presentations left me in awe when I wasn’t busily writing. The resort is beautiful and the land it occupies is spectacular, especially in the fall. The food at the breaks was outstanding. Evening entertainment was also beyond description – I love viewing the videos of both evenings and reliving these evenings with beautiful souls. And, being in nature the final afternoon will always be in my memory – what a wonderful way to one more time put heart/brain coherence into action!

Thanks for all of the hard work it took to put together this event.

Margo F. / NC. USA

This was truly a life-altering conference, what I call “Science meets God!” It helped me re-frame the chaos around us now, and find answers I have been seeking my whole life – about changes to our social norms, human health, the core of life as systems/cellular biology, shifts occurring on planet earth and understanding the power of human consciousness. I am so inspired by Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton for their wisdom and “buttery” presentation styles. The four days flowed seamlessly, never did they even make one mistake in their talks, and the sense of community grew with every breath we shared. The incorporation of HeartMath techniques added value beyond measure. Wow!!! Go to anything they offer!!

Dr. Patti Britton PhD, MPH / NC. USA

I knew the Conference would be wonderful, having heard Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton speak as part of other events; but I had no idea how extraordinary and life enhancing it would be. The information and techniques are not only life improving but life altering, and make living the dream of better health, happiness and fulfillment a reality. I am already seeing the benefits. Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul. And thank you Elan and all the others for your work to bring this information to us.

Tina K. / NM. USA

Dear Elan,

Gregg Braden and Dr Bruce Lipton are walking angels, spreading the truths that will steer humanity from the next great extinction.

The energy in the room was powerful, and the energy on the stage was beautiful. Gregg and Bruce truly love one another, they love everyone in the room, they express this to us, and their love can be felt, in our hearts, and in the hearts of every living being on Earth.

Tamaya is a powerful location on native lands. Chaos to Coherence is a beautiful experience, sharing in the powerful energies of these men’s hearts.

We all are Divine and powerful. Gregg and Bruce lead with their hearts, providing an experiential opportunity for us to learn tangible tools to bring coherence between the neurons in our hearts and in our brains.

Thank you for arranging such a blessed experience on sacred grounds!

Ryan R. / OR. USA

I am so thankful for the gift of this event. It was such a beautiful, mind-blowing experience. I walked away from that four days loving myself in a way that I never have, feeling empowered to make changes and to find my life purpose. I can’t wait to share this experience with my family at the Cell to Soul in March.
Beautiful Land, Beautiful People, Beautiful Truth. My heart is full.

Susan T. / MT. USA

The three of you are here among us as part of a plan to help humanity evolve. Thank you from the depths of my Soul. I would love to be able to express what I feel for each of you, but there are no words that will do that. The conference was way over the top. Thank you all for the hard work to make it possible!

Lloyd O. / WV. USA

Dear Elan, Gregg and Bruce,

The Chaos to Coherence retreat gave me the nudge I needed to move forward into a more heart-centered way of living. During our time in nature, I could sense the native spirits around us and could see them as shadowy figures when I closed my eyes. I felt a slight touch on my right shoulder and heard the sound of a rattle. This was an unusual occurrence for me, which points to the depth of the experience the group co-created together.

With deep gratitude,
Lydia D. / NM. USA

Dear Elan, Gregg and Bruce,

My heart is so full of love for all three of you. My experience of this conference exceeded all expectations.

The love, respect, humor and organization of this conference was the best I have ever experienced. It was an honor to participate in an experience that honored the human Soul, Spirit and Heart.

Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden exemplified the “Divine Masculine” in their interactions with each other and with everyone present. Their mutual love and respect for each other spilled into the audience and brought the information to a much higher level. There was sincerity, humor and joy they conveyed in their presentation that made the experience fun, informative and heart opening.

Elan, special thanks to you for your amazing organizational skills and the kindness and elegance you demonstrated as part of this special family of Souls, bringing people together and treating them all with loving kindness.

It was an honor to be with all of you and the participants as well. The room was filled with love, humor and respect.

I highly recommend any opportunity you have to experience Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton and you as well Elan. Spirituality with joy and love. The highest octave of Spirit.

With love and blessings,
Jackie S. / NV. USA

Dear Elan,

Thank you so much for producing such an amazing event with Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden. I learned so much from both of them that my confidence grew tremendously. You provided a wonderful atmosphere for learning, and everything went smoothly – at least from my experience. I also wanted to thank you for personally taking care of me and my needs. I hope you will be producing more events with both Bruce and Gregg, because when you do you can count me in. Thanks again. I appreciate you.

Suzanne S. / AZ. USA

My husband and I just returned from the amazing retreat with Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton: “From Chaos to Coherence.” Thank you so much for the upliftment, powerful information and love. It was just what I needed to bring my work to a new level here on Kaua’i. I came home with faith and the knowing that my Power is real. I will always feel the connectedness that we all experienced while there on the High Desert of New Mexico in the one heart! Thank you!

Rita A. F. / HI. USA

Gregg Braden Canada Retreat - June 22-25, 2018

From Cell to Soul Retreat – Canada – June 2018

My heart is dancing upon return from the 4-day workshop with Gregg Braden and so many open-hearted individuals attending the Sparkling Hills retreat in June 2018. I am not a person who usually cares or needs proof of scientific evidence as to whether something is valid; I am someone who follows my heart and intuition. However, this workshop gave me deeper understanding and appreciation for the history of mankind, and how science plays an important piece in the puzzle of evolution and our existence. With this knowledge there is empowerment and validity. Gregg is such an amazing presenter with a great sense of humor, who connects deeply with his audience.

I look forward to practicing with the tools learned this past weekend, and intend to continue learning more in the future with Shaloha Productions.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. xox
Wendy M. / Canada

Thank you very much Elan – it was truly an amazing week to spend with so many like minded people. The energy was high, and continued with me. I would like to thank you all for this opportunity, and look forward to more in the future and having my husband join in the workshop this time.

Thank you,
Darlene S. / Canada

Dear Elan,

I wish to thank you for the exceptionally well-organized retreat in Vernon with Gregg Braden. I have been following Gregg Braden’s work for only a year now through his YouTube talks and books, and this was my first event. I can’t express enough how the world needs Gregg’s teachings.

With deep gratitude,
Bobbie QK. / USA

Dear Elan,

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event at Sparkling Hills Resort! It was such a pleasure to meet you and experience such a unique event! Dennis and I enjoyed the jokes you shared from your daughter, and the beautiful song you sang for Gregg on his birthday. It truly was a beautiful song!

We really appreciate all the hard work you put in to provide us with a wonderful experience in such a sacred setting. The presentation was excellent and very informative, and it was such a pleasure to connect with all the unique souls who attended. We hope to meet you again in future events that may have our paths cross.

With endless gratitude and appreciation,
Catherine and Dennis L. / USA

I’m sure you have heard this before, but I wanted to tell you that the love and open-hearted environment created by your whole team was so wonderful and healing to be in… I still feel very open even after integrating so much from the 4 days and the time that has passed since then. I feel like my husband and family have benefited as well.

Much appreciation to you all!

Best and Much Love,
Robyn L. / Canada

This “retreat” was so much more than the name implies. As an RN of 40 years, I can only say that if I knew then what I know now, my career would have unfolded in a profoundly different way. It validates the response I received from my oncology patient who, after being told by her physician that she had 3 months to live and then being told that she actually had a choice in whether she lived or died, she chose to live. Three and a half years later she was still alive, happy and healthy. Now, that is healing in its purest state.
Thank you Gregg, for a remarkable, life-altering event.

Blessings to you and to Elan for organizing it beautifully!
Heather G. / Canada

Dear Elan,

Thank you and a huge Thank You to Gregg, Lori and yourself for the amazing retreat in Vernon. It was packed with deep information, much of which I am hoping to regain from the book that was so graciously given to us.

Again, thank you and keep up the great work.

Lynne M. / Canada

Dear Elan,

It was great to be at the workshop with Gregg and his team. You all are in my heart now.

I was blessed to be able to attend, but did not realize how much until I sit back and reflect the changes in me and what I learned.

I did not know quite what to expect and was just open to whatever was going to transpire. It was AWESOME!!

Barry and Gwen R. / Canada

Dear Elan,

Thank you for the opportunity. Feel free to use any of this, it’s a bit long-winded. Maybe the first line says it all… All the Best!!!

I received a tangible healing at the Cell to Soul in Vernon. After the meditation at the end of the 4 days, I noticed that the chronic pain in my abdomen had vanished.

It was like a concrete lump behind the navel that lasted (grew) for almost 2 decades. Possible causes were manifold: an abdominal surgery, stress, etc. I tried every angle to address it: dietary, massage, breathing, stretching, supplements, psychology, meditation, you name it. I had an ultrasound, thinking it to be an aortal aneurysm, as it had a pounding sensation. It was a feeling that prevented me from enjoying going for drives, relaxing, and feeling that time was not a pressure. This was a downward slope, as it gnawed at what was, for me, the things that made life bearable.

Mr. Braden’s distillation of information was a concentrate. His manner made the difficult look easy. He was able to field all the rabbit holes we went down in thought-form, and always steered it back to the point. No mean feat. I percolated the information with as much effort as I could in the short time, and took what he gave and made it my own in terms of self-talk, and therefore was blessed with a small “miracle” healing.

I look forward to working with the tips that were given to continue a cascade of unblocking what doesn’t work. In fact, my dog is already experiencing the benefit, with a bit of prostate inflammation subsiding….what joy to do this work and to get results so quickly.

Being a troubleshooting type, I often need to look at and read things that are not pleasant. It is a warrior archetype. This presentation helps so much to strengthen the resolve to keep the heart clean and, by communicating to it, we have a friend. Thanks is not really sufficient, but…..
I thank Gregg Braden and his team for all the help.

Making the Heart Great Again,
Kim S. / Canada

Dear Elan,

Thank you for an enlightening retreat at Sparkling Hills. Gregg was an awesome leader and educator. It was a pleasure to meet you and Gregg, and to see all the good work you are doing.

Many thanks,
Janice P. / Canada

It was a enlightening experience to be with Gregg again. The healing with the group was a blessing. The oneness with the music was healing. God Bless until we meet again, in love and balance.

Elan – it was wonderful to meet you. You did a excellent job looking after all of us.

Vivian S. / Canada

Dear Elan,

I would also like to complement you on the organization and quality of this seminar. I have been at many of this kind of seminar, and you guys excel at it!

With regards,
Jose V. H. / Canada

Dear Elan,

Thank you to you, Laurie and Gregg for an incredible four days at Sparkling Hill with you and a truly special community of beautiful souls. Thank you for creating an inspiring space to experience the knowledge, teachings and wisdom Gregg shared with us. Thank you to each of you for creating a space in which I felt safe to breathe, heal, remember, unravel, connect and reconnect, ask questions and commune with my heart, allow for new possibilities to emerge from within, open new doors, embrace my past through the lens of the “single eye of the heart,” choose to honor God, and ultimately to choose life again and again. This past weekend literally gave me back my life. I am already looking forward to the next Cell to Soul!

Aída Z. / USA

Elan, what a great job in producing Gregg’s latest event Cell to Soul!
You are touching many lives through your contribution! And bringing a lot of joy and laughter through your humor! Thank You!!!
Judy A. / USA

Gregg Braden Tamaya Retreat - April 14-17, 2018

From Cell to Soul Retreat – April 2018

As Gregg said to start off the workshop, “This workshop begins when you start integrating the information into your life. And that requires an experience.” And what a beautiful experience. Highly recommend this retreat! Take your favorite Gregg Braden book and times it by 100 and you’ll get an idea of what you’re in for.
Craig M. / USA

Hello Elan,

I just wanted to say a huge thank to you and all who made Gregg’s event such a beautiful, life-changing experience. I can honestly say that of all the retreats, events or conferences I’ve attended in the last 20 years, this retreat far exceeded all expectations. It is without a doubt my favorite retreat of all time! I must take some time to share with all of you the profound experiences I’ve had… I’m still trying to take it all in. Just a beautiful, powerful experience on so many levels.

Again, a huge thank you to all of you. You each brought a beautiful energy to the room, and believe me, we all felt it and appreciate what each of you contributed to our experiences.

Tina K. R. / USA

Thank you so much for all that you have done for all of us before, during, and after the retreat.
Pam F. / USA

Elan – well I can’t even wait one day to contact you after Cell To Soul, and share some things with you!

First and most importantly: THANK YOU for the work you do, for the events you put together, and for bringing a community of family together to help unify this planet. I have to say, while it was only my 2nd event with you, you were practically glowing on stage this weekend. You were so kind, and warm, and genuine, and your heart was so wide OPEN – it was a joy to see you in this way!

This event was fabulous, and yet not entirely what I expected (I had no idea we would be doing experiential things, like the breath work, and diving so deep personally), but it was a very powerful event. I had experiences and messages that came from the breath work that I will be processing for quite some time. I too fell in love with everyone there, and felt more engaged with the energy of this group every day. To be a part of a family experience like this is just incredible (and I have a feeling I will see many of my new family members in November as well!). The Girish experience was so very enjoyable. I had heard of Kirtan, but really had no idea what it was about, so to experience the power and pure beauty in his voice and his music was awesome. What an incredible musician. LOVED IT.

I am hoping that a few more of my family members might want to come as well! They see the positive changes in me, and are getting pretty curious about it all :)

With heartfelt gratitude,
Wendy P. C. / USA

I would highly recommend Cell to Soul for anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge regarding the human heart, as well as how to move through the difficult times we currently face in our lives and on the planet today. Gregg is a rare combination of scientist and spiritual teacher who leaves his students both empowered and enlightened. As a teacher and practitioner in the healing arts, I can honestly say that Gregg and his team are among the best in their field. If you are interested in deep and intimate questions such as “who are we and what are we here for?”, the sacred “Cell to Soul Experience” is definitely for you!”
Tania L./ USA

Wonderful 4 days. Never before have I been surrounded by such loving, higher conscious beings. That I know of… LOL
Mary Anne B. / USA

Thank you for a magnificent retreat, guys! Gregg Braden, it would be wonderful if you do get to live 200 years, this planet needs you.

With my hand on my heart I thank you,
Zuly P. / USA

Calling us all up to knowing and awareness of what is possible team Braden and our human family of potential…
Cynthia C. / USA

Thank you everyone, for an absolutely amazing and beautiful experience! I am very excited about applying these great foundational, life guiding principles that you shared, fully integrating them into my life-journey, and ultimately sharing them with others.
Jim E. / USA

I am very grateful to have been with you and shared with you… Gregg, Elan, Laurie, and all my new Family… these 4 days were very deep work inside of me… an evolution of all I do NOW!
Leo S. / Chile

Elan and Gregg!

This Retreat was transformational for me on so many levels. It was an HONOR for me to be there. I will be forever grateful for such an opportunity. THANK YOU BOTH and the entire team!

The entire four days were executed flawlessly. Gregg’s brilliance, love and empathy surpasses every teacher and speaker I have ever experienced throughout my entire career… an extensive career which has included our national laboratory (Los Alamos National Laboratory), the University of California’s five southern campuses, Santa Fe Community College, the University of New Mexico and my current career as an author, speaker and Holistic Life/Executive Coach. I, too, am a world traveler searching for our “human story”. Gregg is truly a Master. Elan, you are masterful at what you do. I loved the lectures, the breath work and the Kirtan! I was in HEAVEN. THANK YOU.

Peace, love, enlightenment and blessings,
Dr. Wanda R. / NM, USA

Dear Elan,

I am still speechless! YOUR depth, and the glow of this most amazing work is so powerful!

WOW! I am still in AWE and such BLISS having experienced this most amazing event! Gregg! WOW! Thank you Elan, Laurie, Greg, Janis, and ALL of the people that came! I feel so deeply and profoundly blessed and honored to have been a part of this deepening! BIGGER LOVE and HEART JOY than ever!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Melaney S. / USA

Thank you so much for the wonderful 4 days at Cell to Soul. I have no comment other than it was the best workshop that I have been at in a long, long time. I know that Sharon and I left feeling like new people!
Victoria T. / USA

I have been in many (as in many, many) programs in my life and have enjoyed and been blessed by all. While I know that I am still highly emotional from your program, I truly believe it to be, by far, my favorite. It was powerful for me; I believe because of the heartfelt way that each of you spoke. The size of the group setting contributed greatly to this success. It is said that if you look into someone’s eyes for so many minutes (I believe 8), you will fall in love with them. The limited size of the group allowed for strong eye contact, and facilitated that strong emotion. I have heard Gregg at other larger venues, and can draw a good comparison. He makes an amazing effort to be personal with each one and it is appreciated deeply. I have a love for him that will remain with me for a life time. I learned much from the information he provided, and the way in which he presented. I can’t wrap my head around how he has been able to acquire so much knowledge, and has been able to organize and integrate it in such an effective manner. I am also amazed at his high energy, and the energy of all of the team, which allows the presenting of many programs all over the world, thus reaching an incredibly large number of people, changing lives in the process, not to speak of raising the energy of the world at the same time.

Bringing the Breath Work experience was powerful for me. Thank you! It was my first experience with this, but I was able to release emotions that I can’t even imagine where they came from. I expect this to have changed my life forever; particularly when coupled with the insight that Gregg provided about the Wisdom Of The Heart.

The choice of the evening programs was great, also. These were inspiring and enlightening. I intend to follow Gregg, and the whole team, in other events when and where possible.

You folks are special. You are incredibly loving, inspiring, life changing, and I believe, a saving force for our planet. In my daily meditations I will be sending love and light your way, in an effort to somehow help out, and be a part of you.

With loving respect,
Lloyd O. / USA

Was wonderful to meet so many of you gorgeous souls at Gregg Braden’s Cell to Soul… so many shared moments, tears, hugs, laughs, insights and quiet reflections… Huge credits to all the crew behind the scenes, to all those doing the administration work, and to those holding space.
So many gifts, so much love, so much honesty… I am returning to Australia with a sparkly soul, and a heart open and overflowing… The best medicine which I will be sharing in every footstep and heartbeat.
As an energy medicine person, there was something quite powerful in the group work. The energy from that room was like a vortex with ripples going in all directions… sacred ground indeed, sacred hearts taking that into a bigger earth community.
I definitely will be seeing some of you at future events. Today, as I rest in Albuquerque in readiness for the next step of my journey, I feel so full, so light, so aligned, so in flow…
Big love to you all, and thanks for all the support we offered each other,
Raelene B. / Australia

Still feeling the bliss of the spring conference intensive -over 30 hours and the latest healing discoveries in sync with the elegant teachings of Gregg Braden just rare gift of Love knowing perfect presentation of miraculous TRUTH— gratitude, compassionate, heart harmony in perfect tune— thank you each soul I met and spent this past weekend with—in this joyful experience of cellular alignment and health ease and rejuvenating BLISS
Cynthia C./ USA


Thank you so much for your wonderful heart energy, and the incredibly orchestrated workshop this weekend. Cell to Soul has certainly shifted much within me.

Love and blessings,
Rancy T. / USA

Thank you, it was such an amazing experience, one that I will never forget. I will use all the teachings to help me in my personal journey and to guide me in my healing practice, until we meet again at another beautiful event.

May each of you be guided by your heart and spirit. Thank you for spreading your beautiful message, and making the world a better place.

Susan P. / USA

I REALLY enjoyed the retreat. Thank you again for making it such a life enriching experience.
Patrick W. / USA

Dear Elan,

THANK YOU for all you do, thank you for your honesty, sincerity, and kindness. I added Hallelujah to my daily “humming” :)

I wish to let Gregg know I am still feeling the magical, beautiful, peaceful, and loving energy which we all created and experienced on the sacred ground of Tamaya. I thank the spirits of Pueblo natives for helping us to experience and feel the real life. Gregg, I can only imagine how many of us are writing messages filled with very similar experiences… There is so much to say, to write, to point out, to express, yet all can be understood and felt from a hug, a smile, a quiet presents, and stillness.

You have been asking around the world “Who am I “? This is my answer. WHO AM I? Love has many faces. Love is kindness. Love is selflessness. Love is peace. Love is all living beings. Love is gratitude. Love is smiles. Love is tears. Love is helping others in need on the spot. Love is giving without expecting anything at all back. Love is sharing. Love is harmony with ALL. Love is pure. Love has no price as God is not for sale. Love is everywhere, in the air and beyond. Love is in ALL. Love is endless. Love is sincerity. Love is truth. Love is everything. Love is the first breath we take coming to this world. Love is the last breath we take here and now. Love is sacred. Love is what connects everything. Love is the foundation. Love is the way. Love is the healing. Love is the solution. So if you ask me who I am, I am love. I am all. I am you. I am oneness. I am I. Life is love. Love is my answer.

Thank you Gregg for tour time reading my words. Most of all – THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU. Here and now with us. Connecting our hearts.
Many warm, sincere, loving hugs, with gratitude and appreciation TO YOUR WONDERFUL TEAM to Girish, Christian and their Teams.

Iveta M. / USA

Greetings Elan,

I attended my first retreat featuring Gregg and found it to be the most intriguing, informative, well-rounded and well-organized event that I’ve attended in many, many years. Perhaps the best ever, and I’ve attended many workshops, retreats and events over the past 40 years.

