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PLEASE read the following event terms carefully before proceeding:

This agreement contains the terms and conditions by which Shaloha Productions LLC is the event owner and organizer. Xcaret Resort is the lodging provider. BRC Event Management Services LLC is the event manager.
For All Questions Please Email:

*Email is our primary and preferred form of communication for the events and all related aspects. This ensures the best clarity and record keeping for all communications. We will reply to your emails as soon as possible and in the order they are received. Thank you for your understanding!

EVENT Registration:

Event participant is required to register for the event online with Shaloha Productions LLC. Online registration accepts all valid credit cards. Additional information may be required to verify the legal card holder. Electronic Signature is required. Participants waive any charge back rights. Tender of payment to Shaloha Productions LLC constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Kryon Conference & Excursions* (Dec 12-15): $595.00 USD ($695.00 after Nov 1st. 2019)
*NOTE: The Conference and Excursions are sold as one complete event and price only. Individual days are not possible!

Kryon Team All Day Workshops (Dec 16): This workshops day is not yet open for registration
MORNING & AFTERNOON Workshops: $55.00 USD each ($66.00 after Nov 1st 2019)
EVENING Workshops: $44.00 USD each ($55.00 after Nov 1st 2019)

Please Note: before you email, registrations can ONLY be made on-line through BRC on this page:

Payment Transaction:

Kryon Conference & Excursions: Business name that appears on card statements is:

Kryon All Day Team Workshops: Business name that appears on card statements is:
BRC Magic

For Questions Please Email:

EVENT Registration Cancellation:

Cancellation and Refund Policy – The right to a refund if a Participant changes plans is limited. All requests must be in writing and sent via email to, with subject ‘Refund KRYON Mayan Conference’. BRC Event Management Services LLC is the pre event and onsite manager. Event Manager will remit any refund to the Participant(s) within 14 days after receipt of the cancellation request.

As soon as the event registration is processed, the following cancellation fees applies.

46 days or more prior to event – $55.00 per person up to the full amount.
45-30 days prior to event- $100.00 per person up to the full amount.
29-14 days prior to event – $250.00 per person up to the full amount.
13-0 days prior to the event – non refundable

Note: There are no refunds outside the refund policy for the conference. If a speaker listed on the schedule is unable to attend due to an Act of God, we will do everything in our power to find a replacement for that speaker.

Note: BRC Magic Services LLC does not store credit card information

For Questions Please Email:

LODGING Registration & Cancellation

Event participant has the option to stay on site or pay a daily access fee ($160.00 USD per day) to the resort. Lodging reservation and payment is processed by (XCARET Information for payment)

Complete form attached in event registration, or download here

Group name: Kryon 30th

Reservations form download here:
Word: XCARET-ReservationForm-1912GRUPOM.doc
PDF: XCARET-ReservationForm-1912GRUPOM.pdf

Email: Phone: +52 998 881 9836

During your stay, the transportation service is included. We take you from the airport to the hotel, as well as all our Parks and Tours.
Exclusive service for clients with a confirmed arrival at Cancun airport, the day of check-in at the hotel. By airport regulations, this service is not available for customers who do not arrive with a confirmed flight

REVISION and Changes

Any revisions or changes made to a reservation are subject to a mandatory $50.00 change fee


Responsibility and Liability – Shaloha Productions LLC, as the principal, is responsible for arranging and providing all of the event services. Accommodations offered with this event are provided by Xcaret. Shaloha Productions does not own or operate Xcaret resort; nor is it an agent for any of the resorts which will provide all-inclusive lodging services and goods for the event.

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