I appreciate Gregg’s work and his dedication to his purpose to blend new science with ancient traditions, to bring forth information to the greater consciousness through those attending his presentations.

When I met you, Elan, in the hallway mid-way through the weekend, l said then and I will reiterate now, your efforts, your organizational skills, your attention to detail and, above all, your dedication to the tenets fostered and presented by Gregg to all of us was nothing short of sensational.

Sincerely, in Love and Light,
Terry G. / USA

Dear Elan,

Thank you! It was such an amazing experience, one that I will never forget. I will use all the teachings in my personal journey and to guide me in my healing practice. Until we meet again at another beautiful event.

May each of you be guided by your heart and spirit. Thank you for spreading your beautiful message and making the world a better place.

Susan P. / USA

Gregg Braden & Dr. Bruce Lipton Tamaya Retreat - Sep 28 - Oct 1, 2017

From Chaos to Coherence Retreat (Gregg Braden & Dr. Bruce Lipton) – September 2017

Dearest Elan, Thank you so much for coordinating such a wonderful program.
This 4 day Chaos to Coherence Retreat by Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton was stellar! It was the BEST event we have attended! The depth of content, insight, wisdom and inspiration that was shared was beyond imagination. These men have beautifully bridged science and spirituality, and pushed us all to open up to a higher level of awareness and consciousness. Thank you Gregg and Bruce for all you imparted but, even more importantly, for the genuine love you share for humanity. I could FEEL it! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to “know” the truth and see how well supported it is by our ancestors as well as science. It is a must do!
Much gratitude,
Shenal & Baba A.

Dear Elan, I wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful program. Your attention to details and your thoughtfulness in all that you do is fabulous. It was great to meet you and to begin to know you. I look forward to getting to know you better in the future. It makes me happy to know I am part of this amazing community!
Sally S., M.D.

Dear Elan, Sharing the past four days with you has been a pleasure. You created such an incredible experience for all of us. Thank you does not begin to express the gratitude my daughter and I feel for this experience.
Blessings to you,
Diana I.

Dear Elan, I can not begin to express how grateful I am that I listened to my ‘heart’ and attended your retreat with two amazing teachers and great sages. You did a remarkable job with such a group and I have no doubt I will be attending other events with you, and I greatly look forward to that! I told Gregg and Bruce that they are a gift, but you are a gift as well.
Wendy P.

Dear Elan, I wanted to share an experience I had during my stay at Tamaya, after the workshop ended. I woke up Monday morning and chose to meditate in front of the Sandia mountains before I needed to leave for my flight. I decided to practice the heart meditation that Gregg had taught us. Tears rolled down my eyes as I felt deep feelings of gratitude for the mountain, the sun, the indigenous land we were on, the wealth of information that Gregg and Bruce provided, the new friends I made…etc. I had an instant epiphany in that experience, that I am powerful in being able to help and affect my body just by feeling thoughts of love. I am so grateful to Gregg and Bruce for providing the tools to help me transform from dis-empowered to empowered and back to love!

With sincere gratitude,
Lucy R.

It was so beautiful and touching and exceptional, and we want to thank YOU for all you do for all of us.
Jasmine and Chon S.

This was awesome! Thank you, Elan!! It was such a pleasure to meet you! Safe journeys and looking forward to seeing you again at an event!
Katica W.

So many beautiful souls, I got a chance to exchange hearts with.
Federico M.

Love it – what an inspiring & enlightening event – Bruce & Gregg: you’re the bee’s knees.
Maureen M.

So life changing. I’m forever grateful.
Julie N.

Dear Elan, It was so wonderful to meet you. I feel bad because I didn’t have the opportunity to say good bye and thank you for everything you did. As a former event planner/organizer, I know exactly what it is and takes to make an event like this happen. You’re more than a professional and I have to say that I enjoyed every single minute of this amazing experience. In my very humble opinion, everything worked out perfectly well. I’m glad you honored the native lady who shared her beautiful story. I want to send you a virtual hug with my big thank you and appreciation for what you did for her, by letting her participate for free. That was a wonderful, noble act.
A big hug, with much appreciation, light and blessings.
Debbie C.

It was awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Teresa T.

Great event! Thanks Gregg and Bruce for excellent content!
Isaac M.

Thank You for all of the hard work and love that you put into producing such a fabulous event!!! Definitely will be seeing you again.
Much Love and Rich Blessings,
Judy A.

Thank you deeply for all of your amazing coordination to make things easy for all of us.
In Beauty,

I don’t know how I happened upon the link advertising this retreat, but I knew instantly I had to go. It just so happened I was not on the schedule to work, which was also a sign. I traveled from Colorado and noticed something different before I even arrived the first day… I was seeing the world through different eyes. The beauty of the landscape along I-25 transported me; the “field” of Tamaya and the teachings that were to come transcended time…I arrived receptive and open. The first two days of the retreat had me in a deepened state of healing and awareness. I am still processing the presence and profound teachings of Gregg and Bruce. I am a different person…I told my colleagues that it was as if a reset button on me had been pushed.
With Gratitude,
Patricia S.

Dear Elan, Gregg, Bruce and team,
I want to thank you so much for the uplifting, enlightening and amazing experience. You all are gracious hosts.
God Bless
Karen S.

I have found the New Mexico “From Chaos to Coherence” event life changing.
The two presenters, Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton, enhance one another both personally and professionally, and create both a learning curve and an energetic presence that exceeds the actual material and data, which was both eye-opening and heart-opening by itself.
I have lived in the heart and also have been highly aware of the “signals” that are triggering my proteins ever since then. So much so, that when I reached the Albuquerque airport to travel back to Asheville, NC where I lived, my heart was giving me messages and my cells were giving me signals to stay, and not to leave New Mexico quite yet.
This played out in an unusual way.
I arrived AT the check-in desk to weigh in my suitcase and get a boarding pass, and suddenly I simply could not ignore these heart/brain/cellular messages.
I said to the man behind the desk, “I am here to check in for flight 545, but suddenly I don’t want to leave this area. What would it mean financially for me to extend my time here by a few days?”
He looked kindly at me, as if this were not at all unusual, and begin researching what he could do for me.
I silently asked for clear signals for us both.
After a moment of looking confused and scratching his head, he said “This is highly unusual, but I’m putting in this potential change for you and it is showing NO price increase at all, not even any penalty fee.”
I agreed that this was unusual, but told him that it was exactly the “sign” I was seeking, – and I then and there booked a later exit. I just got home last night, Sunday, October 8th.
There were other “unlikely” coincidences, and I did indeed discover “why” I was meant to stay longer, even though it was all by myself, not with anyone at all.
Thanks, Elan, Bruce and Gregg for creating a path for us all to become more of how we are in such a forward-moving way.
I think this may become a habit for me. At least, that is the plan.
Judy R.

Thank you Elan for creating an amazing experience. I will say, as much as Bruce and Gregg bring to the event – YOU were an integral part of the experience.
We expect so much from our speakers, and often don’t have the opportunity to learn about the producers. Thank you so much for the work you do. You are such an incredible gift!
The facility was nice, the food good, and the added opportunities for the evenings were very much appreciated!
Diana I.

Thank you so much Elan for organizing the retreat. I had a wonderful time. Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden are fabulous. I was a little judgemental in the beginning, thinking: is this a retreat? – looks like a workshop or a big seminar. When I got home I felt an inner peace in my body mind and spirit. I just came back from an amazing retreat!
Maria M.

An absolutely amazing retreat. Thank you Bruce and Gregg! I enjoyed every single second of it.
Teresa T.

I had the opportunity to spend four days with two of my favourite teachers – Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton – at their retreat, From Chaos to Coherence, which I recently attended in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico.
Over the past five years I have toured with Gregg Braden ancient ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula, Peru and Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. I’ve also attended several of his live events, read and listened to his books and watched numerous lectures available on YouTube.
Two years ago I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Bruce Lipton in person when attending a workshop he was presenting.
I’ve also read his books and watched his YouTube lectures.
Both of these men have changed my life irrevocably. As a direct result of their work, my life now has direction and meaning, and unfolds with grace and ease. It’s a joy to be alive.
Both Gregg and Bruce helped me understand that my subconscious programming determined how I experienced life. They provided me with tools to begin to shift my subconscious beliefs and the way I perceived life, so that I could experience a new reality.
Dr. Bruce Lipton explained the fundamental ways in which the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed and introduced me to a belief change process method.
Gregg Braden guided me through an inner process which allowed me to begin to disengage from the events unfolding in my environment and the stories playing out in my head.
Gregg and Bruce’s tools re-calibrated the way I operated in the world. They allowed me to cut through life’s static, my doubts and negative self-talk so I could make decisions that were best for my well-being. They also helped me to create, strengthen and reinforce patterns of behaviour and ways of thinking so I could express myself fully.
As a result, I have begun to feel consistently good about myself. People now treat me with respect.
Both Gregg and Bruce’s work underpin the positive changes that have occurred and the way I now experience life. Instead of chaos I now live life with coherence. How apropos.
With love,
Kylie A.

Dear Elan,
Thank you for producing such an amazing retreat with Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton. Your keen eye and attention to detail produced a seamless production. The setting was beautiful. The accommodations were excellent. The programs began and ended on time. The content was awesome. It was a treat to meet you and to experience the profound information put forth by brothers Gregg and Bruce.
Can’t wait to join you for another program.
Sally S. M.D.

Dear Elan,
I’ve literally never felt better. I’ve been floating since I returned home two months ago. My thinking is clearer, my creativity is off the charts, I am in love with people (in general and specifically), and I have more energy than I imagined ever having. The course was brilliant. The presentation worked beautifully and the setting was superb. Like any truly transformational experience, I can’t put my finger on any one aspect or “why” it worked so spectacularly. It’s obvious, there’s been a line drawn in the sand. No going back. And, I don’t need to understand “how” it works to relish, savor, enjoy, delight and be in full blown gratitude because it does!
Thank you!
Leslie V.

Dear Gregg and Bruce,
I wanted to once again thank you for the amazing seminar at the Tamaya Resort! The overall spiritual energy, and heart/brain as well as interpersonal and group coherence in particular, that I experienced was nothing short of astounding and impacted my life, and path, in a very profound way. I look forward to continuing to follow your work, and seeing you again at other events.
Jim E.

Gregg Braden & Howard Martin Yellowstone Retreat June 8-11, 2017

From Chaos to Coherence Retreat (Gregg Braden & Howard Martin) – June 2017

My husband Kent and I attended the Chaos to Coherence conference several weeks ago at Big Sky, Montana.
Thanks so much. It was a terrific conference, and its impact continues to resonate in our daily lives. We look forward to future opportunities to learn and grow with Gregg Braden and Howard Martin.
Michelle & Kent J.

There are not enough words to express how amazing this retreat was. I am still feeling the enormous benefits, and I am sure that I will be for the rest of my life. What I gained from this was worth every mile and every dollar. My wish is that every human could experience the wisdom and intelligence of their true hearts!!
Queenie L.

Dear Elan,
It was a wonderful and wonderfully run conference.
Here is my testimonial: Amazing! This was the best conference I have ever attended. The information was new, cutting edge, accessible, experiential, and came directly from the heart of two wonderful guides. With visionaries like Gregg Braden, Howard Martin and HeartMath taking us into a more compassionate and coherent tomorrow, I have great hope for the future of the planet.
Thank You from my heart.
Diane H.

Dear Elan,
Thank you for all of your hard work in pulling together and running the event. Everything went very smoothly and easily for those attending, owing to your excellent planning.
As one who is used to being on the other side of the podium, I was wondering how well I would sit still for so many hours. :-) But, Gregg and Howard were mesmerizing and entertaining, and the time flew by. Having them together was a brilliant idea!
With much gratitude from my heart to yours,
Carrie M.

Feeling our powerful hearts as one in a group in a room for 4 days was a deeply transformative experience.
It reminded me how much we influence each other, either being compassionate and joyful or fearful and competitive. It is our choice.
Joining the scientific research of the heart with how to be in heart coherence – the state when brain and heart are working together – is a valuable tool I take into my life to manage my daily emotions.
Elan – thanks for everything,
Love and Light
Debora D.

Dear Elan,
Thank you for all your time, energy, effort and support, and for coordinating such a wonderful, wonder filled event last week.
Having not attended a retreat like this before, I was unsure what to expect.
From the moment Greg and Howard entered the room, time was transcended and learning/embodying began.
The mutual respect and acknowledgment between these two gentlemen was inspiring.
The education, purpose, integrity and integration was profound.
Each aspect of the retreat was masterfully orchestrated to ensure each attendee understood and really felt connected with the content.
There was ample time for questions and answers, for each learning modality from visual, audible and kinesthetic to be engaged.
The attendees became a community, and a single pointed focus for the greater good was formed.
Both Gregg and Howard ensured connection with each individual and were always available for questions after the sessions.
I am looking at booking the next retreat/seminar now ~
I am so grateful for all that was shared and offered and extended ~
Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you!
Ellie M.

It was absolutely rejuvenating to attend the From Chaos to Coherence conference. The techniques taught assisted me to reclaim parts of myself that had felt inaccessible for a while. The presentation by Gregg and Howard was phenomenal, balanced by instruction and hands on exercises. I was so impressed by their character mostly. It was evident in the way they interacted with people that they do what they do because they care. Their consistent acknowledgement of appreciation for their staff and pitching in to help take down equipment demonstrated their servant leadership and the beauty of their hearts. I think that was the most powerful part of the conference, the change that comes from being heart centered. It radiated through all the participants and allowed the unseen force of love to work its magic to bring healing, inspiration and balance. What a powerful four days. I loved every minute of it. Thank you for putting together such a powerful event. It was an unexpectedly sacred experience.
Elisa A.

Gregg Braden Tamaya Retreat March 30 - April 2, 2017

From Cell to Soul Retreat – March 2017

I would also like to record my thanks for your professional work & caring support of Gregg at the retreat. I have attended several such meetings around the world now, but really must say that the love that came from you and Lori not just to Gregg but all participants was energetically tangible. It made it a very special 4 days.
Susan P.

This was my second experience with the Cell to Soul retreat in NM. The Heart/Brain convergence process has deepened in me and I was able to touch the profound knowing of my heart. What came through most was that my heart longed for me!
Gregg’s masterful way of teaching and encouraging us makes all the difference. One can feel his sincerity and his dedication to all of us finding our heart’s message. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to join with so many in uplifting heart consciousness! Thank you so much
Janie D.

It was such a pleasure to meet you. Moshe and I enjoyed learning with Gregg. You did an outstanding job planning the conference. The conference was awesome and the learning was a tremendous growth experience for me. I am excited to use the new techniques to teach our patients to connect to their hearts. Moshe and I will come to another conference. Till we meet again, be well.
I am grateful, I am
Sharon P.

Loved the retreat!! I have been to many of these types of events over the last 15 years, and heard Gregg many times, but this was the ultimate retreat for me!!! Gregg is a master at presenting complex material in an easy to understand way. Sharing his stories was very important to me, and added to the experience. So much material was covered in 4 days, and I can’t believe how much we covered. Life-changing for me!

Keep up the good work…great staff backing Gregg up too. Thanks to all.
Cindy H.

It has been a week since the Cell to Soul retreat, and I am still processing and digesting what I learned and experienced; the knowledge, wisdom, humour, friendship, and open and authentic love. The teachings helped me tweak my own soul, as it continues to evolve with every new experience. The heart resonance of this workshop reached beyond our room, waving out into the Field. Blessings to all, and especially to Gregg Braden, for the gift of eternal friendship, love, and deeper understanding of what makes each one of us so special — and reminding us of the great things we can do as One. Thank you! Gracias! Elahkwa (Zuni for Thank You).
Wendy D.

Thank you, Gregg (and wonderful team)! What a tremendous gift to have been with you at your recent New Mexico annual retreat, with such profound learnings and rememberings, and on beautiful sovereign Pueblo land too! Gregg’s deep devotion to his life’s work and artistry, combined with his obvious passion, his generous care, sensitivity, and humor, and his intimate communion with his audience, provided an unforgettable and fun experience that I was honored to be a part of, along with several members of my heart/soul-family who also attended. I’m already looking forward to my next Gregg Braden event opportunity, and sending you all much love, appreciation, and blessings in the meantime!
Kande B.

My New Mexico adventure – attending Cell to Soul – was a special and nourishing experience. Gregg is quite a unique and extraordinary mentor….his energy seems to be inexhaustible, as is his knowledge, patience, pleasant disposition and indefatigable curiosity, passion and enthusiasm for his wide variety of topics…..all fascinating and illuminating. Elan, you’re a great wingman…a real anchor and calm support. It was terrific meeting you. I’m sure we all benefited by your quiet, centred presence….a major contribution to the event… were the entire crew. The Tamaya Resort was very special and the spirit of the location entered my psyche, and will inform it forever. I do hope I can attend another of your events in the not too distant future.

Best wishes to you and your family,
Adrienne Levenson

From Cell to Soul Retreat – November 2016

I have been telling everyone that the Cell to Soul Retreat was the best course I have ever done! Not one complaint; not even a mumble. The Tamaya Hotel was the perfect place to hold the seminar. Sacred ground. Quiet and peaceful. The staff were lovely. The course content kept us all on our toes and the evening add-ons – Jenny Bird and the movie Entanglement – were both diverting and enjoyable. Gregg’s delivery was always totally engaging, challenging and informative, often funny. So, thank you to the whole team for putting the retreat together.
Aurèle O.

The Cell to Soul Retreat was, for me, an extraordinary experience on many different levels. Gregg Braden, with the power of his beautiful light, was not only able to help me connect with deep levels of my heart, but also – with his skill to communicate the knowledge – I learned a lot of new material that I haven’t had access to before. Gregg’s ability to connect scientific research with ancient knowledge is brilliant, in addition to his ability to communicate this knowledge in very simple language. I’m truly fascinated and inspired by his work. I also admire his nurturing nature. The location and setting for this seminar were hand-picked, and all details were carefully attended to. I had an amazing experience from all perspectives. The Tamaya resort on the Sacred Native land of Santa Anna Pueblo felt very special and appropriate for this type of spiritual gathering. The magic of nature just added an extra refinement and flavor to this whole experience. Thank you, Gregg and your whole team, for making this beautiful event happen! With love and gratitude!
Vesna K.

I’ve read and heard Gregg Braden so I knew some of the basic principles, but this 4-day experience goes way beyond anything you can read or see on the internet. I had very high expectations of this special time with Gregg. I was not disappointed at all! It was an amazing 4 days of learning and increased awareness. There was a lot of laughter – Gregg has a wonderful sense of humor! I think the thing that struck me the most, though, was Gregg’s sincerity. He really wants to help us all lead the extraordinary lives that are available to each and every one of us.
The resort is beautiful and, I think, we benefit from it being on native land….fabulous energy! It is an incredible time and I left much more aware, more “conscious” than when I arrived. I can’t wait until the March 2017 retreat to come back!
Elaine H.

The Cell to Soul Retreat nourished and stretched me mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Gregg is a man of profound integrity, wisdom, passion, and compassion. He is skilled in presenting scientific research and Spiritual Truth in a way that is not only comprehensive and comprehensible, but is applicable to one’s personal transformation and empowerment. I am a minister of a spiritual community and the demands of supporting others who are dealing with illness, loss, and many other challenges can be taxing at times. Taking time out for my own well being is essential, and I am grateful for all the practices I learned to help me obtain and maintain optimal physical health as well as be grounded in the Truth of my being.
Angela D.

My life will never be the same. The information Gregg shared was exactly what I needed, with more direction and information of who I am, and to live my life in the direction of the purpose of what God has planned.️
Beverly A.

Thank you to you, Gregg and your entire team for the most amazing retreat/workshop I have ever attended – in both content and organization! Over the last 30 years I have attended nearly 100 workshops/retreats, and this retreat by far was the best and had the most impact on my life. Bravo to all of you!!!!! Infinite Love and Gratitude!
Karen H.

Thank you for an absolutely educational, transformational experience with people from all over the country and the world. I look forward to creating a more healthy and coherent existence!
Shirley St M.

What an amazing four days with Gregg Braden and the group. We are not just on the road – we are in the stream of consciousness!
Elisa B.

Thank you for a retreat of a lifetime! Gregg Braden’s Cell to Soul Retreat was an amazing and life-changing experience. Gregg is a true genius in bridging science and spirituality as well as a gregarious (little play on the word) and well-grounded presenter. I would highly recommend the retreat to all who are willing to intimately examine life and themselves.
Rita E.

For almost a year I have been waiting for the Cell to Soul retreat to come. It does not matter how high my expectations were because these four days have been above and beyond my expectations. Thank you for the authenticity, the humor, the humanity and the care always present. Thank you for the invaluable information and, last but not least, for the lasting change in my perception about life. I will be the best synthesizer I can be! My deepest respect and gratitude,
Jezabel R.

The retreat was, for me, a place to rest and to open my heart and mind to new possibilities. To understand and then express, unite all the goodness of my soul and those of my brothers and sisters of the world and in that room. We are all connected and on the same journey to empowerment and Light. The sacred ground we stood on in the pueblo helped create the space for this evolution within me, and I am grateful.
Michelle B.

I loved everything about the retreat – from the place we had it at, the material covered, the way it was set up, our activities, and our breaks. Gregg was absolutely wonderful as our leader… kind, compassionate, caring, so wise, intelligent, and inspiring. I am leaving this retreat with knowledge and tools I am going to use in my everyday life, and I hope to bring my boyfriend to the next one! :)
Krista R.

From Cell to Soul Retreat – March 2016

The experience in the Cell to Soul retreat was nothing less than life-altering!
My entire view of the world and reality broadened into the profound depth of understanding. Also, the tools Gregg offered regarding working with one’s heart have been transforming me as well as, those I encounter daily. Thank you for an amazing experience!
Jaqueline S.

This is my third time listening to Gregg Braden. And this time I brought my 15-year-old son, Cody. I have always felt, from the first time I had heard an audio tape of Gregg’s, that the information, knowledge, and wisdom shared by Gregg were and are invaluable. Especially more so for the young minds – or children. It just so happened that one of Cody’s teachers showed a Heart Math Institute video for a class discussion after we returned to Houston! I look forward to attending more Gregg Braden sessions (with Cody!). If I have learned anything, I know I learn something new and invaluable each time I attend one of these sessions/events. The participants themselves are a great bunch! Attending these sessions is also a great way to connect with persons sharing similar interests.
Thanks, Elan! For organizing events such as Gregg’s so we can learn and make this world a better place… a cell at a time… a soul at a time.
Peace be with you and yours,
Marilyn M.

Thank you so much for the fantastic organization of this retreat! It was such a powerful experience, I’m really so thankful and happy I was able to be part of it!
Pascale E.

I am still on a high from this experience and it is not from the altitude:) Wonderful workshop and time together. The extra small touches like morning tea and goodies were most appreciated and Gregg made himself available as much as he could for questions and book signing. I would highly recommend this retreat. You will not be disappointed and the Tamaya Resort was quiet, well-run and the food was good. Take the Road runner to Santa Fe. The hotel will take you to the train station and pick you up. It is worth spending the day there. Marvelous city!! Thanks Elan for you very large part in this experience!! Hugs and Cheers and thanks for the memories!
Rilla C.

This was my 3rd time to hear Gregg Braden speak. This length of time to be with him over the 4 days with the group was excellent. It was a well-organized retreat at a fabulous site.
Carla L.

It was indeed a pleasure and an honor meeting you! You are a terrific planner and one could not have asked for more of the manner in which the conference was organized. Thank you again for everything you did for us.
About the conference, Gregg Braden is a terrific storyteller and researcher, who strikes a perfect balance. I learnt a lot and his coherence technique is already showing results in my daily life. What a blessing he is to all who read his books or participate in his presentations.
Esperanza Q.

I was overwhelmed with Gregg’s inspiring talks that contained such amazing information. I was also impressed by his personal demeanor—kind and considerate with everyone, enthusiastic and funny, willing to share his personal stories, having an amazing amount of knowledge about his subjects. Experiencing his authenticity was as inspiring as what he had to teach us.
I want to also thank Gregg for the book Resilience of the Heart. I have been reading it since returning home and know it is something I want my children to read so they, too, can learn heart-brain coherency. On a final note, I want to thank both you and Gregg for an unforgettable experience. I have been thinking about it ever since.
Bev A.

Wow!!! After 4 days with Gregg and Elan at Cell to Soul I was completely beside myself, almost literally. Gregg put us through exercises that stretched our perception of self and very creatively and compassionately removed the veil that was preventing another level of growth. All of this in addition to continuing to teach people of various levels of self discovery and human connectedness. Gregg performed and educated amazingly. I have been watching a lot of people who claim to help the world, only to deliver what the group wanted to hear, and not delivering the truth… I was VERY HAPPY to see that none of this existed with Gregg. He spoke only the truth he knew and felt. He was genuine, articulate, funny, informative, compassionate, and approachable (even though I didn’t approach him personally, I watched many others do so and he was very warm and receptive). My business partner was so moved that he cried deeply at one point because his transformation encompassed his whole being and he released years of angst. I can’t say enough about how truly awakening this private course is and can be for those who are ready. It gave me such great pleasure to know that I had booked this retreat already and will be booking the next right away. Thank you so much for the genuineness and pure intent that you carry for you and your brand, AND our future. We will show the world its connection and attract the future we all need, that already exists.
Mike H.

Gregg Braden and his team hit a home run with their Cell To Soul event!
From start to finish you’ll be grateful you attended this intimate setting with a group of dynamic, like-minded souls from around the globe!
I was amazed with the care that was put into the smallest of details… ie: from the hotel being on sacred indigenous grounds, and having several medicine wheels to meditate on; to how Day 2 brought us on a surprise tour, and Oh My Gosh!!! What we learned!!!
You’ll see data and images never before seen by the public! And hopefully you’ll feel validated for all the “Woo Woo” beliefs you’ve had over the years, because the link Gregg Braden demonstrates between science and spirituality is Incredible! A must see!
I was so grateful to have signed up the day before it sold out. It’s a memory you’ll want to embrace. I’ve never been one for going to seminars, but I muscle tested and decided to attend… And Yes! This one hit it out of the park!!!! So much so, I’m bringing a group of friends and family to the next one… Wow Wow Wow is all I can say…
Enjoy! (haven’t laughed that much in a long time)
Carrie K.
National Child Advocate – Founder of Freedom Masters Inc™

As a clinical therapist, I attend several seminars during the year. This seminar changed my life, my way of thinking, my way of being. The location was beautiful and accommodations were flawless. I am excited to attend in November and further increase my understanding.
DonNell H.

Kryon Egypt Tour
April 3-23, 2019

What the participants have to say about the tour:

Dear Elan,

The Kryon Egypt trips in 2017 and 2019 were both AWESOME!! I felt incredibly safe and protected the entire time. It was a soul family reunion filled with magical synchronicity, spiritual epiphanies, and love beyond measure. My favorite part from 2019 was the challenge of climbing Mt. Sinai. The symbology of climbing the mountain in the dark of the New Moon, to get closer to God, with the pinnacle being a new dawn of a rising sun to start my beautiful new beginning with a healed heart, was truly a gift. Egypt was a marker in my life: Life before Egypt and Life after Egypt. Thank you to the whole Kryon team for such a wonderful catalytic blessing. I HIGHLY recommend this epic journey, and will be back again in 2021!!

Wishing you SO MUCH love and peace,
Jessica M. / USA

Hello Elan,

Travelling on a Kryon Tour is all about travelling with Family, except you have nothing to do but enjoy the ride and the amazing energies that surround you the whole time. Accommodations are always first class and the food is varied and delicious!

Everything is planned with your safety and comfort as the highest priorities, and nothing is left to chance by Elan Cohen / Shaloha Productions because he is there 24/7 as part of the tour team, to make sure all is well every day. Itineraries are provided for your information so you are kept informed!

I have personally travelled on many Kryon Tours and have never been disappointed! I have also been able to reunite with family from many, many past lifetimes, which has been a true gift.

When you travel with the Kryon/Shaloha Team you can rest assured all will be well on your journey, no matter how near or far away it may be….

Blessings Love and Light,
Lorna Gallimore / UK

Dearest Elan,

I’ve been meaning to write to you to thank you for the wonderful trip you put together for all of us! Thank you so very much for your meditations, for your wake up calls and for your professionalism! Thank you for taking such good care of us!

I would love to give you my testimonial, although I don’t think words can describe the magnificence of the trip!

“Without a doubt this has been the best trip of my life!

From the touristic part of it, Elan Cohen put together an extraordinary logistic – everything was perfect! The best hotels, buses, flights, restaurants, tours, etc. I felt very well taken care of. I didn’t have to worry about anything.

From the Spiritual and Mystical part of the trip, I would like to recall Adironnda’s words: “Understand that when you return home you are different than when you left. You will have helped your soul evolve”. This was so true … it was a trip that truly changed my life!

Lee’s and Marilyn’s kindness and generosity were felt daily, which allowed us to connect with loving beings of Light and with the God inside of us.

I’m so looking forward to our next trip together! Thank you!”

Liliana A.R. / Mexico

Dear Elan,

My experience of the Epic Egyptian Kryon trip in April 2019 is still having profound effects 2 months later, and I am assuming it will continue to impact my life as the months go forward.

The actual events of the trip (climbing Mt. Sinai, Red Sea, Cairo and gazing at the Majestic Pyramid from my Mena House Hotel window) were challenging, interesting, and surreal. Listening to Lee Carroll channel Kryon and interacting with other people from all over the globe as we all took this journey together, left me with 2 major shifts in my life. One shift was that I was released from debilitating people-pleasing, and the other shift, which is connected to the first, is that I no longer feel the unpleasant pressure to be DOING, efforting and trying all the time. I simply don’t worry about what other people think of me, and that is a freedom one can’t buy.

Thank you for providing this experience for me and others who were able to join. It was priceless.

Cindy K. / USA

Thank you Elan, for this spiritually transformative as well as physical challenging trip to Egypt. Your quiet and peaceful personality gave me confidence and reminded me why I was on the trip: to learn more about myself. Thank you to Lee Carroll, Monica, and all the Kryon team and the beautiful channellings that supported me on the tour.

Thank you also for tuning into the group’s feelings, so that by your guided meditations you could really address what was going on, and help us in this incredible life changing experience. Thank you for being our guardian angel on this trip.

With love and appreciation,
Carmen A. / Peru

Hi Elan,

The Egypt tour was phenomenal for me. It took me to places I didn’t know I wanted to go to, and changed my world. Climbing Mt Sinai was both one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve ever done.

The energy of the land was so powerful it made you weep, and I thought it was just going to be the bit you did before the main event! You organized an amazing tour, with patience and humor. We get the best of everything everywhere we go.

Our guides even slept overnight at the ticket office of the tomb of Nefertari to make sure we got in – how can you beat that for service! My roommate was a wonderful woman who is now a friend. I cannot recommend a Kryon tour highly enough, and I have already booked my next tour :-)

Leanne N. / Australia

The trip to Egypt with Kryon and Shaloha Productions was truly magical. It was my second time to Egypt within 6 months, so honestly I didn’t expect too much prior to the tour – other than maybe the Mount Sinai part which I didn’t get to do during my last trip. Yet this trip exceeded my expectation in every way, and I am deeply grateful to have done this tour with Shaloha Productions. Elan, thank you so much for your hard work and devotion, as well as your very first-class management skills. I look forward to meeting you again very soon on another Shaloha adventure.

Jackie C. / China

I would like to invite you to discover Egypt’s allure – an ancient civilization with many mysteries – for an adventure you will never forget as you travel by camel, horse & buggy, cruise ship, sailboat, tram, plane and bus throughout this land.

Elan has proven, time and again, an ability to create experiential itineraries you will always remember.

I really appreciated:
a) the early morning private tours without the desert heat or throngs of tourists!
b) how our ancestors braved the elements to travel – camels are very challenging!
c) the bountiful buffets! And
d) safety in the form of police escorts.

Thank you Elan, for making this an awe-inspiring journey, just like the colossal monuments we experienced.

Giuseppina P. / Canada

A midweek in Gizeh with Kryon

Beginning of January 2019 I have a dream: ‘You must listen now’. It takes a while before I understand what it means: ‘You must listen to Kryon’.

Every day one channeling. It takes me along and it hits me. I want more. Will Kryon be coming anywhere near the Netherlands? Yes, Egypt. Gizeh. The Great Pyramid. The library of Creation; earth, water, air, fire and aether. For some time I have longed to be in the King’s Room. The healing frequencies.

Monday evening, April 8th a wonderful trip begins in Mena House, a luxury hotel at the foot of the Great Pyramid. A hospitable welcome by Hesham Mansour and Elan Cohen, and my roommate Sindre.

The trip is very well organized with splendid food, police escort to the pyramids of Sakkara and Gizeh and to the museum. We feel very privileged all the time, and for me specially, the highlight is the early morning visit to the Great Pyramid, that we spend more than an hour in the King’s Room, with the inspiring channeling of Kryon.

The resonance of the King’s Room will never stop in me.

A profound lasting happiness.

With love,
Pieter V. H. / Nederlands

I loved your meditations, Kryon and Adironnda’s channelings, the sacred sites, cruising the Nile, waving and connecting with the people (especially the children which brought me so much joy), the accommodations and the food! Truly a trip of a lifetime that I’m still processing, and sure will be for some time.

Anne T. / USA

The experience of the the Kryon Epic Egypt Tour 2019 exceed every expectation I had. To meet such lovely souls and witness the presence of Kryon was an experience I will never forget. Very professionally arranged. This unique setting of social meetings in divine environments of ancient historical sites, is where magic happens and love prevails.

Lots of Love,
Jakob Ingholt / Denmark

Touring Egypt with Lee Carroll and Kryon was a magical experience! Not only did I connect with spiritual family, but the private access to sites was life changing! We visited many places, and the accommodations, food and support staff were wonderful. The security was top notch and I felt safe the entire time. I am forever changed by the kindness of the Egyptian people and the power of history available in Egypt.

Jamye Price / USA

Dear Elan,

The Egypt sure was life changing for me, and I hope that I can further explain how time in Egypt opened so many new avenues that I never realized were part of me.

While there I found out or realized that I lived in Egypt during different lifetimes. Egypt was a very important part of a past lifetime with Christ. I walked with Yeshua in that very land, and yes it was Yeshua who came and talked to me while we were at the temple in the desert. He loved that land and wanted to share that love with our whole group. As his love flowed through each one of us, you could see how love and compassion was shared between all in our group. It is very difficult to explain the love that I brought home with me. Because I now realize Yeshua is a very important part of me, I have made commitments to share his love with the world. Yes, Kryon’s trip to Egypt was life changing for me, and I am sure many more of the participants can say they think of Egypt and how it holds mysteries to be unlocked for years to come!

I will be coming on more of your trips, as the schedule, the hotels, the guides, and the care shown to each and every one of us was of the highest quality and made us feel very special!

I send you and all the group prayers and blessings.

Judi B. / USA

My trip earlier this year to Egypt with Elan Cohen was my second tour with Elan’s company Shaloha Productions, as I travelled to Israel, on tour, last year with Elan as well.

I am not a fan of large tours, and so was wondering how it would all go with more than 100 people in both tour groups.

I have only praise for Elan’s ability to organise such an Epic tour, and for Elan to remain calm throughout, dealing with a multitude of situations that arise when travelling to any country, let alone an undeveloped one such as Egypt, as well as Israel last year.

Egypt was a huge tour in every way, and the tour was for three weeks.
We had many private tours, and it was only when we infrequently had to contend with other tourists, when a private tour couldn’t be organised, that we appreciated the very early morning starts or late night tours. No crowds!

I loved Elan’s meditations – they were appropriate, gentle and heartfelt. It added a dimension to whatever temple we were visiting at that time.
I felt privileged to be able to travel to a country such as Egypt, and felt secure throughout the trip as we were well taken care of with the security that had been put in place.

Egyptians are such friendly, giving people. So to be in their country and experience their culture was humbling. The generosity of the people, the beautiful food we were served and their natural helpfulness, was something we could all take home with us.

Gunta C. / USA

Hi Elan,

It is hard to believe that over a month has gone by since our truly epic Kryon Egypt tour concluded.

The tour was really a once in a lifetime occurrence!
It was a privilege to be amongst so many like minded wonderful spiritual beings.
What an experience to be able to instantly connect on a deep level with love and compassion, to total strangers who quickly became like family members – including our tour operators!

I was certainly aware of the extent the Egypt Travels Key tour operator went to ensure the security of our group throughout the full period. Although I realise that we were fully protected by Kryon, it was a comfort to know our safety was being taken care of every step of the tour.

The many private visits to various sites, including the great pyramid, were really special and truly amazing.

The level of professionalism, knowledge and passion demonstrated by our tour guides was much appreciated. They all went the extra mile to accommodate all of us – right down to taking us shopping or to a pharmacy at no extra charge. They were extremely helpful in assisting to fend off aggressive vendors and looking out for us at all times.

The accommodation and food was of the highest five star quality.
I enjoyed not having to plan or organise anything; it was so wonderful to go with the flow and know every detail was being taken care of – including not having to worry about gratituties and entrance fees, which had all been included in the original tour payment.
There were very few organisational mishaps considering the size of the group – a tribute to the constant background work of Elan and the tour group.

Another really positive aspect was that each of the Nile river boat tours and the chartered Egyptian flights were entirely our group!

The daily channelings from Lee and Marilyn, often in very special and sacred sites, were an amazing privilege and personal experience.

The visit to the living statue of Sekhmet was quite intense – I felt incredible pulsating energy radiating from the statue and as I was trying to assimilate what I had experienced outside in the courtyard, the temple attendant beckoned to me to come into the opposite small room, where I stood in a daze for a while. The attendant then took my arm and placed my hand over a relief hieroglyph of an ankh being held by a figure. My word… I then had a sensation of being elsewhere… like another dimension… where horizontal waves of immense energy ran obliquely through my body from behind into the wall where my hand was resting on the ankh.
I wonder what caused the temple attendant to place my hand there… did he know this energy was there?
I still do not know what I actually experienced, but it was profound.
Thereafter I took some photos of the magnificent sunset over the Nile as Lee was channelling. A number of the photos had orbs in (that were only apparent afterwards). One of the orbs has a very noticeable face of Sekhmet….amazing!

Thank you Elan, the entire Kryon group and Travels Key tour operators for an amazing wonderful experience.
Sincerely appreciated.

Lynette T. / South Africa

Dear Elan,

I already felt the influence of being guided from the beginning; I think it was July 2018.

I was not following Kryon yet – just once in a while I listened to a YouTube(!) video. I was following The Stargate Experience Academy. And one day when I was reading comments from other people, I saw this question from a lady who did not have the courage to fly by herself alone, and it was about a journey with Kryon in Egypt.

Immediately my attention was caught. You know I am an Egypt lover, because I had already been there 19 times!

I found the Kryon website, read about the itinerary and was sold. I had to come. And I managed to listen to nearly all the recordings from 2002 until 2019, before the start of the trip. I was prepared.

In the early days of the tour, I felt a great excitement and all the people I met were so special, and so was my roommate Judi. We could talk with each other for hours, and I realised that I did not have to be scared about the topics. In my normal life I must be cautious about my subjects, because many people think I am weird. That was freedom.

In those early days I met Lee Carroll once in a while, and we had some nice conversations, and we laughed and I saw the friendliness coming out of his eyes. And there you were, already by the second encounter you remembered my name. That is soooo important.

A small detail, but important for me, was the constant supply of little bottles of water. In other trips I have had to buy water myself, and sometimes it was not easy to find a shop. And here I did not have to worry about the water supply. Well done!

The level of luxury was very high. I enjoyed the luxury very much.

A very special moment for me was when the group was on the Moses mountain and I stayed behind with Marilyn. I had heard her in channelings with Kryon. Adironnda came with her special voice, which soon became normal, and I was so touched, and I felt my heart opening and I felt all the love that came out of her and out of Yeshua later on.

I love the Nile, and I like to simply sit and look. The weather was not so hot and the water in the swimming pool was cold, but looking over the river Nile is so wonderful. The most impressive part was the peacefullnes of the water when we sailed from Qena back to Luxor.

When I looked at you, Elan, I was so surprised. At your kindness, patience, peacefulness. I loved your meditations, and especially your word: “breathe…”

I still see you comforting Judy in one of her breakdowns, and you were not in a hurry. I think you were the most important person of this journey. I looked at you and I learned from you, especially the respect you showed to everyone in the group. You are the person, tailor-made for this job, and your job is tailor-made for you. Especially it was nice to see how considerate and caring you were to Lee.

And of course I loved the temples: I have seen them many times before, but it was wonderful to see them again. Especially the Abydos temple. I had been there on three occasions for three weeks, so nine weeks altogether, and I have studied the walls of the temple for many and long times, in silence.

So, I wait for new adventures to come,

Elan, thank you for being you. I have looked at you, learned from you and loved you.

Corine V. D. / Nederlands

Dear Elan,

From the moment I saw the Egypt Epic Trip on the website last year, I knew I had to go. Climbing Mt. Sinai, snorkelling over a live coral reef in the Gulf of Acaba, and the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid were the experiences that filled me with a new energetic perspective.
While on Mt. Sinai a miracle happened to my Grandson, and I know the two were related.

The Kryon channelings about Moses affected me, and I deeply honoured the Prophet. The energetic honoring of the King by our group in the Great Pyramid showed me how fully alive the Pyramids are. I expected a more tomb-like atmosphere… the powerful information received from Kryon, coupled with interesting and spiritual companions, beautiful accommodations and safety, all made this a peak experience.

This trip was one in a series that included Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, and Israel. I am so grateful to everyone who makes these adventures possible. The ancient world reveals itself, and I am forever changed.

Nancy L. / USA

Sweet Elan,

I know I am really not quite sure how to put such an expansive experience into mere word format!

I think in a way, Egypt and the WHOLE tour group were mind and heart blowing, opening vistas I actually believed were already opened and fully viewed!

I find that each time a picture is now shared online, I immediately return, and realise, I never left Egypt… it has stayed, or I have placed a portion of me there!

I miss the WHOLE family, although some were more vocal in opinions than others, and I didn’t imagine I would, being a solitary worker.

I smile often when I think of Sinai, and now know I will never grace the back of a camel again… but for all the physical and arduous aspects, Mt. Sinai was an amazing, and magical experience.

I loved Giza, and the Mena hotel was luxurious and I will never forget the Sphinx, and the toning in the kings chamber.

The Nile, ahh the Nile, I have never felt so at home, or simply at peace!

Kryon’s channellings were thought provoking, and Marilyn’s council of light, with Adironnda… often made me giggle.

It was all so surreal at times, that I would often just sit and observe, that universe had placed me there, a truly magical and mystical time… that I will never forget!

Carole O. / Australia

Hi Elan,

We both greatly enjoyed the Egypt tour. We have been telling all of our friends about it and showing them photos, every day since we arrived back home.

Also we are pleased with the little keepsakes we were able to bring back.
Truly a magical, life changing experience.

Thank you for your love and kindness to everyone in the group,
Calvin & Wendy. W. / Canada

We had a wonderful trip and are so grateful that we did it! Thank you for all of your hard work in organizing everything, and for your meditations. I’m so glad to have all of the Kryon channelings and your meditations available online. I’ve been re-listening and have heard things that I missed the first time around!

May your journeys continue to be fun, safe, productive and spiritually enhancing. We’ll see you again at some point!

With love and blessings,
Linda & Harold S. / USA

Dear Elan,

This 2019 Tour of Egypt was the best, most well-planned tour I have ever taken in my life! The food and hotel/cruise ship facilities were absolutely first class! There was adventure, excitement, awe and love among the participants, tour guides, and the Kryon team. Each day opened up new vistas of Ancient Egypt – timeless geology, majestic temples, stunningly beautiful tombs and, of course, the Pyramids! I don’t know how you arranged the privilege of going to temples, Pyramids and the Sphinx privately, before these wonders were open to the general public each day, but it meant so much to have this private time for personal connections with these ancient monuments, and to have privacy for the amazing spiritual channellings.

I am already planning for the next Egypt tour! :)

Fondest blessings,
Lourana H. / USA

Dear Elan,

It was truly an incredible soul journey. Thank you for the perfect organization, the opened hearts and profound messages from spirit.

Profoundly grateful,
Orit J. / Israel

Dear Elan,

It was so beautiful to receive your email.

I’m still floating in that soft and colored bubble of Love, Wisdom, Compassion, Healing, Fun and Adventure we all created together, while sailing on our beloved Holy Nile river. I so much appreciated the care, the presence, the preparation, the organization and the support of our amazing tour guides Hesham, Omar and Amr, of the crews in the cruise ships, of our bus drivers and of course you, together with Lee, Monica, Marilyn, Michelle! Can’t wait to join the next Kryon journey with you and the beloved Family! Thank you God, bring me more of this!

At this moment I’m happily absorbed in the energy of Kryon channelings, because I’m translating them into Italian for our brothers and sisters who don’t understand English, and I really love to do that! It’s the perfect way to prolong this precious experience and the beauty I felt and lived.

I wish you the best as always.
Mati S. G. / Italy

This journey was perfectly designed to reconnect me with my spiritual roots, experiences and wisdom in ancient Egypt, and also with my service to the eternal Divine Mother. I could obtain ancient treasures, already gained in the past in order to use them as a tool for today’s work.

My light-body (Merkaba) was reactivated, and special attention was given to the reinforcement of the Sacred Feminine Power – which covers the main part of my task here on Earth – and which will help us to deeply change our perspectives and all life on Mother Earth.

I am so grateful for the loving, peaceful and compassionate framework, that you, Elan, provided for us, together with all the lovely members of the Kryon Family. We, indeed, melted into one heart and soul, a treasure which will guide us in our lives. Thank you all for your love, compassion, patience and strength, and let us progress in building our inner temple.

With love,
Dr. Savitri B. / Germany

Dear Elan,

I just wanted to express great gratitude to you. Due to your enormous compassion during this Egypt trip, I was able to get myself together, restore my strength, go peacefully through some tests I encountered, stay firm and balanced, receive some healing gifts and, hopefully, help the others…

Thank you so much for all of this. This is a precious memory I have now.

With great Love and Appreciation,
Lorkhen T. H. / USA

It was Day Ten, and our ship had just docked at Edfu on the Nile. On the upper deck, Marilyn Harper was leading us to get in touch with our akash. With an open heart and the right intention, I meditated along with everyone else.

By this time on the tour, we had seen stone temple walls after stone temple walls. What comes to mind, but a stone temple wall! And by the time Marilyn is saying time’s up, that’s all there ever was. Three people raised their hands to share what they experienced; not me; I didn’t even have a verb. Anyway, she states there’s time for one more, so once again what pops up for me but a stone temple wall… I see a cow on it, the symbol for the Hathors and I smile. I feel it was the Hathors who brought me to Egypt. I’m thinking that maybe I can read the hieroglyphics, so I squint at them, but no, nothing.

Then in the lower right-hand quadrant in the light I see a darker image – it’s a head with Hathor’s horns on it looking like a shadow on the wall. Very much aware of the relentless sun hitting my left side, I shift around in my seat to get more shade. That’s when I feel a zing go right through my heart – the image of the head with Hathor’s horns on it shifted exactly to every micro-twist and turn just as my head did! Scientifically, there’s only one explanation – it was my shadow. As Kryon said, spirit finds a way to talk to each person individually. It’s a wonderful feeling to have received such a hug of love, such affirmation.

The energy on the Kryon Egypt tour was truly epic! The affirmation of my inner connection to spirit’s love and wisdom was awe inspiring and empowering.

Susan W. / USA

Dear Elan and Kryon Team,

I am back in South Africa with all its political challenges. However, this time (during our election in May) I had a different mind-set and energy, and I truly believe I “changed” during my trip to Egypt. So many wonderful stories to share. I did write an extensive letter to all my students, fellow spiritual travellers and even those who were quite curious about my trip to Egypt … especially with the Kryon Group!!!! It was a loooong letter with lots of info, explanations, insights, observations, teachings, etc. When you asked for some feedback, I went back to that writing and below you will find a “cut&paste” version of the original.

Thank you to each and every one for just the most amazing experience!!!!

With love and appreciation,
Marietjie V. / South Africa

Extract from original letter:

Dear All,

Shaloha Productions planned a Kryon Tour to Egypt and I was immediately drawn to the idea of joining them. Besides that one would be with like-minded people, I was excited about the idea that an inter-dimensional Being could shine some light, info and interpretation on the gaps within my own puzzle re Egypt and its history. And did I get all the info I was hoping to get? No, not in the form that I wished for it. However, Kryon always says that you will hear what you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear. However, I got much more than what I “bargained” for.

What made me go? I love Kryon. The fact that Kryon would channel through Lee on this trip was a big attraction. As I mentioned earlier, I wished for a “beyond-the-Earth” perspective and possible explanations. Another attraction was the fact that the group arranged for private time at the temples. To be just your group within the walls of the Ancient Sites, is first prize. You do not know how special it really is until you have experienced both scenarios. It allowed us “own time” with our guides, as well as lots of time to wander around, or sit somewhere and become silent, even meditate, or simply just absorb the ancient energies. And the biggest bonus and highlight for me was the channelling sessions we had with Kryon. Not only from him, but Marilyn Harper, a channeller of the Council of 12, was also present. And most of the times, right there at the sites, we received info from “beyond the veil”. The sessions on the sun deck whilst cruising the Nile were another bonus.

From a logistical point of view, everything was well arranged and executed. From the moment you arrived on Egyptian soil, to the 5 star hotels we stayed in, to top quality and knowledgeable tour guides, to chartered flights, to beautiful boats and wonderful staff, excellent food (ate way too much), to our private visits (sometimes we were already at the site before sunrise), to police/military escorts/convoys, to connect “once again” with beautiful souls joining one in this experience this time round – it was worth every cent I paid (and it was indeed expensive … well, for me).

The Pyramids, Sphinx, temples, sites, and museums were all very interesting. Some resonated more with me than others. My favorites were the temples of Horus, Isis and Hathor. And another reason I accepted this trip was for the two latter temples. I also love the Hathors. So, I had an inner yearning to have some “own” time at these sites. It was indeed special.

Besides the obvious impressions, one is left with something much more profound and this is what happens here deep inside your own psyche and heart. And of course it will be different for each individual. It is true that we can only hear, see, feel and experience to the degree of our own consciousness and ability at the time to hear, see, feel and experience. It is what it is for everyone. It is also true that you do not need to visit any place as such to have these experiences. It can come to you or over you right where you are sitting now.

Many students have asked me whether I have received exact info re some of the things I was wondering about. And these things relate to the Sumerian Scripts, Old Testament, info from the Terra Papers & Sky People and of course Zecharia Sitchin’s work. Again, just to mention a few sources. No, I did not receive “linear” answers. Kryon says that there are answers to all our questions. However, we are not able to “hear” it or even “understand” it. The simple fact is that we are still thinking and debating within a 3-D environment, as well as thinking about history as a linear event with a beginning and an end. In the meantime we are Multi-dimensional Beings living within a Quantum Universe – not 3-D and definitely not linear. One cannot ask a question of the Divine nature of things and then want to answer it with a limited 3-D mentality. It is like wanting to know about Gr 12 maths, but you are only in Gr 1. It does not mean it is not there and that one should not pursue with the process of finding out and learning. It only states the obvious that you are not yet ready to hear and to understand.

So what were some of the life-changing or amazing feelings/observations that I did experience?

LOVE. There was not a channel that did not touch on the subject of LOVE. Benevolent or Holy or Divine LOVE. It is still considered to be the glue that keeps the Universes together. It is our innate nature and it is within each one of us. I have always had a knowingness about this thing called LOVE. I have theorised and philosophised about it, talked about it and most certainly preached, taught and wrote about it. I really thought I KNEW this crazy little thing called LOVE (the Beatles did … ;).

Well, well, well. Apparently not – or at least not to the degree that I felt it this time. I had a moment where I sat back and let go of the urge to hear specific or scientific proof of things, and then as I listened to the Beings talking about LOVE, there was that instant where it came over me like a tidal wave. It literally took my breath away. I was in awe of this happening. Of course I became very emotional. I did not ask for it, I was not contemplating it, neither was I expecting it. It just happened and when it did, I just knew what this LOVE was all about (well, at least to my understanding at that particular moment).

How does one explain it? You cannot. It is a knowingness. And I say “thank you” for such a moment in time. I feel honoured and privileged to have had such a moment. And of course there are many such moments throughout our lives if only we are aware of it. Life exists out of opportunities to experience and feel this LOVE. It is the stuff we are made of. There was a happiness and joyful feeling within me. I then looked at everything slightly differently and I had a feeling that “all is o.k.” and “all is well”. And that I will receive info or answers as I grow in my own consciousness and awareness – and when the time is right for me. A feeling of being very content and loved and appreciated for who and what I am. Moments like these propel us forward and fill us with hope, inspiration, compassion and a sense of wellbeing. All is indeed well.

I love you and appreciate you.


This was a tour unlike any other in my life; the feelings cannot be easily expressed in words, let’s say time felt it was going by fast, perhaps because we smiled and laughed all day, felt like being with family and long-known friends? Or was it the unique adventure of crossing deserts, canals and climbing mountains at night? Perhaps it’s just the immensity of the energy being around such a loving group of humans and visiting ancient locations that talk to your soul, learning and expanding exponentially. My gratitude and appreciation for the compassionate, wise souls organizing this and delivering magnificence on all fronts.

Marios G. / Cyprus

There are no words to express the magnificence of the Epic Kryon Egypt tour!

Surrounded by the energies of the ancients and soul connected beings, seeing the Temples and Tombs, feeling the amazing energies that remain strong within these structures, and on top of that hearing channellings daily from Kryon and the team, was an experience I will never forget! Plus the added bonus of amazing 5 star accommodation and mouth watering meals. If you have always wanted to visit Egypt and you follow the channellings of Kryon, stop putting it off… find the resources, make the time, embrace the awesome experience and go to the next Epic Egypt Tour… I know I will definitely be doing it again!!

Fiona C. / Australia

I did the complete Egypt tour in April 2019. I can honestly say it was a trip of a lifetime! The attention to detail every step of the way took care of so many things I would never have considered traveling on my own. Elan’s connections in Egypt made traveling in a very unique country effortless. I loved that I only had to follow along each well planned excursion and enjoy ancient sites, the Nile river cruises, and all the sites, sounds and culture of a country with almost every place and everything an antiquity. We had tour guides that were a wealth of knowledge. I don’t think you could get such in-depth information about every Temple, Pyramid, and ancient ruin without the guides who were with us every step of the way. The Kryon Team speakers’ teachings and channellings were profound as they deeper amplified the overall experience. I would recommend this tour if you have a chance in the future; you will be transported to a time most of us only read about!

Nancy L. / USA

Kryon Monument Valley Tour
February 9-17, 2019

What the participants have to say about the tour:

My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Lee, Monika, and Elan for their time and expertise on this journey. They each brought a unique component to this adventure that created a “becoming whole” experience. Thank you for the gift of our guide Marietta, who shared her time and people with us and allowed us to share our love and respect with them.

Monument Valley is truly a sacred spiritual place that I will come back to. Even photographs of the area radiate love and powerful energy. I will never forget the channelling that took place at the Big Hogan, where multiple healings occurred and I had my own epiphany. This happened not only because of Kryon, but because of the caliber of loving kindred light-workers that were gathered in the space.

I was impressed by the number of men that attended this event. I know there’s a new masculine energy coming, but I was beginning to think that outside of my husband these were mythical creatures. This was a joy to see.

Monument Valley Tour—Highly Recommended!

Deb C. / USA

Dear Elan,

Thanks so much for a wonderful week. Tina and I have been to many Kryon events: weekend events in New England, Summer Light Conferences and the choir performances in Maui and Cancun. This was our first tour/excursion and it greatly exceeded our expectations. The beauty of Monument Valley has to be seen to be fully appreciated. We so appreciate all we learned from the Native American Navaho guides who live there and led our daily tours. The surprise Native American musical performance at the end of the week was wonderful. Of course, the loving messages in the channels were very special to us. But the outdoor channellings with the beautiful backdrops were a new and profound experience. Topping all of this off was the joy of spending the week with our tour mates. With each day and experience, the love of family grew and became more powerful. We will never forget this!

Steve K. / USA

Hello Elan,

I have been telling everyone how great the trip was and that I now have 80 new friends!

Thanks to all of you for what you do. It’s inspiring and helps me deal with all the craziness that is going on in the world.

Many Hugs and Much Love to All,
Sheron L. / USA

Greetings, Elan!

I’m still trying to get my head around all the beauty and grace and heartfelt awesomeness of this trip! When I can find the words, I will share.

Thank you again for all your work and your love! Abundant blessings to you and yours!

Gerry Ganong / USA

Dear Elan,

The second Kryon Monument Valley tour was like coming home for me. When we first went to Monument Valley in 2017, I was instantly immersed in the powerful spiritual energy that envelops this sacred mystical land. That feeling only grew more powerful in the latest tour. The silence and mystery of this ancient land enveloped me like a warm blanket fending off the cold of winter. The loving channels from Kryon added to the feeling. As always, you handled all the details of the tour beautifully. Kudos to everyone involved in the second Kryon Monument Valley Tour! Thank you so much again, Elan, for everything you do.

Love and light to you always,
Robert V. / USA

What an amazing, magical, and sacred tour we were able to experience!
Thank you Elan, Lee, Monika, Marietta, Janis & Greg for making this possible for us!
Mary K. / USA

Dear Elan,

The beauty of Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell.
That to the angelic realms we are (like) Antelope Canyon – how wonderful is that!
The depth of the silence and stillness of Mystery Valley/Valley of the Gods.
Beautiful open-hearted fellow travelers.
Beautiful meditations and channellings in the open air (That the channellings were going to be impactful are a given, but I had no reason to expect the meditations to be as deep and as stilling as they were – very beautiful.)
The cook-outs.
The photos you and Monika took as a record of the tour – a lovely addition to my own.
The pace of the tour. I’m not really a fan of tours, but this was well-paced with a perfect (for me) balance between activity and time out.
I also loved how you, Lee and Monika read to us or told us stories on the long bus trips. Very fun – and thoughtful!
I also appreciated the letting go exercise and the fire ceremony followed the next day by writing Valentine’s cards to ourselves – very powerful!
And finally, along with Monika’s light-filled face, the love and attention and care of you, Monika and Lee. Thank you! I was grateful for the opportunity to be part of a tour in which everything was so well-taken care of and all I had to do was decide how many layers to wear each day!! Fab!

Jennifer B. / USA

Hello Elan,

David and I so enjoyed the Monument Valley Kryon Winter adventure. It was an opportunity to dis-connect from the everyday life we have and simply be in a safe and beautiful energy and environment. It was so uplifting to be with a group that focused on the positive and being present in the moment.

As a former tour guide myself, I was very impressed with the variety of excursions, the accommodations and food that was included—we all certainly got our money’s worth, not to mention all the time with Spirit and the Kryon group, Lee, Monika and Elan.

It was an experience we will remember forever…the sights, the people, the energy and the funny humorous parts; and the beautiful Hebrew songs by Elan.

Thank you—and Blessings to you,
Carole & David H. / USA

Kryon Sedona Channelling Retreat
October 8-21, 2018

Hi Elan,

For me, it was an exceptionally uplifting event: mentally, physically and spiritually. The “double whammy” of Sedona energies working with the Kryon Team brought me to new heights of awareness. I released a lot with the cleansing and clearing, and achieved a new level of meditation which I now maintain and enjoy. A wonderful recalibration has taken place.

The handling of the event from beginning to end was flawless and much appreciated. Every detail was meticulously covered and there was never a minute of misunderstanding or confusion.

I look forward to attending future Kryon and Shaloha events.
Mimi D.M. – CA, USA

Dear Elan,

I am still processing what were profound and intense days, and seeking to incorporate some of it into my daily schedule. There was so much condensed into the days’ retreat, with opportunities to explore further. I also met so many lovely souls. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you so much, and continue the great work.
Christine F. – San Juan, Triinidad

Dear Elan, my Sedona experience is the single most wonderful experience I have ever had! I can’t even begin to tell you how much it meant to me and my personal journey. What beautiful souls Marilyn, Prageet, Peggy and Lee are! And you of course, who made it all possible for us to have this time with them. I am forever grateful to you all!

Love and Light,
Mette C. – Norway

Dear Elan,

I can’t thank you enough for the incredible work you are doing – bringing the magic to the people.

I will be forever grateful to you and Kryon and his wonderful team for helping me on my path of light and inner discovery.

Yours sincerely,
Leni M. – Ireland

Dear Elan,

Your Kryon event in Sedona was magnificent! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many beautiful souls at such an amazing venue. I thought everything was highly organized, and it was such a wonderful panel of guests. This was my first Kryon event and I was very pleased. I liked that it was a smaller setting and felt much more intimate. Thank you for sharing your family and creating such a wonderful experience. I will definitely attend another one of your events in the future.

Sheri M. – FL, USA

Dear Elan,

The channeling event in October was wonderful! The information presented by all facilitators exceeded my expectations in terms of providing those “ah ha’s” of wisdom and insight. The location was very nice and easy to find, with plenty of parking. I cannot think of any way to make it better. Thank you for all you do!

Janet Y. – PA, USA

Hi Elan,

I just want to say thank you for a wonderful Sedona retreat! It was my first time attending an event of this sort and I would like to say it was life-changing for me! I felt surrounded by the love of God & family! I learned things that touched my heart & left those four days feeling a sense of pure love!

I will be looking for an upcoming event that I can bring my mom and daughter to & share the experience I felt in Sedona!

I must also say your daughter had wonderful jokes! I will not forget a wolf who meditates is an Aware-Wolf :)

Outstanding! I also thank you so much for the hiking tips, and yes we did them ALL – even Bear Mountain!! Guess 4 days in your retreat teaches one to drop fear :)! So much gratitude for a great event!

Much love and looking forward to being a part of more future events!
Bobbie K.- MI, USA

Hi Elan,

It rained in Sedona before the seminar. They say it rains before a great spirit arrives in an area and the dragon spirits, who control the weather, happily purify and bless the land. I humorously thought it rained because my friend and I arrived in Sedona. Haha :)

Kryon says “if you could only see your colors the way we do”. Souls from the Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, Australia, east and west coast made the long journey to Sedona. Impressive. The dragon spirits were happy.

Many synchronicities and purifications happened before my intent to come to Sedona. My friend said that I would be changed when I got back. Indeed. Can’t put my finger on it, but there is ease of communicating with anyone I meet with. I am usually a hermit-like person…shy and reserved.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro exercises brought tears to my eyes. I don’t cry in front of people, especially an audience!

Marilyn Harper who came with her swords of light gave us intuition guidance, Prageet channeled a dragon spirit as he told wonderful stories of his personal journey, Peggy gave us spiritual tools to practice and Lee Carroll last channel gave us astounding insights about who seeded planet Earth.

At the end an immediate standing ovation.

I feel, even now, haunted magically by intense light from the Sedona gathering and have brought it back home.

My friend was right…I came back different.

Karen Kido – UT, USA

The Sedona Conference was my first EVENT. Started reading Kryon February 2018. The conference was mind-blowing. ALL the presenters were FANTASTIC. Thank you Elan for bringing it all to us :-)))

Susan G. TX, USA

Dear Elan,

The honor was Richard´s and mine to meet you and finally be aware of our Family of Light. There is only joy and love in my heart.

The retreat was so much more than I expected, that words just don´t do it justice. But I can tell you that the oneness and the expanding of consciousness that I felt was amazing. All channelers were on the same wavelength, and their teachings very profound and beautiful. The organization was flawless, and I most appreciate the recordings made so as to be able to go and listen whenever needed.

I am full of gratitude to you, your funny daughter, your team, and of course Lee Carroll and the rest of the incredible channellers.

Looking forward to seeing you in the future!

In loving light,
Monica A. – Mexico

The retreat in Sedona was for me just amazing! Having remarkable moments at a Kryon event is not usual; however this retreat was truly special throughout for me. I come to these events often needing a boost in spirit. This time it was a unique blend of spiritual renewal and the deep joy of being with others who share a similar path. In other words I felt a big sigh of relief because there were reassurances that we on the right track. That feeling is not so easy to maintain when we are back out in the “big world”. We are pretty much on our own out here so messages from “home” really do assist us to keep on keeping on.

Thanks, Elan, for all your diligence at maintaining such a high level of presentation and atmosphere. One can always depend on such fine quality of events that you plan!
Pauline R. – CA, USA

Hi Elan, just wanted to thank you for your beautiful contributions to the Sedona quad channellings – I experienced them as very healing and soothing to my soul.
Garth J. – USA

Hi Elan, thank you for all you do, and for putting this retreat together; we really ‘treated’ ourselves good to attend this. You made all the difference, as I truly know how much work happens ‘behind the scenes’ :)

Again, thank you!
Annette K. – WA, USA

The Kryon retreat at Sedona was deeply energizing, with beautiful learning and connection. The channellers were so connected and in unity with Source, and helped build the energy in us as One. The venue was peaceful and had amazing vistas of the sacred stones, and the organisation of the event was perfect. Thanks so much, Elan – it was a life-changing experience!
Gay K. – New Zealand

Science & Spirituality Conference
June 14-19, 2018

What the participants have to say about the Experience:

This was such an expansive conference to be a part of. I’m so grateful for all the work and effort that went into arranging and coordinating all of it.
Brittany M. / Canada

It was a life-changing week, and we are much changed by its influence! Thanks to all of you for your wise teachings, and thank you Elan for bringing it to us!
Elsbeth M. / Canada

Thank you Elan for setting up all these amazing events around the world! I appreciate your good humor!
Minke D. V. / Canada

Thank you Elan for the unforgettable experience you have provided to all of us in Nanaimo.
Les Kudla / Canada

This event, the Science & Spirituality Conference, was expansive. It brought together the worlds that have been separated for too long for so many of us: Science and Spirituality. The speakers – Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynne McTaggart and Lee Carroll/Kryon – were incredible; each of them complementing the other to deepen and help integrate the information being given. Each time I go with Elan, it is a full feast opening up the opportunity for a deeply personal experience. The masterful way each presentation was built on the last helped to weave the experience of “Oneness”. With his acknowledgment of over 50 countries, Elan helped co-create a unity amongst people from all over the world; that was a beautiful experience to have participated in. Elan’s beautiful Soul recognizes the importance and fineness it takes to organize a gathering where an environment is created to help: integrate the knowledge being shared and join with the Spirit, the ancients and ancestors, that are present.

The accommodations were in the middle of everything and close to the venue. The location, Nanaimo, was intimate and charming. It was the perfect place to be, and invited us to wander around its shops and streets after the seminars. The peacefulness on the waterfront added to the depth of the topics and conversations of the days.

Each time I go with Elan, I return home a different person. These experiences are more than just trips to other countries … they open up other worlds. Thank you Elan for your personal care and attention.

Wendy M. / USA

We wanted to make sure that you knew how much we LOVED the Science & Spirituality Conference. It was amazing! Rubi did a super job with registration, and having the lunch boxes on site was really smart! Saved everyone time and effort.

We agree with you that “more is more!” We thank you for all your thoughtful efforts in designing great experiences and events.

Looking forward to our next adventure with you and Lee Carroll/Kryon, Gregg Braden and others.

Love, Light & Laughter,
Vicky, Dorothy & Mary / USA

What an amazing event it was. I’m so glad I went. Let’s do it again!
Mariellen K. / USA

Dear Elan,

Meriel and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful, enlightening conference. It was so well run and organized and the content was awesome. You are making a real difference in the world by bringing these people to the public.

With love and gratitude,
Michael & Meriel S. / Canada

Hi Elan,

I really enjoyed the Science & Spirituality Conference on Nanaimo. I was there the full week and had many “wow” moments.

Lisa B. / USA

Hi Elan,

I attended the full Vancouver program this month – it was absolutely wonderful.
The best, most stimulating conference ever – many thanks.

Lynette T. / South Africa

Hi Elan,

I was there at Nanaimo and so much appreciated the work you put in. Don’t think I can find the words to express the excitement I feel learning about the new discoveries. Now there is Hope where there was an abyss. Don’t know how you are going to handle the future as attendance soars. What a wonderful “time” we are experiencing.

Blessings for continued great successes toward enlightening the human race.

Donna M. / Canada

Hey just emailed to say thanks for the stellar event. It blew my mind, what a scoop that was for you! Well done, hope you have recovered :) Plus you should be a stand up comic :)
First insight during Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditation: I’m setting up a temporary healing community. Had previously believed I needed some outside brand or confirmation from someone – I saw clearly I can attract exactly what I need. Then it was Dr. Bruce Lipton that blew my mind open to living in that joy, connection, and I have felt that way pretty much the entire time. Greg Braden with the new story, Lynne McTaggart with the Power of 8 which could be the way for the masses, and I loved Lee Carroll – I had been asking for a way to teach my grandchildren faith, and he gave me it!

Muchos gracia,
Lilia L.S. / UK

Dear Elan,

As one of the local people who attended the recent conference in Nanaimo, B.C., I would like to say thank you to all who were involved in bringing us together. The vibration of Vancouver Island has been raised; there is a new buzz of energy in conversations. Everywhere I go there are people who want to hear about the event. Thank you for making the audios available to share.

Personally I felt a huge heart opening on the Sunday afternoon: the baton passing of Bruce, Gregg and Kryon brought me to a new level of love and appreciation.

Many thanks for the contribution you are doing to raise and enhance human consciousness.

Much love,
Marilyn W. / Canada

Dear Elan and Rubi,

A very heartfelt thank you to both of you for all the time and effort you put into organising the Science and Spirituality Conference in Nanaimo.

It was wonderful to attend this event. All the speakers were amazing, the lunches and tea time treats were delicious and we appreciate all the information regarding accommodation, transport and everything else pertaining to this event which made it easy and convenient for us as attendees.

Much gratitude, appreciation and blessings,
Deon & Heather G. / Australia


My name is Belinda Hayes and I had the pleasure of officially meeting you in person at the recent Science & Spirituality Conference in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

I flew from Australia to attend this event and I was impressed by the organisation and the calibre of attendees and presenters, but more so I was excited by the message that was being sent to the world, and the awakened, of the bridging between Science and Spirituality.

Thank you again for the wonderful event in Nanaimo and I truly commend you on an excellently organised and run event, that was relevant and environmentally conscious also. Kudos to you and the effort! It did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Kind regards & many blessings,
Belinda H. / Australia

Dear Elan,

Thank you for your coherent assembling of such wonderful minds, bringing light to where it’s needed!
I am very appreciative of all the combined efforts and energies.
And truly gained some tremendous value by attending the event, and look forward to attending more.

Thank you, and may you continue to follow the heart path.

Grant J. / Canada

This is the first Conference I’ve attended since learning about Chakra Energy by Jamie Rosanna in 2006 and practicing Qigong by Master Ming Kit Kwan from 2009 to now. I found Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Power of Belief in the qigong library, and the rest is history in the making.

I loved everything about the conference. Definitely deepening my understandings and awareness. I loved how Elan drew the large crowd back into the room and then with a gentle shhhhhhh to quiet the room. Such a peaceful loving feeling. ALL the speakers were so knowledgable and impressive. I didn’t want to miss a minute. Our group of Power of Eight has kept in touch and we are sharing our stories. This conference connected a lot of dots for me and I’m fired up and excited about life. Thank you Elan for doing such an incredible job of organizing such an amazing event. Feeling very grateful to all of you.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Love & Light,
Maureen N. / Canada

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful event in the beautiful area of Naniamo. The Science and Spirituality Conference was life-changing. I have 150 pages of notes and a list of information to continue to research. This conference was worth every penny and I look forward to bringing what I learned back to my students and my community.

I’ve attended several classes and conferences. This one stood out in so many ways. I knew the speakers would be phenomenal as I am very familiar with their work, but was surprised at how much information was shared. This was a very full 7 days. I am grateful to whoever put these brilliant people on the same stage.

One thing that stood out was how well organized everything was. It’s not easy to get hundreds of people in and out for lunch and breaks and make sure everyone knows what to do and where to be. I felt that this was well planned and executed in an efficient and orderly way.

Lunch was simple but good, and we had time to eat and still have time to take a walk or rest.
The additional evening events made for a long day, but were worth it. We had come a long way and definitely used every bit of time we had.

My gratitude goes out to all who made this event possible.

Jennifer H. / USA

My daughter and I live on Vancouver Island, so we were thrilled to be able to come to the conference. We both absolutely fell in love… to be surrounded by that energy was fabulous. Elan, you were so charming. We didn’t want to miss a word you said… thank you so much for putting on this amazing event.
Love to you all,
Sally B / Canada

Well, I expected to be “bowled over”. I was that and more! It will take time to absorb the tremendous content of this program. We were “flying with the gods” and reminding ourselves of who we really are and the real capabilities we possess. That happens rarely these in days of chaos and calamities. Once in a while we need to rise to the surface and smell the sweet air of peace and the awareness of our real spiritual selves. That is where we are really headed down the road, and this conference and its presenters just reminded us of that direction in which we are headed. Just keep on keeping on and we will get there!
Pauline R. / USA

Thank you for such a well done production! Herding 1300 people around all weekend with such grace was amazing. Having these 5 human speakers together was incredible and met my expectations for a great conference.
Get some rest!!
Lois P. / Canada

I can not thank everyone enough who was involved in the organization and/or presentation of this conference.

Having never been to so large a gathering, I did not know what to expect. I left not disappointed in any way. I deeply appreciate the good humor, thoughtfulness and patience of all, even through some challenges. I hope you all experienced graciousness from us attendees as well.

While I won’t miss the lines and close quarters in the meeting room, they became opportunities to meet new people, hear their stories and thinking, and process information.

I know I left different. I know this was what I was ready for. This dovetailing of science and spirituality resonates so strongly with me. I feel so honored and privileged to have learned from those on the leading edge of understanding who we are as humans and what it can mean for our lives. Their passion for both learning and sharing shone!

I don’t know all it will mean for me, but am eager to dive in and find out. Being away then coming back home has made me so conscious of my own stories and how much context cues them. Lots of opportunities to shift my thinking and perceptions and write something new!

Nanaimo also captured my heart, but I do give it away easily to places with blue water, green trees, and a warm sun. What a treat to be by the harbor and all it had to offer! I know we overwhelmed the town to some extent, but the people of Nanaimo were unfailingly friendly and helpful.

With sincere gratitude for an awesome experience,

Cathy B. / USA

Thanks to all the presenters and attendees who made this such a powerful instrument for personal and global change. I have put some of what I learned into practice and am receiving tremendous benefits. I really enjoyed the energy and humour that Bruce Lipton brings to his audience. All the presenters offered deep dedication and conviction to the work they are doing.

Charmaine C. / Canada

I cannot begin to express how deeply the Science and Spirituality conference impacted me, my nursing practice, my role as a Reiki Master Teacher and my foundation as a non-denominational minister. To have Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynne McTaggart and Lee Carroll/Kryon together in one venue was a life-changer for me. A sincere thank you for the validation of what I have known deeply and personally for many, many years: that healing occurs only when we allow it to.

With sincere gratitude,
Heather G. / Canada

Thank you so much for such a great conference. I’m so grateful that I met you and everyone. So much I learned and a few tools to use, and I pray that you will be able to come back. Brilliant week. I love you all wonderful spirscience people. Yes – Spirituality and Science.

Thank you Elan.
Dorothy M. / Canada

Dear Elan,

After my husband and I participated in the recent Science and Spirituality Conference in Nanaimo, I can say that our faith in the interconnectedness and the benevolence and love of the Universe outside of, and within, the very cells of our physical existence, and the ultimate higher intentions of that Universal Consciousness, has been strengthened. And that our intentions and emotions are very capable of shifting reality in tangible ways. Has been shown even by science to be startlingly proven to be true. Especially intentions and emotions of a large populace, as we are all connected in a Quantum Field that doesn’t just begin outside our skin.

A deep thank you from the depths of our souls, Lee Carroll and Kryon, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynn McTaggart, and dearest Elan Cohen, for your skillful and patient production, hard work and kindness throughout this life-changing event!

Elsbeth M. & Jim A. / USA

Dear Elan,

The Science and Spirituality Conference was just amazing and just had to be experienced to be able to comprehend the depth of the Inner Knowing that I experienced. Where else would I be able to experience 1300 people all meditating together and entraining those who needed a boost, to feel what they did? Really life-altering. The presenters were an excellent complement to each other and knowledge from one could be built on during the next. I hope to be able to attend another such life-altering event in Nanaimo as it was the perfect place to be. We really need more of this!!!!!

I hugely enjoyed and appreciate the fruit of all your organizing and feel really blessed to have been a part of it. Thank you so much.

Catherine B. / Canada

Dear Elan,

To say my heart is fuller than before is an understatement: the Science and Spirituality Conference was a perfect moment and it is brilliant that it happened in my home area. The gift of that energy here is beyond amazing. The presenters were perfect: most of my favourites that I have been listening to for almost 30 years were there, I was deeply honoured to be in the room with them and people representing 40 countries. How cool is that? Those of us from Gabriola Island (right beside Nanaimo) still have the energy and the look of having been inspired and changed at a deep level as I bump into them on our little island. For myself, I am forever changed!

With love and appreciation,
Kimm N. / Canada

Hello Elan and Rubi,

It was a great experience to participate in the Nanaimo conference, and we thank you both for your dedication in making such events a success and a pleasant and enriching experience for everyone.

We will participate in other events.

Warm regards,
Odile D. & Linden R. / Canada

Hello Elan…I just wanted to send you a quick message of gratitude for what you do. I was in Nanaimo last week and loved everything about it. Loved you too. I thought you were very welcoming, endearing and funny. I did not get the chance to meet you in person as you were a very busy person. Maybe one day I will get the chance. Wishing you the very best Elan.

Love and Blessings,
Lucie / USA

As a doctor I’ve attended many conferences, but none of those were even close to this one. I acquired true knowledge and wisdom which my medical training did not teach me. As a doctor I’ve learnt that the best way of treating a patient is to help them rediscover their true potential to heal themselves, rather than take away their control. Special thanks to Gregg Braden for having me as his guest. I do however feel that doctors deserve a chance to get this knowledge. Many doctors are not trained in this and don’t have time to read books due to busy lives. Like any profession, there are doctors who don’t want to believe, but there are also doctors who do, just like me. I will be happy to help in any way.

Thank you,
Neal S., MD / USA

Dear Elan, crew and presenters,

Thank you for a wonderful, awe-inspiring event when the Science and Spirituality Conference came to Nanaimo, British Columbia.

I was particularly touched right on the first day when you, Elan, recognized the local First Nation, the Snuneymuxw of the Coast Salish People of British Columbia, and the fact that we had gathered on their territory. B.C. (along with Canada as a whole) has embarked on a long-awaited Truth and Reconciliation journey to begin to make amends to our indigenous sisters and brothers, and having you recognize that we were indeed on their land is very much appreciated.

Never have I experienced such a cohesive, cooperative, respectful event where everyone – crew, presenters, participants – was so equally honoured. That in itself is an incredible feat.

And then there were the presenters and their sessions! I was left breathless so many times. So much information. So much energy. So much care.You truly lit up the conference centre.

Phew, that just took up a whole lot of an email that is really meant to express my gratitude, wonder and newly invigorated quest for knowledge and understanding beyond what we have been able to explain in this life. It made magic a reality and miracles a regular state of affairs.

Thank you again to all involved for a marvelous experience.

Warmest regards,
Margi B. / Canada

Hi Elan,

First of all, thank you for all of the hard work and love you put into weaving all of these beautiful events together. I’m still buzzing from the Science and Spirituality Conference. I can’t imagine the toll it takes on you to facilitate these events. Hopefully you have had some time rejuvenate and rest! Blessing and love to you and your family!

Stephanie A. / USA

We were only able to attend 3 days of the conference (Fri, Sat and Sun), But both my husband and I agree that it shifted us profoundly.

It’s now nearly 2 weeks later and we are trying daily to put into effect some of the things we learned.

In Lynne McTaggart’s session on the Sat we divided into groups of 8, and I happened to be the one who received the healing. (I have had a life-saving organ transplant). The feelings of love from the group were so intense I was overwhelmed and felt like I was going to burst. The only way I knew how to cope was to direct some of that healing energy to someone else.

In reflecting on this later, I realize that most of us have had hurts and emotional traumas in our lives, and begin to close our hearts off to protect ourselves. It then becomes hard to access the elevated emotions, and it becomes more familiar to bathe in the stress hormones.

I think I am fairly good at sending love, but not at receiving.
Since the conference I have had several dreams where my heart has a rusty, closed gate that blocks my ability to truly feel love and it now is just beginning to open.

As I follow all of the speakers through their books and YouTube videos I knew what to expect, but a combination of the group energy and enhanced field, and the manner that it was presented by all of the speakers, literally blew me out of the water.

I feel very positive about the possibility of healing some significant health issues myself, but more than that I REALLY want to help others heal. I now KNOW this is possible.

I can’t begin to Thank all of you for a life-changing conference.

Sending Much Love,
Diane L. / Canada

All I can say is thank you…thank you…thank you!
Audrey C. / Canada

Elan, you rock! Thank you for your hard work and diligent efforts. I cannot imagine all that goes into the execution of a production such as this.

… and thank you to all of the speakers, especially for the opportunity to hear Kryon in person. I am so thankful that you all visited our area of the globe.

This is an experienced not to be forgotten.

Penny K. / Canada

Thank you for all the work you put in. It is deeply appreciated; you are fabulous. I salute you and the care, commitment and Love you share with us all, plus ALL THE HARD WORKTHANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Bless you, Namaste,
Patricia M. / USA

Hi Elan

I just want to say how wonderful the conference was. Of course bringing together these wonderful human beings to share and experience their wisdom and energy was the highlight. However, I also want to say how well organized the conference was. I am so impressed how you all handled so many people with such ease and efficiency.

I live in Nanaimo and was thrilled that our small community was chosen. In Nanaimo, and the whole of Vancouver Island, we have strong spiritually oriented groups and I saw so many of my friends and colleagues at the conference.

Blessings for the work you do in supporting the rise in consciousness.

Marilyn H. / Canada

Dear Elan,

First of all let me congratulate you and the fantastic event you created for all. It all went flawlessly and you made it look effortless. You are a talented man and can multitask and cover every detail to create a memorable experience for all.
You are truly a master creator and again hats off to your flawless creation called Science & Spirituality conference!!!
It was an amazing experience for all!!

My love and blessings to you and yours,
Gertrud L. / USA

The Science & Spirituality Conference in my own home town of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada was such a pleasure & initially quite unbelievable to me. Indeed, when I first learned of it, I did my research to make sure there wasn’t a location error :). Nanaimo?!!! Science AND Spirituality in one event?!!! It’s as though it were tailor made for me personally :). LOL

I have been following Gregg Braden’s work for the longest time & attended his workshop on my 51st birthday!!! I was incredibly grateful & pleased with this entire event. I have also been a long time follower of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s & Lynn McTaggart’s work, own several of their books, had found Dr. Joe Dispenza more recently on Gaia TV & was pleasantly introduced to Lee Carroll on the Saturday. As a side note, I thought the store that was set up in the foyer was lovely & very well done.

The advantage of attending this amazing conference in my hometown was offset with an attempt to balance “real life” responsibilities – father’s day, my birthday celebrations etc – and I found myself preferring the event setting to carrying on with my so called “reality”. I didn’t want it to end. Sadly, no one in my circle shares these interests & I often feel uneasy about attending events in places where I’d find myself alone during the off times. I suspect I’ll get over it :). Of course I met many beautiful, like minded individuals there & I hope you were all able to do the same. I pray my home was a gracious host and left a positive impression. Incidentally, you brought the sunshine, but the high winds were not the norm.

Much of the information I was familiar with, I had heard before, but certainly not all. I learned so much but just to be in their presence & host them was a special gift. I found Bruce & Gregg to be more entertaining in person than I might’ve expected – not that I had any expectations. They are clearly very kind, loving people, who obviously share a bond. They are definitely funnier in real life than I’d ever witnessed – Lee was also most entertaining & endearing. Lynne & Joe’s body of work brought so much hard evidence to the table.

Thank you all for bringing this new science mixed with ancient wisdom & a higher vibration to my home. It was a real honor. One week later, I’m still astonished.

All the best in every future endeavour to these amazing souls, I look forward to what comes next in their careers,

With love from,
Wendy L. / Canada

To all of the amazing people who made this conference possible,

Thank you for the extreme effort each of you put into bringing this conference to us. I know I built some new neurons in my brain, as I could feel it expanding. I also want to thank you for recording the Q&A portion to have for future reference. I am grateful to be a part of the changing climate in awareness that is happening in the world today. I know I’m just one person, but as Lynne said, “What are you going to do?” In all, the underlying message from these amazing speakers is to show us just how powerful each of us can be.

Cynthia M. / USA

Shaloha Elan,

Outstanding job! Well done! I enjoyed everything about the conference – I can’t imagine it being any better. The group of speakers and their presentations complemented each other perfectly, even the weather was great!

I do hope Naniamo plays a part in future events, even smaller ones. All the best to you and the team.

Richard S. / Canada

Dear Elan, I just want to talk about your quiet voice during the conference. I was happy to hear your gentle voice that calmed us down during transition times. I am a teacher of 14 year olds, and you inspired me to speak quietly during class changes and stay with the calm, neutral voice. I think you did a wonderful job of getting us in order and informing us of who was up next. The jokes were a welcome relaxer. I enjoyed your energy at times when we were “anxious” to get to the rest break or lunch or getting back in our seats prepared for some intense learning.

Yes, “more is more”. Thank you!

Judy K. / USA

I’m from Vancouver Island and was very proud that Nanaimo was chosen to be the host for this amazing conference. I had no idea there would be so many people attending, and from over fifty countries! The weather was ideal, the facility fantastic and the organization of the event was seamless. Elan, your hosting voice was perfect, very calming. Can’t believe the leading edge scientific thinkers, including Lee Carroll, were together in the same place and the place happened to be where I live. Coinki Dinki?

Thank so much for bringing an event like this to Vancouver Island.

Jim V. / Canada

Hello Elan,

It is great to have the opportunity to communicate with you.

Thank you for your efforts to create this beautiful conference. I had zero problems during the event, and was there for all six days and nights.

The schedule was very full and I was gratified to find the yellow jacketed staff alert, helpful and courteous. The logistics of pulling off such an event with this many people is daunting, no matter how much experience you bring to the table.

So thank you for a great conference. I would not have changed a thing. The audio and video support was great too. I could see and hear from anywhere in the room.

I especially liked your stand up routine with the jokes from your daughter. I have 3 daughters and so I understand being away from kids can be tough.

Thank you for you kindness and generous spirit creating this opportunity for such a wonderful event.

Blessings full of love and light,
Jerry S. / USA

It is my pleasure to write and share my gratitude for these amazing leaders. Their knowledge and the courage that they have to share unconventional knowledge is so appreciated. Each one has such talent in their presentation and the humor expressed is awesome.
I have learned so much and look forward to more!

With heart felt love,
Linda F. / Canada

Dear Elan, Gregg, Dr. Bruce, Dr. Joe, Lynne, Lee, Prageet, Marilyn, and Kryon,

What a week that was! Truly uplifting, transformative, awakening and activating! Energies were so profound that I still feel on a high.
It was fantastic to meet you all, phenomenal teachers, and experience the power of true heart-brain coherence, being in the field and stating intentions from that space, connecting to higher realms and re-learning the path to mastery through the wheel. I also met friends for life – reuniting with kindred spirits was a bliss.
I’d have one of those every 3 months if I could.

It also just so happens that I had my birthday during that week, and attending the conference in Vancouver Island was the best gift I’ve given myself in this lifetime!

Thank you from the heart.
Our paths shall meet again, at one of your workshops.

In Love and Grace,
Veronique B. / Singapore

Dear Elan,

What an amazing conference this was – I am so grateful to you for creating this experience! I was familiar with most of the speakers but my husband wasn’t, and it was a wonderful introduction for him. We did Dr. Joe and Lynne McTaggart’s workshops plus the weekend conference and we enjoyed every moment of it. We came back to our daily lives transformed. I found that we did not simply fall back into our old habits and patterns, but instead we found a moment of pause where we are beginning to transform our lives for the better. In many conferences we may get inspired in the moment and then forget it all when returning to our everyday lives, but not this one – this was truly transformative! Thank you so much! And I hope you will continue to do this good work and spread the message!

All the best!
Ana & Howard / Canada

Dear Elan,

My husband and I attended the whole conference and it was one of the greatest experiences of our lives. The teachings of all the speakers were inspiring and we took home a wealth of knowledge which we hope to incorporate into our lives and spread into our communities..
We are in our late eighties so distant travel is now challenging, but we are so glad we made the effort to attend this one. Thank you so much for making this happen.

Our sincere love and gratitude to all of you for giving us this experience.
Bette & Blaine H. / Canada

Dear Elan,

I never got a chance to talk to you at the conference (you were always so busy) but I wanted to say a big thanks to you for your visiting, your beautiful leadership, your profound presence and ability to hold space in such a good way.

The last four days were amazing, and I felt so blessed to be part of the very rich teachings. I’m still holding a vision of traveling with Gregg Braden, someday, to the Holy Land.

Thank you again to you and your brothers and Lynne for the profound gifts of this work in the world.

With the deepest respect,
Yvonne H. / Canada

Dear Elan,

A brief but gracious and large thank you for relaying that information I shared with you this morning!
On the meaning of ‘Nanaimo’
It means a lot to feel the meaning of this place given by its original inhabitants coming into its full name hosting an event like this!
It can only bring benefit!
Thank you for the event!
I’m so thankful to be here and want to be of service!

As the local Chinook say
All the best!
Grant J. / Canada

Hi Elan,

The conference in Nanaimo was amazing. One of my peak experiences was the result of Gregg’s meditation. (I felt the resonance in my heart and of the earth!)

Kind Regards,
Ocean / Canada

I attended the full conference program – it was absolutely wonderful.
The best, most stimulating conference ever – many thanks.

Lynette T. / South Africa

Hi Elan,

Thank you so much for an amazing weekend!! I was ecstatic to finally have the opportunity to share this experience with my 15 year-old-daughter .

Always us living Love,
Autumn C. / Canada

Hi Elan,

Thank you so much for bringing the Science and Spirituality Conference to Nanaimo. The energy shift was very much welcomed.

Thank you once again for bringing this to Nanaimo. Have a beautiful day.

Sharron C. / Canada

Hello Elan

Thank you for hosting this truly fantastic event!!!

Margaret M / Canada

This was a fabulous panel! A terrific experience!!
Lisa Smith

Thanks so much for a FABULOUS conference in Nanaimo! I absolutely LOVED it! It was a wonderful feeling to be with 1300 like-minded people and the info that came out was all so fascinating. I especially loved Lynne McTaggart and now have my own Power of 8 circle back home in NZ. It was also all very well organized, well catered, lovely to be in such a cute little town… I have only good things to say about this conference!

Thanks again for such a fab conference – you aced it!

Mel A. / New Zealand


First of all a most humble and sincere thank you for creating such an auspicious life-changing and for some life-challenging event!
Thank you for your tireless, sacrificial mahi (Maori for passionate work) in putting this amazing moment in time together! The thanks goes to you and your entire team!

I am from New Zealand and I knew from the moment I read about this conference I had to go. I felt called and drawn to attend, and knew that the timing of it coincided with a culmination point in my life. Not necessarily a change, but a summit of a coming of age (for want of a better expression!) I came to Nanaimo with the intention in my heart to be engaged and open in every moment, and I absorbed every interaction and connection with the amazing people who attended.

The speakers. WOW! And WOW again! To read their books or listen to them online is magical in and of itself, but to be in the same space and time and presence as these amazing people is truly, truly infinitely an honor and privilege.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am full of gratitude! Thank you for following through on your vision for this event!

Respect, love and light!
Sandra R. / New Zealand

Kryon UK Tour 2018

Kryon UK Tour
May 8-28, 2018

What the participants have to say about the Experience:

Life-changing event…

I can sum up the tour in one word: LEGENDARY!

Tess B. / USA

Dear Elan,

We couldn’t ask for more on our many spiritual journeys, enjoying every spiritual landmark with Kryon. Such experiences and feelings are not known until involved in the journeys.

Our time in mystical England was so powerful for us.

Words can’t express our outstanding memories.

The challenge at Glastonbury, of the steep cold climb to the Tor. Was that a metaphor for our spiritual life? What a great feeling to arrive at the summit of the Tor.

Such a comfortable feeling at The Chalice Well.

Thank you for including the beautiful Cathedrals, the chroniclers of history and the places where we can sense the blurred line between heaven and earth.

The Lady Chapel at Glastonbury Abbey on the site of Joseph of Arimathea’s Church, at the crossing of the Michael and Mary ley lines, brought such a sense of peace.

We really appreciated being in the Stonehenge inner circle which made us aware of the endless possibilities within everyone.

Thanks to all in ‘the team’, including our wonderful and careful coach driver, for making our journey possible and comfortable.

Thank you Elan, for your attention to detail, your awareness of every person and your good humour.

The more we think and talk about the tour, the more we realize the lasting impact of the visit. We look forward to the next time we share together with you and the team.

Love & Light,
Janice & Will W. / Australia

Dear Elan,

We both had a wonderful time. It was so lovely and inspiring to meet many different welcoming people from all around the world who are willing to share their stories with you.

It was amazing to feel the energy of everyone when we visited those beautiful places and during the wonderful channellings.

The UK tour was the perfect beginning of the start of our magical spiritual journey :)

Thank you to everyone!
Eleanor & William / UK

Hello, Elan

I have travelled with Kryon in Hawaii in 2014 and Kananaskis, Alberta in 2017, but nowhere was more precious and magical than Scotland, especially since my eldest son, Brendan, travelled with me.

For me, it was an ancestral trip back in time, to heal inter-generational hurts and pains, and prepare a healthy and happy and prosperous future for my children and their children.

Cementing the healing for my “family” required at least 2 generations with the eldest of both to transmit the healing within and throughout the circle of time.

It has been, and still is, a healing and immensely powerful experience for me and my family. Scotland is calling me to come back soon!

Chris & Brendan G. / Canada

This was my third trip that Shaloha Productions planned and organized. First, let me say thank you so much for such an incredibly beautiful and sacred experience. All 3½ weeks were life-changing in ways that continue to unfold as I return home. This trip was very well organized and thought out. The accommodations were always lovely and close to the events and sites. The time we had to walk about in the different locations was meaningful, and helped me to acquaint myself with the area and the group I met on this trip. The historic landmarks and sacred sites we visited were amazing.

The sense of family is always present with a Shaloha Production. Elan is personable, caring and involved and treated us with love, kindness and openness. He cares, and was present with our experiences and needs.

I’ve been on a number of “trips”, but each time I travel with Elan I return home feeling love and excitement for the next adventure he will offer and organize.

Thank you again Elan. You are a gentle Soul and Guide in a time when we need more leaders and lights.

Wendy A. / USA

Shaloha Elan,

This tour truly was a Sacred Magical Mystery Tour for myself, in so many ways. The entire tour was very well organized, from the moment we met everyone at the airport until the very end of the tour. It was also very nice to have a ride back on the Bus to Bath for the Choir after the tour had completed. I so enjoyed all of the places & rooms we stayed in on the tour. All of the local tour guides & helpers that traveled with us did an excellent job and so did the bus drivers. All of the sites we visited were truly Sacred, magical, & awesome. My favorite highlights from the tour stops were of course Stonehenge and the private time we had there with family (Magical!!!), the whole day at Glastonbury (Abbey, Chalice wells, Tor), West Kennet Long Barrow, connecting with the energy of GAIA, and the whole time we had in Winchester (The most Amazing day filled with Love), to name a few. All of the Channellings from Kryon were so profound and I am so grateful to have heard the messages live and at the sites. I also loved that the group on our tour was from all over the world, and it was really awesome to connect or reconnect with our family of light in the energy of this Beautiful land. I feel so honored and blessed to have been part of this sacred Magical Mystery journey together with everyone.

Thank, Thank, Thank you Elan and the Shaloha Team for all the great work you do – we appreciate you!!! We so look forward to seeing you on another trip soon.

So much Love & Blessings,
Justina F. / USA

Dear Elan,

I look back to our two-week Magical Journey with lots and lots of appreciation and thanks for the wonderful time you let us have, for a perfect organization, for your relaxed handling and easily coping with our large and ever-growing group. l’m not really used to traveling in this way, and also not covering such distances by coach. However, I managed very well, and the best was that it was easy to make new and special friends. The Kryon family is just great for this!

You must have been guided when you took ‘Journeys with Soul’ for your partner. Cameron and Glenn did a miraculous job and I’ll remember them both gratefully for their kind and joyful personalities!

But one compliment, dear Elan, is entirely for you. I was so happy to see how lovingly you took care of Lee by simply being there where he needed you to be, to be able to do his great work. Lee Carroll and Kryon are VERY dear to me too!

Shaloha, dear Elan, these two magical weeks will be just unforgettable for me!

Hopefully until soon again,
Ursula S. / Switzerland

This trip was a peak experience! Could it have been any better?

One of the most beautiful Springs, coupled with the Royal Wedding and touring sacred sites, was a deep, joyful, and heartfelt connection to each other and the energy of Gaia.

I felt blessed to have Cameron and Glenn as our guides. Their knowledge and devotion lit up the days.

Elan, although we did not have conversations I want you to know that your presence is appreciated. Your quiet ways and sweet nature are grounding and calming. You are such a good organizer. Thank you.

Rain L. / USA

Dear Elan,

The UK Magical Mystery Tour was wonderful. The guides were well-versed in the history and meaning of the sites and of their re-discovery. They were good story-tellers as well – about the sites and the archaeological work that revealed the information available today.

Linda A. / USA

Dear friends,

I went on trip no.2 to the UK in May because of a call to do so. I’m glad I listened to it and I now only feel gratitude.

Apart from my personal experience, the trip in itself was well organized with a touch of magic to it, very knowledgeable guides for the different sites and a lot of not-boring history.

Eva B. / Sweden

Dear Elan,

I’m still in the process of grounding the massive shifts from the tour. I found your comment about Gregg Braden’s advice to anchor the experience very wise and helpful.

I feel very blessed to be part of the Kryon family – you and all the amazing staff that make these tours a reality, Lee and the channelling team, Kryon, and all the amazing souls that make these light family gatherings so profound. I feel blessed and very grateful for the tour and all involved in its realization – thank you deeply Elan.

For me the tour was utterly profound (even more so because of the Avalon Choir and a total of 3 weeks of very expansive experiences), deeply touching, healing, heart-warming, joyful, uplifting, empowering, connecting… so many expansive, multi-D and transcendental attributes and experiences that I really cannot find the words to explain it all (and I heard the same from so many others who said this was the best Kryon tour ever, or the best thing they’d ever done). But for your feedback and if you want the words they would be:

I found the Kryon Magical Mystery Tour (and Avalon Choir) a deeply touching, profoundly transformative and incredible joyful experience on so many levels. It has forever changed me and guided me towards a new way of being in this world, living the reality of our divine purpose and knowing how much unconditional joy is now possible for the recalibrated old soul in the new energy. I carry with me the deepest gratitude in my heart for this priceless gift. Thank you to all.

Love and gratitude,
Simon J. / Australia

I have been going on Kryon trips since my first trip to Israel in 2015, organized by Elan.
My heart is happy, and I made the decision that these are the trips I will make, with Kryon.
I feel that Kryon has transformed how I feel, understand my cells and live a joyful life. I share the profound happiness that my soul feels from being surrounded by so many from all over the world who I may not know but I feel are empowered creators like me.

Meeting up again on the recent UK trip was very meaningful to me – feeling the Shamanic drums, being in the yellow-flowered fields and being around my spiritual, loving family.

Elan is a crucial part, as his organization skills are impeccable. It is relaxing to trust the hotels, buses, food and guides will be well taken care of. Cameron was a great guide.

The joy, the sacredness, the connectedness, the expansion and the exceptional 3-D planning are amazing.

The UK tour was truly mystical & magical – thank you for organizing and selecting such great spots such as Rosslyn Chapel & the henges. Unforgettable!

I am most thankful to Lee, you, Monika and Amber for your dedication, integrity, and great work.

Thank you once again for always being so impeccable!

Debora D. / Brazil

Shaloha Productions organized the 2018 United Kingdom sacred site tour to Scotland and southern England for a group of 90–120 people, including knowledgeable guides, private entrance times, superior lodging accommodations, efficiently timed & savory group meals and safe, comfortable and reliable transportation. There were virtually no hiccups during an aggressive schedule of sites. I would highly recommend Elan and Shaloha Productions to organize your next sacred site pilgrimage.

Mike Crabtree / USA

Dear Elan,

Thank you for so many answers I found on this tour!

When I was there, all of a sudden, like in a magic moment, I remembered how it was to be fifteen and completely in love.
Thanks for your love, and I really feel gratitude in my heart for this MAGIA.

There’s only one word for me to describe my experience on the UK tour. It is: “MAGIC!”.
Now I really really know the meaning of MAGIA!

Thank you, thank you, obrigada, obrigada!
Love, love, amor, amor!
Samira C. / Brasil

Hi Elan,

What I can say is that I gained precious insight into some of my previous lives. I have wanted to visit the Lake District for almost thirty years for no apparent reason, but as soon as I read the tour itinerary the reason became clear to me.

As for Edinburgh, upon entering the castle and looking up at the coat of arms of the Scottish crown I felt overwhelmed… I cant pinpoint the feeling. It wasn’t joy or fulfillment, nor fear. I think I needed to work on the energies of past lives in those places, which explains why I felt so attracted to this particular trip.

Even though I listen to every new channelling, the experience of Kryon’s benevolent energy is felt more intensely when one is part of a group of fellow lightworkers outside in Mother Nature’s loving presence, drawing and sending back energy and love. This is the joy of life in its purest form, I think.

Love and blessings to you and Lee, Monika, Cameron, Glen and all the other beautiful souls I met on this fantastic journey!
Mary P. / Greece

Dear Elan,

What I especially like about the tours with Kryon is the benevolent feeling in the relationships with all the participants, the caring and love that flows between us, the smiles and encouragement, the appreciation of all that is, and the non-judgment. It is all about seeing the bigger picture – the Divine presence in everyone and everything.

Love, Peace and Joy to all,
Erika W. / Belgium

In recent years I have been part of several Kryon group journeys. The latest one was to Glastonbury, which I had really been looking forward to. Not just for my personal reason and calling to join, but also because of the people I would meet.

These journeys always feel familiar because our souls have made the choice to join, even before we felt the calling to be part of any of these journeys. That is how it feels to me. And that is exactly how I experienced the latest Glastonbury journey as well. The experiences during this journey were greater than I realized at that moment.

I am aware of all the careful preparation that is done by the Kryon team before the journeys. That is the basis of the success of every trip. The important role of Elan, the unselfish serving role of Lee as a channel, and many others who contribute.

I feel gratitude for all that has been achieved during the Glastonbury journey, and l am looking forward to the next one.

AnneMarie K. / Nederlands

Dear Elan,

The UK tour was a long-expected one, especially the presence in Glastonbury because of my close connection to Jesus and his family. The voice and words of Kryon fill me with love, so what more could I wish for!

Thierry W. / Switzerland

Hello Elan,

One of the things I most appreciate about the Kryon/Shaloha trips is the private access to ancient sites. On the UK tour, we not only had private time at Stonehenge, we also went inside the circle and walked among the stones – something unavailable to the public. I also especially enjoyed the drum ceremony at West Kennet Long Barrow. These things helped make the visit special and memorable for me.

Kim S. / USA

Dear Elan

I want to say thank you, thank you so much for this wonderful tour in UK. I enjoyed every single minute: to be with my worldwide family, to see and experience all these powerful places, the absolute marvelous organization, and to have you with us as a charming brother.

At home now, I am reconnected with this tour through my heart, my diary, the pictures and the Kryon Channellings – what a gift!

Blessings and hugs,
Johanna M. / Switzerland

Dear Elan,

We have enjoyed every Kryon event we have attended, and there have been many over the last years. Elan does an incredible job of organizing trips for literally hundreds of participants, with scheduling and group transportation operating smoothly throughout the trip. The detailed information provided prior to each trip is the best I have ever seen from anyone in the travel business.

Elan and Shaloha Productions are not only professional, but also attuned to the needs of the group at all times during our travels. I am so grateful for all the work and dedication that goes into making these trips the delightful experience that they are.

Although I personally went to England a number of times in the past (going back to the 1960s), I had never seen the Glastonbury area and ancient sacred sites such as Stonehenge. Our tour guides were outstanding and they managed our large group well. Stonehenge is amazing! And the Kryon channellings are the icing on the cake and always add magic and enlightenment to our adventures together.

Angela DL. & Appleseed R. / USA

There was so much energy healing coming from the visits to the sacred sites, so many fun & playful moments among Kryon family members. One of most amazing experience at Stonehenge was hearing the melody of humming energy while singing “We are Sacred One …” – a Sacred moment for Celebrating Our Heroic Human Journey.

Thank you everybody … Much Blessings & Gratitude,
Max J. / Malaysia

Dear Elan,

The experience was very profound and extraordinary, and maybe that’s why it took a while for me to share my heart.

I’m in love with this Kryon Magical Mystery Tour we did together. The two weeks we spent around Scotland and the South of England were among the most joyful, transformative, enlightening, funny, nourishing and inspiring experiences I had in my life so far. I brought back with me the living truth that life is gentle, life is good and that I deserve beauty, love and wellness in my life. Being with so many amazing Old Souls, with Lee, Amber, Monika, you, Cameron and Glenn was such a precious gift. I appreciated the care, the dedication, the passion and the wisdom we were showered with during the whole tour. I’ll be forever grateful to our minivan driver Gary and to the other coach drivers for carrying us safely, patiently and happily everywhere we needed. I’ll be forever grateful for having the chance to meet so many beautiful people and sharing time with them, and for the way more than 120 people harmoniously traveled together in such an easy and comfortable way. I became an enthusiastic fan of the Apex Hotels chain! Their bed are the best ones ever and they have the swimming pool!! And I’m deeply grateful to you for searching and always providing us with the best choices available in terms of accommodation, transportation, guides, food, magical mystery sites to visit and farewells!!

This tour was uplifting and thanks to Kryon, to all the fellow travelers and to the incredible places we visited, I’m more aware of my divinity and I’m bringing this awareness with me into my daily life.

Thank you God – give me more of this!

Much Love & Light,
Mati / Italy

Dear Elan,

Having now been on a few tours organized by you, I’d like to say thank you… what an amazing experience we have had on each tour. While Israel has been the highlight of all tours, our most recent tour was in the UK. Again we enjoyed all the unique value added opportunities you provide through your thorough planning and attention to detail, delivered in your very caring and kind way. Our visits were guided by people with local knowledge that just offered that extra special information in some of the most beautiful parts of Mother Earth. Combine this with information provided via Lee from Kryon and you get such a unique and special experience. What also makes it special is the people you meet/reconnect with from all over the world and the conversations you cherish. Each tour has its own unique experience that resonates with each person individually. On the UK trip, for me, this was definitely Glastonbury, especially the beautiful energy at Chalice Well and our tour guide Michael. This place is truly spectacular and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to ‘energetically bathe’ in this beautiful sacred space.

I love being able to reconnect with you, Monica and Lee. Thank you for making these trips so very special!

Wendy & Patrick L. / Australia

Dear Elan,

I arrived a day earlier than the official group and were so impressed with the Bailbrook House hotel and a special person there called Warwick, who welcomed us like Royalty…it was a Royal week after all. From the hotel there was this marvelous walk to the River, which took us by boat into Bath. No need to say that Bath is a very special place…

The further trips we did were as usual: well-organized, very good guides and the powerful sacred sites power places!

I would also like to thank the Gods, for the beautiful weather (in the UK for crying out loud!), Elan for organising the impossible, and of course Kryon, Lee, Amber and our very experienced tour guides.

Looking forward to the next trip…wherever the Gods decide to take me…

Lily D. W. / Belgium

Dear Elan,

Until today I am still vibrating with the energies of this wonderful tour.
The peace that we experienced was fantastic.
The perfect logistics, program and hotels.
The sacred sites and land.
The channellings.
All wonderful!

I look forward to continuing the travels with Elan, Shaloha, and our Brazilian coordinator and translator Gustavo Amorim.

Lea D. / Brasil

This was my second tour with Shaloha Productions, and the memories and experiences are still vivid as I write this several months later. The locations on the tour were fascinating and beautiful, and the local guides were very knowledgeable. Elan is detailed and very organized, which keeps everything moving along on the tour. I would definitely recommend Shaloha Productions tours to others.

Christine S. / USA

Dear Elan,

We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the hotels and the meals provided. We enjoyed them all.

The amount of time traveling versus the amount of time seeing was a very good mix. On some tours you seem to spend more time on the bus than seeing things – not so in this case.

What really added to the tour – the X-factor – was the quality of the guides: they were truly excellent.

Overall it was a most enjoyable experience and, as one would expect from Shaloha Productions, wonderfully organized.

Michael & Marie S. / Ireland

England showed us a Royal Wedding and her best weather, as we had warmer than usual days as we toured the countryside. I did enjoy our walks and channellings at Stonehenge, Avebury, White Horse, Glastonbury, West Kennet and Winchester, sitting and lying down on Mother Earth.

The local guides had much to say about their favourite topics. I particularly enJOYed Michael’s talk at Chalice Well in Glastonbury.

My favourites were Stonehenge and Glastonbury. What a beautiful time at Glastonbury Abbey… sitting in a flowering apple orchard, lunching with old souls and listening to Kryon.

And OH! WOW!!!… the Avalon Choir was just magical… we sounded angelic, from the first practice to the end my body was vibrating to the sounds… I so love the lullabys.

Pamela M. / Australia

Dear Elan,

The UK tour was very special for me because it happened during a difficult time for me and for my family. I almost canceled it to stay home in case I was needed there, but my intuition was telling me to go. As you may remember, I got the spot to join the tour last January after it was once sold out because one person canceled. I was sure then that I was meant to go on this tour.

I didn’t realize how special Glastonbury was for me until it was announced that this year’s Pineal Tones Choir would be called the “Avalon Choir.” I was very interested in the Arthurian legend when I was very young, before I started learning English as a second language, and read the books about King Arthur in Japanese. Around that time, I was also introduced to Christianity and the life of Jesus. It wasn’t too long before I found new interest in Crop Circles. While walking around the spiritual sites in Glastonbury last May, I was thinking about my teenage years in Japan, the distance in space and time that I traveled since then. My interests in literature, history, religion, and mysticism were coming to one place. I also thought about the previous lives that I must have lived, feeling my life coming in circle, the feeling that I was there before. It was my first trip to UK, but I felt at home. I brought that feeling back to my actual home in Iowa, and I still have it. It gives me strength to face my daily challenges.

I am always amazed by your ability to work with so many (!) different kinds of people so well. Your kindness and sense of humor make us feel loved and cared for. You are helping us find our way to build the world to come. I appreciate your work very much and look forward to seeing you again.

Thank you very much for arranging such an amazing tour.

With a lot of love,
Haruhi A. / USA

I was on the UK tour. I love Elan – he’s calm, effective and efficient. The tour was absolutely life changing in the most amazing beneficial ways.
I would always go on tours with Elan.
Celia P. / USA

Kryon Italy Tour 2018

Kryon Italy Tour
April 29 – May 8, 2018

What the participants have to say about the Experience:

Whenever a theme is chosen for a Kryon tour I have a sense it is never arbitrary. The theme of compassion was so appropriate being in those beautiful cities but also during my own personal challenges throughout the tour, as I felt that compassion was truly the key. As a first timer in a live Kryon tour with channellings, I was always open to hear what would be revealed and I found the channellings to be deeply moving, relevant and personal. It was a real blessing to have as part of the tour the one day seminar in Florence.

Each city had its own beauty and unique story. My favourite was at the Hermitage of St Francis of Assisi. It was timeless being there, the silence and stillness so refreshing. I felt deeply in touch with Life itself and more at one with our true Essence. It was also a great reminder that no matter where I find myself… this is always Here.

I am truly grateful for Elan for organising such a grand tour, for being steady, caring and grounded and very attentive to our needs and doing his best to accommodate everyone. For Lee I am grateful for all that he does for the world at large; his kindness, compassion and gentleness and great sense of humour were so evident during the tour. For Monica, beautiful and insightful with such clarity and humour; thank you also for your understanding and kindness when I needed it most.

For each Being on the tour, I had so much fun and wonderful conversations, many times I was inspired and uplifted. Our “Last Supper” was joyful, delicious pizzas, singing, dancing! I can honestly say that each was truly instrumental in how I felt by the end of the tour, which I will be always grateful for. I feel this is best described by the lyrics of one of my favourite songs from the movie “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” about St Francis of Assisi… On this note I say thank you to all and many blessings on your journey… here are the lyrics…

“Brother Sun and Sister Moon,
I seldom hear you, seldom hear your tune,
preoccupied with selfish misery

Brother Wind and Sister Air,
Open my eyes to visions pure and fair
That I may see the glory around me

I am God’s creature of Him I am part,
I feel His love awakening my heart

Brother Sun and Sister Moon,
I now do see you, I can hear your tune
So much in Love with all that I survey.”

With love and gratitude,
Theresia V / Australia

Dear Elan,

Thank you for organizing this beautiful Compassion Tour! It was one of the reasons for me signing up, because I knew it would feel familiar and safe.

I think there are no “right words” to describe my experience in Italy, so I will try my best…

The Kryon Italy Compassion Tour was much more than visiting beautiful Italian cities and churches. For me it was really a profound journey of joy and compassion. Almost from the beginning I felt connected and one with a group of different people from all over the planet. This feeling of coherence increased the experience of the whole tour.

I will always remember the great time we had together – thank you all! Thanks for the oneness, the joy, the singing and dancing… Let’s stay coherent and shine on!

Now I’m back in my life and I miss the family, the bus, the hotels…
Love and blessings
Manuela M. / Switzerland

Dear Elan, Lee and Monica,

Thank you all for the once in a lifetime opportunity (for me) to not only visit Italy, but also to receive Kryon channellings in each city; so powerful! The presentations and question/answer sessions with Lee were also wonderful! I appreciate learning about the melding of Earth Science and Soul. Monica’s sharing of knowledge along the way and powerful presentation at the seminar in Florence was very informative and much appreciated. All of it Soul Food, for sure. Elan was not only a great organizer, but also patient, kind and thoughtful to all our needs.

Soon after arrival in Italy, I had a sense of coming home. At the Sacra di San Michele in Torino, I had a profound and wholly unexpected experience: the tears started to flow, and I felt like I could cry for days. I knew I had been there as a monk when the monastery was destroyed, experiencing great loss. On the walk back down the mountain, I felt lighter, humming some unfamiliar, repetitive notes. I did not share this with the group because I do not like being the center of attention, but we shared our experiences with each other along the way.

With gratitude, love and ever-evolving compassion,
Donna M. / USA

Hola!!! Elancito,

Thank you for this great time in Italy as a group. I loved it, enjoyed it and will do it again! What a great opportunity to share a little of this lifetime of mine with such great people from around the globe, in compassion, joy, understanding, friendship, happiness and patience.

Sending love and gratitude to Lee, Monica, YOU and my Creator I AM. Love you all.

Gracias Kryon,
Maria Elena E / USA

Dear Elan,

Thank you so much!!! It was an amazing trip!!!

Greetings from
Natalie & Vasilii / Russia

Good morning to every old soul of our Compassion Tour to Italy!

The energy we developed together with Kryon is the most precious gift I could receive. I feel really grateful to every one of you.

Do you remember when, entering Rome, we sent light to the Italian President and to a future Government of change? Well, today we have it – really against all odds – and I want to thank you for your help. I’m sure it was not by accident that we were all there, sending compassion to Rome and for that reason I think we can hope it will be a little step forward… And the biggest movement in our Parliament is called 5 stelle (stars), and five = change…

Blessings, Love and Compassion,
Cosetta P. / Italy

Thanks for sharing the good news. The power of our compassion and light continues to amaze me!

Blessings and love,
Terese D. / USA

Wow. That gave me chills throughout my body.

So good to hear good news and to see the efforts of the Lighworkers. Amen.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news, Cosetta!! We shall keep shining our light to all the leaders and dark corners of the world.

Yes, our lives have changed because of each one of you in our Compassion Tour. Thank you. It was wonderful. You are magnificent.

We miss you! You were such an awesome group, and the light of this family has touched our light tremendously. Hope to see you all soon!
This was the BEST group I have had the privilege of traveling with and sharing the Kryon work with. No synchronicities for sure!

I believe everyone on this tour grew in compassion and coherence. Grazia.

Love, light and heartfelt blessings,
Diane & Marcos L. / USA

It was such a great time we shared in Italy! I will always have the memories in my heart.

I hope all of you are doing great and we will have the chance to meet again in the near future.

Lots of love, joy and compassion from my heart to yours,
Flor-Astrid R. / Columbia

I’m home and back into tending the garden, cleaning, all of those loving chores that take time, when honestly I am constantly thinking about all of you from beautiful Italy and the UK tour. There was a crop circle after the Avalon Choir in Bath, England and your government received our light. Yes!

Much love to you,
Glenda H. / USA

Dear Cosetta and the rest of the beautiful Compassion Tour souls,

Sorry I am so late in responding, but I loved your email, Cosetta, and the responses of all those who replied. I get teary when I read them – my version of “the chills.”

I miss you all (tears again as I write this)… and I hope to see some of you again. It was such an amazing, transformative trip.

Love and Light to all of you,
Anne C. / USA

Cosetta, Wow. That gave me goosebumps everywhere. That’s so amazing. And I agree – best energy gift from the Kryon tour.

Much love,
Sarah B. / Canada

Hello all beautiful love souls humans star sisters and star brothers,

So much going on here on this beautiful blue planet Gaia.
For me we are the light shining it out to the world.
This Kryon Italy Compassion Tour changed me forever!
Here reading your beautiful messages.. wow!!
Heartlove to all of you.
Thank you all beautiful you :-)

Love coherence to all,
Tore H. / Norway

Dear Elan,

Italy had me thinking every day: “beauty before me, beauty behind me, beauty all around me”. My favorite day was the energy of the seminar in Florence. I would have traveled there for that day alone. :) It was wonderful being able to walk back and forth to the hotel from that beautiful old theatre for the Kryon seminar. I loved St. Francis’ retreat in Assisi, loved strolling along the paths in those misty woods. I thought Padua had a good energy. The staff at the hotel in Milan were wonderful. Traveling to so many cities was sort of like a wine tasting. When we got to Assisi, I wanted to stay there a week and not see another city though.

I loved every minute with the people on the tour. I fell in love with so many faces and spirits. At some stops I experienced powerful, momentary connections, like recognition, like the burst of joy in my heart as I stepped into St. Anthony’s Cathedral when a woman was singing with organ music. I felt I was a bride on my wedding day the moment I stepped in, so happy! Strange because I grew up without a religion and still don’t belong to any one. But that’s exactly how I felt in that moment. In Clare’s cloister though, I felt torn, loving the worn stones and lingering to look at them yet feeling such sad feelings. I was feeling a great heaviness – then relief when I left there, happy to be in 2018 instead of 1218!

I think of my Kryon family constantly. We are always in my heart.

Glenda H. / USA

Kryon Quantum Experience

Kryon Quantum Experience
May 14-18, 2017

What the participants have to say about the Experience:

Élan organized an amazing event… kept the flow moving and on track throughout the unique three day event. As for my experience, the combination of Kryon, Gregg Braden, Dr. Todd Ovokayits and Anders Holte’s wonderful voice opened me up to physically sense and feel the expansive “field”. The seminar moved me to new and deeper levels of knowing. I look forward to interpreting my experiences into my life.

Thank you,
Desiree Dyck / Canada

Dear Elan

Thank you for an outstanding arrangement.
I enjoyed every minute of those unforgettable days and bring the knowledge given into my everyday life. It is a precious gift.

Hearty greetings,
Lotta Naess / Sweden

Dear Elan

The Kryon Quantum Experience was a perfect combination of science and spirituality: a well organized and balanced event. Beautiful to see how it all comes together.
More than that, it was a profound family meeting. I felt deep connections, safety and love. Truly quantum, it’s still going on…

Manuela / Switzerland

Dear Elan,

The experience was the richest possible. The people you gathered at this Geneva Quantum Experience in May 2017, both speakers and participants, shone their wisdom and beauty. The messages that were transmitted built bridges. All this, put together, created a wonderful alchemy that will last.

Your skills as organiser are outstanding, as are those of channeling DNA images and drawing/painting them!!! I wanted to tell you this in person, but I’ve missed the occasion as you were too busy as organiser ;-))). So here it is: your channelled DNA drawings looked so familiar to my therapist friends to whom I’ve showed them!!! This is so beautiful to confirm and witness such things and, by the way, it is clearly Quantum!…

All this is Your Creation, Elan!

Please receive my gratitude for allowing us to live this kind of experience that build bridges and helps us to better understand the Universe and Ourselves.

Kind Regards and Quantum Greetings from Geneva,
Ileana Iliescu / Switzerland

Dearest Elan,

I would like to thank you, Lee Carroll, Monica Muranyi and all the wonderful beings in your team who dedicate their lives to raising the consciousness of humanity and our beloved Gaia.

I have been to Israel in 2015, to Egypt and Jordan in 2017 and last but not least to the Quantum Experience in Geneva this May.

All of these trips were amazingly well organized by you, dear Elan. Seeing Kryon and Lee in action has been an unforgettable experience for me. Apart from seeing wonderful and sacred sites I also could form friendships with like-minded people. I am very honored to be part of this amazing soul family.

Thank you again from the depths of my heart.

May God bless you all,
Angelina (Clarke) / Switzerland

Hi Elan,

I really loved the Quantum Eexperience in Geneva and appreciate all the work you put into it, especially the amazing CERN visit.
Well done – keep up the good work please.

Love and light,
Peter Napier / UK

Dear Elan,

It was a special gift to be part of the Kryon Family in Geneva. From the first contact with you and throughout the whole event, I felt deeply welcome and at home with my new quantum friends.

This was just the beginning of a shared path with all of you. The incredibly well-presented, highly factual and interesting information answered many questions, and gives me clear direction in what I need to do during our rather bumpy shifting times. I learned that this enormous change on all levels is for the best of all of us, even if it seems difficult at times. The presenters are very competent and able to present complex research in a way I could understand. Please come back to Switzerland – you are very welcome.

Thank you for reaching out every day to me with new channellings – they accompany me in my work with traumatized people.

Nicole Züllig / Switzerland

Dear Elan,

Thank you and all of the contributors so eternally for this beautiful life-changing, heart-touching event!!!!! It was my first time to experience Lee Carroll & Kryon live and this was a highlight!! And for the experience of Dr Todd’s Lemurian Choir there are just no words – no words, just joy love & peace. This was a sacred event that I will keep in my heart forever.

Love & Light,
Denise Luchsender / Switzerland

Thank you so much for this Elan and for all the Kyron Channelings from the amazing event at Geneva last week! I have been following Kryon for years since he wrote the book ‘The Indigo Children’ all those years ago! What an impact he has made on humanity. I always love his channelings for their warmth, positivity and their impartiality, and ability to always stand in the other person shoes whoever they maybe. I also love the way he brings science and spirituality together, which is truly what it is all about! And now finally seems to be moving in that direction! This was the first time I have attended an event and seen him in person and I loved it It was also such an honour to see Gregg Braden in person and discover this amazing being Dr. Todd Ovokaytis. I feel so blessed to share in the knowledge that Kenya has wholeheartedly embraced his version of medicine. I lived in Kenya for 24 years and I love Africa, and always knew that great things would come out of that continent!

Once again from the depths of my heart thank you!
Sue Sell / Mallorca, Spain

Dear Elan,

Thank you so much for having come to Geneva! For me it was an incredibly intensive and stimulating 3-days experience. What a privilege to have been part of it. I call it the leading-edge science power package! What a joy to listen to the latest research of Dr. Todd and Gregg Braden. They gave their best in such a short time, with so much enthusiasm and energy. It is so uplifting to know what is on its way, and wonderful to see what scientists can do if they do not forget the ‘relationship of things’ and combine science, ‘knowing’ and spirituality. There is so much hope and joy for humanity. And I love the teachings of Kryon, which are always ‘right to the point’ and so loving and wise.

Thank you once again for having organised this seminar so professionally and perfectly in Switzerland.

With heartfelt thanks,
Erika Reber / Switzerland

Dear All,

Having returned from the wonderful Kryon Quantum Experience in Geneva with many impressions, a short note to thank you all for making this event so special, empowering, filled with love, light and hope and motivating us for our daily life.

Thank you to Kryon and Lee for making this event happen and the unique opportunity of the visit to CERN. The channelings supporting these meetings and in general are always filled with love and encouragement, which I treasure so much. I am truly grateful for having found the family of Kryon.

Thank you to Dr Todd Ovokaitys. In the past I was able to attend some Gematria seminars in Germany and Austria, and it was a great pleasure to hear about the continuation of your interesting and inspiring work and the latest on the Tonings.

Thank you to Gregg Braden. To date, I had not studied any of your books, but thank you for sharing your learnings, your work and opening up “fields” in the true sense of the word. I have some reading to catch up on!

Thank you to Michelle Karen and the introduction of the beautiful Despacho ceremony. It was a new experience for me, and I am interested to see the energies coming my way in the times ahead.

Thank you to Anders Holte for the wonderful musical accompaniment, the divine sounds bringing stillness and meditation – not always easy when numerous people attend such an occasion.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Elan Cohen for his excellent organisation of this event. It was truly perfect planning, resulting in such a smooth operation. Always calm and filled with light, your contribution made this such a memorable occasion.

Thank you to All and I remain with best wishes and warmest regards,
Edith Hoermann / Switzerland

Dear Elan,

I experienced a Quantum Experience during the seminar in Geneva. So, well done! I give thanks to you, Lee, Todd, Gregg, Michelle, Anders and all the participants for all the harmony, the love and light that was shared.

With all my gratitude,
Laurence F. / Switzerland

Dear Elan,

Geneva was a great experience for me – that means also learning. Gregg Braden is a singular genius and he has a way of talking which first is well understood vocally, and especially his ideas/knowledge and wisdom are given over well. I met him some years ago in Basel with the same effect; besides that I have read all his books. I learnt a lot and am very thankful for this.

I made contact with Michelle Karén, I bought a CD from Anders Holte, and am happy for both. I will never regret having been there!

Nicole Trudel / Switzerland

Dear Elan,

I cannot thank you enough for your efforts and the opportunity to be part of the event in Geneva.
Sometimes it takes a process in sequential time to grow and change. With Kryon it was a leap, hard to explain: something in one’s being changes, and the past falls back with its patterns.
It is what is said and the new understandings, but honestly more that that it is The Being, the State that Kryon speaks from, that permeates us and lifts you to where he Is.

It has been an amazing journey,
Thank you again and again.

Much love,
Antoinette Zalzal / Lebanon

Hi Elan,

Again, many, many thanks to you, Elan, and all the others who work so hard to make our Kryon and Choir events so fulfilling and so comfortable. Appleseed and I are eternally grateful.

Each time we attend a Kryon event or Pineal Toning choir, we come away filled with gratitude for the experience and for the many people who make it so comfortable and fulfilling. Each choir seems to go deeper and create even more inner transformation. After attending seven choirs, the group for me has come to feel like a family of sorts, as we progress and evolve together on our journey. One can feel the changes in others, as well as in oneself. The Kryon messages are truly a godsend. Those messages help us to move through challenging times and literally to “see the light at the end of the tunnel”, an apt metaphor in this case.

Lee Carroll is such an inspiration, and works so hard to bring through the messages and to support us in every way. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude and honor that I feel to be connected to Lee Carroll and Kryon. Eternal thanks!

Warmest greetings,
Angela (de Lara) / USA


Thank you so much for your amazing ability to coordinate wonderful group events. Having just assisted with organizing a large group event, I have new found respect for all that you continuously do. You make it appear smooth and seamless to the group on the outside, while I know that there are many details that need to be dealt with behind the scenes. Thank you again for the wonderful job you do, always with a smile!

With all my love,
Emily Grider / USA

Hello dear Elan!!

What a wonderful event it was!! Like an old soul family reunion : ) Everything went so smoothly, the food was lovely as well as all the speakers. Can’t find anything I would have want differently, seriously… you should applaud yourself Elan. It was an excellent event. A memory for life. Glad I was a part of it!!

Quantum Love,
Maria Sandqvist Wong / Sweden

The Quantum Experience in Geneva was the most amazing collection of brightest minds reunited together, plus enlightening channelings from Kryon regarding physics. A refreshing mix of physics with spirituality, bridging the two together. A very successful endeavour in my opinion, which should happen more often! It was worth coming all the way from the Philippines for this event!

Margaux Palau / Philippines

Dear Elan,

This was an AMAZING Conference which integrated the Esoteric with the Scientific. It provided a foundation to what I resonate with in relation to healing and energy. It gave language which could be shared with those who are contemplating possibilities but are more skeptical.

Blessings to you!!!
Sheila Kain / USA

Dear Elan,

I was one of your attendees, I think that perhaps this seminar was one of the most profound and wonderful experiences of my life…..I am still positively impacted by what I heard and learned. Thank you, it takes a lot to organize and orchestrate the programs and all the people, and be the acting host. I hope to attend another of your programs in the future.

Sandra Lawrence / USA

Lieber Elan,

Ich danke Dir von Herzen, dass Du diesen Kongress hier in Genf organisiert und durchgeführt hast. Für mich war es ein riesiges Geschenk, obwohl ich nur dank der guten Übersetzung folgen konnte.

Es sind ja nicht nur die vielen neuen Informationen die mich faszinierten, sondern auch die wunderbare, liebevolle Energie die uns all die Tage begleitet und eingehüllt hat.
Deine gute Planung und ruhige Art hat viel zum guten Gelingen dieses spannenden Seminars beigetragen.

Herzlichen Dank und liebe Grüsse
Nesa Bischoff / Switzerland

Cher Elan,

Je te remercie pour l’organisation Majestueuse de ces 3 jours à Genève.

Gregg Braden m’a permis de comprendre cette connexion cerveau-cœur et la mettre en pratique. J’ai enfin ressenti cet alignement profond, j’en ai eu des frissons et pouvoir faire une affirmation dans cet état de conscience est très puissant.
Par-dessus cette révélation, le dernier channeling de Kryon a apporté toute sa puissance et je suis rentrée à la maison avec cette sensation de briller de lumière partout où je passais.

Les révélations du Dr. Todd ont apporté réponse en validant le travail que je fais dans l’ombre ces dernières années (décodage biologique et système PEAT – thérapie quantique).

Après un vendredi « switch » chaotique, fait de douleurs musculaires et de « déprime saine » où j’ai juste fait « rien » en attendant que ça passe, puis un week-end ressourçant à la montagne et dans mon jardin, aujourd’hui, les portes s’ouvrent au changement. Les propositions pleuvent, tout change et c’est grandiose.

Alors merci de nous bousculer profondément pour le meilleur de qui nous sommes.
Patricia Saugy / Switzerland

Bonjour Elan,

Il est plus facile pour moi de m’exprimer en français.

Je voulais vous remercier pour cette expérience à Genève qui fut riche en découvertes, enseignements et confirmations. De formation médicale, et pratiquant des thérapies non conventionnelles, j’ai été particulièrement intéressé par les exposés du “Dr Todd » sur les cellules souches et l’usage du champ énergétique pour les activer. Les résultats des études de cas sont vraiment prometteuses. Les cas présentés se basent sur l’usage du laser. Il est probable qu’il obtienne également des résultats avec l’émission de fréquences vibratoires dans le cadre du pineal toning. Beaucoup de questions ont surgi, mais ce n’était pas le lieu pour poser des questions et je n’ai pas osé accaparé Todd avec mon anglais approximatif.

L’art de la prière pour la guérison à l’échelon spirituel me fascine aussi. L’exposé de Gregg m’a donc particulièrement intéressé également. Le “quick cohérence protocole » m’a particulièrement ému, puisque j’utilise une mudra particulière pour diriger la conscience du coeur à la glande pinéale. J’utilise également des affirmations positives dans le cadre de traitements conventionnels de mes patients pour améliorer les résultats de leur traitement chimique.

Quels magnifiques 3 jours ! Merci, et beaucoup de gratitude pour le mouvement de conscience des vielles âmes lémuriennes éveillées.
“love is the strongest medicine”

Marc Gill / Switzerland

Bonjour Elan,

Lors de ce séminaire de 3 jours à Genève, je fus très heureuse et très touchée par tous ce que j’ai appris. J’ai grandement apprécier de partager avec toute la belle famille de Kryon ces moments fabuleux et très enrichissants.

Je remercie toutes ces belles âmes de m’avoir offert l’opportunité d’être à leur côté.

Merci ! merci ! Kryon.
Nicole FOURNIOL / France

Bonjour Elan,

Avec beaucoup de retard je vous écris ce petit mot pour vous dire combien j’ai apprécié ce congrès: l’organisation et surtout les thèmes présentés par toutes ces personnalités si riches tant par le partage scientifique, sonore l’ouverture la pertinence des sujets qui ouvrent des portes sur l’avenir et redonne confiance en ce monde et surtout l’amour et l’amitié ressentie entre tous les intervenants et les participants… me sens riche de toutes ces informations que j’ai envie d’approfondir et de partager….MERCI à vous et à tous ces invités passionnants! Ce sont tous de grandes personnalités !

Patricia Byrde / Switzerland

Kryon Monument Valley Tour 2017

Kryon Monument Valley Tour
April 12-19, 2017

What the participants have to say about the tour:

Dear Elan,

For me, the Monument Valley Tour was a deeply moving and very wonderful trip.
I felt so connected to the Earth and the Valley, and we were really fortunate to have Marietta as our most awesome Navajo guide.
She is really a precious jewel. My heart is so moved to know that she exists. Her energy is very peaceful and nurturing and uplifting.
The weather was perfect, the agenda was extremely well planned, the group was wonderful, our accommodations were outstanding and the food was fantastic.
It was easy to drop into a very deep feeling of peace and connection to the land and the people when we were so extremely well cared for. That Valley has always held a great fascination for me, and I was really delighted when Lee and Elan decided to do a trip there. It turned out even better than I could have ever imagined.
Thank you so much for your great expertise in putting trips together, and for your calm disposition in meeting the unexpected challenges that such a trip can present.

With profound gratitude,
Connie Stadler / USA

After just listening to Kryon channels, this experience was precious!
The group came from several countries and all corners of the US – a sweet, powerful gathering of Light Workers.
The Monument Valley and the Navajo guides are awe-inspiring, for beauty, the always mindful oneness with Gaia and gracious sharing of Spirit and their culture.
Lee, Monica and Elan wove the whole experience together with joy, balance and seemingly ease! Kryon messages were given in places of awesome beauty and geological grandure!
The audio channels were up on the web before we had to leave!
Ahe’hee’ (thank you) Dear Ones for this rich experience!

Arnell Marcus / USA

Dear (not just a greeting) Elan,

I came back to Monument Valley full of tears. I came back to roads and sacred rock formations from my childhood with tears rolling down my face. I could feel only loss, injustice and pain. Now I’m leaving this beautiful land filled with joy! Marietta’s sweetest song reminded me. As she sang in the Navajo language and then translated, what I heard was my favorite mantra – beauty before me, beauty behind me, beauty below me, beauty above me, beauty all around me. I vowed to leave the sadness there with the red dirt that knows I love it, like Kryon said.

Glenda Hultman / USA

Dear Elan,

Words are hard to find to express the light-filled time in Monument Valley. The power of Gaia was amplified among the beautiful people that live in harmony with her, and the majesty of the monuments. Personally the reason I needed to be there was shown clearly and lovingly to me through Gaia and Kryon. The tears of joy flowed freely and I received exactly what I came for and the beauty of the gift I received.

Thank you for putting this incredible experience together for us all.

Love and Blessings
Jill Gresham / USA

Dear Elan,

The Kryon Monument Valley Tour was mythic, profound, and *literally magical! I was so fortunate as to have been blessed with a Kryon Healing in Monument Valley at a specific location called “Mystery Valley”, on Easter, the day of renewal and rebirth, of the year 2017 – a year that numerologically becomes a “1” – denoting the beginning of an entirely New Nine Year Cycle ! As an Energetic Sensitive, I have long been afflicted with debilitating reactivity to almost all man-made chemicals and many elements of Nature Herself, in the form of Dust, Pollens, Yeast, Mold, Dander, and also to many natural, and even organic foods.

At Easter, Kryon delivered a channel *on the subject of Healing, and my *own significant Healing from many of my *own sensitivities suffered over the course of debilitating decades became *complete within less than 45 minutes, including the Channel time itself!

I am eternally grateful to Kryon, to Lee Carroll, to the Staff and to the Kryon Workers who make these Tours possible, as well as to my fellow lightworkers participating in The Kryon Monument Valley Tour, who energetically “held the space” for me such that my Healing could be effectively integrated and assimilated at the very base of a monolithic rock edifice in a grove of both Juniper and Cedar – trees which have gone from being the “enemies” of *this Energetic Sensitive to being now numbered among my *most beloved friends on Earth – all in a place called “Mystery Valley”!

The atmosphere was luxurious, with profound education regarding the Advanced Consciousness of the Ancient Indigenous from such sources as the Kryon Group, as well as from our Indigenous Navajo Guides, one of whom was a brilliant teacher engaged in her own 25-yr process of becoming a Navajo Medicine Woman, even as her immediate Ancestors have been. To paraphrase Kryon on the matter: if it is indeed the case that you *are Old Souls, then you *were the Ancients!

Bruce Coleman / USA

Dear Elan,

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did organizing and presenting the Kryon Monument Valley Tour. It turned out to be the most powerful week spiritually I have experienced…ever…bar none! I have attended several of the events you have organized and all have been truly outstanding, but Monument Valley topped them all. The beautiful Gaia energy, the immense stillness and mystery of this ancient magical land, and the loving channels from Kryon were only amplified by the wonderful hospitality of our Navajo guides and everyone associated with the experience. I personally witnessed healings that were nothing short of miracles! Thank you so much Elan for everything you do.

Love and light to you always…
Robert Verduin / USA

Ya at eeh

Ya at eeh, Ya at eeh, Ya at eeh
The monuments of Gaia they welcomed us
There in the voice of the Dineh
We, the Dear Ones of Kryon
We listened
Joining in oneness with Gaia
And so it was

Eleven times Kryon spoke
Channelings by Lee Carroll
There in the Valley of Monuments
We, the Dear Ones of Kryon
We listened
Absorbing the wisdom of Kryon
And so it was

We were a multitude, a mixture
We came there from so many places
We dwelt in the Navajo Nation
We, the Dear Ones of Kryon
We melded
Becoming a family of Gaia
And so it was

Ya at eeh, Ya at eeh, Ya at eeh
We danced to the Navajo drum beat
We sang ‘neath the Moccasin Arches
Enjoying the beauty of Gaia
We reveled
Being the Dear Ones of Kryon
And so it was

Allen & Phyllis Cohen / USA

Kryon Middle East Power Journey 2017

Kryon Egypt Tour
February 2-13, 2017

What the participants have to say about the tour:

Hi Elan

I had great expectations of the Kryon tour to Egypt. Not only were my expectations immensely exceeded, the trip was just awesome. To be with kindred spirits and sailing the Nile; visiting the ancient temples; being at the feet of the Sphinx; and climbing to the King’s Chamber was emotionally overbearing. To feel that energy present at those places was pure magic. May we always drink from the Nile.

In peace and love,
Don Tepper / Australia

My dear Elan

Although this was my third time to Egypt, this Kryon trip was an amazing spiritual treat! although we had many early starts to the day, we were lucky to have had private time at so many sites, the energy was very high and so many truly wonderful experiences. The tour guides Mr. Hussan and his son Mr. Amr were extremely knowledgable and Vanda had spiritual insight.

Along with Kryon channells from Lee, there was a wealth of information and energy!!
A 5 star cruising experience and stay at Mena House, always plenty of wonderful fresh food, and always felt safe. Looking forward to the return trip in 2019!!!

Love light and peace,
Helen Fabel / Australia

Egypt was an incredible experience. I loved meeting the people of Egypt as well as the awesomeness of the ancient sites. Some of my favorite parts were the private viewing at dawn at the Temple of Isis, the beauty of the Nile as we cruised the river and the bus trip to Abydos. Having private time at so many of the sites really enhanced the experience.

Kim Sterk / USA

Dear Elan,

The Kryon tour in Egypt was beyond all my expectations. The sites visited were amazing both in a physical and spiritual sense. Travelling to a country which is now less visited by tourists made it even more unique. The many private exclusive visits for our group away from the crowds of other tourists and locals was very special allowing us to be in the group energy and gave us more opportunity to explore them in our own way. There were too many highlights that it is hard to select any favourite part. Although the visit to the Great Sphinx was a very special moment for me. I felt very safe at all times on the tour and knew that I was in good hands in terms of organisation and management of the tour. If you feel this is truly a place you need to visit for yourself you shouldn’t hesitate to do it.

Rachael Ralli / Australia

This Egypt trip was not only informative but also very empowering. We enjoyed amazing tours to ancient sites. At the same time, inner changes quietly occurred throughout the whole journey.

This was not merely a trip to Egypt. It was also a journey Home which allowed transformation to happen!

Thank Elan for arranging such a wonderful tour. The Egyptian travel agent you hired to operate the tour is also very professional. Participants to this trip were wonderful, spiritual friends. I deeply appreciate whoever contributed to this wonderful experience.

Many thanks,
Sophia Chou / Taiwan

Hello Elan,

Thank you again for organizing and hosting such a special, amazing tour for all of us—it must be a lot of work to make sure everything goes smoothly and keep everything together for such a huge group of people. The trip was life changing for me, and I cannot thank Kryon and you enough for giving me this opportunity.

Midori Nishida / USA & Japan

Dear Elan,

Many thanks for this wonderful and magnificent journey through Egypt.

The tour was so well organized from arrival to departure. The wonderful Egyptian tour guides have an incredible knowledge, and were always been very helpful. I enjoyed the little private talks with them.

On the ship and in the hotels I felt like a VIP. There was so much luxury.
I had the very best roommate and enjoyed the company of all the lovely souls from all over the world.

Thank you Elan. My soul will never forget this powerful journey to the temples of light.

with love,
Monika Peyton / Switzerland

Kryon Middle East Power Journey 2017

Master Yeshua Israel Tour
February 16-26, 2017

Wondrous Elan
You are such a dear soul. I am thankful to get to know you better.

I still see your smiling face in the river Jordan.

You are a spectacular organizer. You took care of every detail possible and all the unexpected ones that popped up. We all were moved by your sincerity, loving every and fun spirit. We loved the arrangements made with Hertzel our guide and the travel company. In your gentle way, you even reigned in Mr. Hertzel’s enthusiasm for history perfect.

I believe all of our participants were profoundly moved beyond where they thought possible. We laughed, played, danced, and at times were even moved to tears. Thank you for all you brought to the table. I’ll go most anywhere with you.

Blessings in love and gratitude.
Marilyn Harper / USA – Channel for Master Yeshua

Dear Elan,

Thank you so much for all your organization.
The tour was wonderful and inspiring. I reconnected deeply with unknown, for me important places and people. I felt many connections to ancient times and other lives. I never thought that all these places of the bible exist still now. It was wonderful to hear and see all that history, or to swim in the Dead Sea. New insights from Marilyn´s channelings of Yeshua to the places and the answering of our questions led to new insights.
And we saw peace. May it spread out into the whole world!

Marianne Dietz-Grebe / Germany

Dearest Elan,

Everything is energy. The balance of energies held by those who organized, led, channeled and guided the group throughout our experiences in Israel created a platform that provided multi levels from which each traveler could experience exactly what each was seeking. This pilgrimage took me personally to levels of depth in consciousness not experienced previously in this now timeline.

An incredible journey indeed it was! Every step taken through each and every holy location, each message from Yeshua as well as the varieties of encounters with local Israelites, gave opportunities to experience Israel through multiple timelines. This was an incredible journey through multidimensional Israel.

With gratitude for your loving energy and wisdom,
Peggylynn Rivera / USA

Hi Elan, thank you again,

I really enjoyed Israel: the country is interesting, the food is fabulous and the people were friendly. There is something there for everyone. Elan was the coordinator of our trip and he is a kind, patient person that always knows where you are. Hertzel was our tour guide: he is very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. Tailor Made Tours company and the bus was beautiful, clean and with a great wi-fi connection. Mundar was our driver and I think he could have turned that bus on a dime – very safe and efficient and made sure all our things on the bus were safe too.

Sue Ruston / USA

Dear Marilyn, Joeaux and Elan,

I finally was able to watch the wonderful reunion of our Israel tour – and I cried of joy seeing you all again on the screen. Ever since I got back I am thinking of you and “my beloved” Israel. Yes, it was my first time there in this lifetime, but when I arrived in Tel Aviv, I knew that this was home for me (New Mexico USA and England have the same reaction in me!!!) It is an inner Knowledge and Love for these countries which I cherish.

Every day my heart goes back to Israel sending Love and Peace to this beautiful land.

I realize that we can choose what we think and so it becomes “easy” for me to think, with great intent in my heart: Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion and Community and therefore help the Planet to heal. It’s like having a fun project, which I can work on every day – getting to know myself better, forgive myself and learn from my mistakes, yes there is always something N E W to learn, no matter how old we are – it is always exciting – and we are old, old souls anyway.

I do hope that we can have another reunion in the future. I miss you all.

With lots of Love and Light,
Christine Sigg / USA

Dear Elan,

To return to Israel was a wonderful privilege, but to be baptised in the river with a personal message from Master Yeshua was life changing! To learn of my soul connection to Jesus is mind blowing and such an honour. Thank you for organising this amazing trip – it was a life-changing trip for me and I do appreciate all your hard work and efforts. I look forward to travelling with you again! Of course we have a peace mission to complete!

Love light and peace
Helen Fabel / Australia

Дорогой Елан!

Большой привет из Владивостока от Наталии и Василия!
Огромная благодарность тебе от нас за прекрасный тур!
Это было захватывающе!!! Великолепно! Интересно!
Особое спасибо за прекрасную организацию тура!
Блестящая организация! Отели,перелеты,транспорт,гиды, еда – все восхитительно!

С любоаью Наталия.