The Golden Heart of Lemuria
with Kahuna Kalei’iliahi & Lee Carroll
August 22-29, 2019 Kauai HI, USA
At the breathtaking 5* Star Luxury Hotel:
The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa


Message from Lee Carroll:

What can I say in a few words, about Hawaii? It’s Lemuria, and I have personally visited there over 45 times in my life. The Kryon team has cruised around this beautiful set of islands many times, and experienced multitudes of ceremonies, excursions, seminars, and channellings in Hawaii. Yet, it is always fresh and greets me each time in a way that often makes me weep with joy. It says, “Welcome home” to me, each time I arrive.

Indeed this is my favorite place on Earth for so many reasons, but the main one is the story of LEMURIA that is now starting to be released in greater detail than ever before, from Kryon. By the time we visit this “Garden Isle,” a new Kryon book will be published from Monika Muranyi called, The Women of Lemuria. It will be filled with very specific Kryon information on what actually happened on Lemuria (Hawaii), and, especially will feature information on why Kauai is so important.

With the guidance and profound information from Kahuna Kalei’iliahi (Kahuna Kalei), this is going to be another stellar journey filled with things that no one else is offering on the planet. The “real” history of Hawaii is what we are going to be looking at, and the splendor of what happened there is what we are going to feel. Kahnua Kalei will be with us the entire time, creating a bridge between us and our ancient ancestors.

Do you know what a Heiau is? It’s an ancient ceremonial area, and Kahuna Kalei knows where they are. She also knows many of the secret stories passed down, and is in touch with the ancient ancestors of these islands. She is from the bloodline of those “before recorded history,” according to Kryon.

If you have seen Elan’s schedule, you will see that (typical of the quality excursions offered by Shaloha productions) our home will be at the finest resort in Kauai – The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa. I know, since I have stayed in most of the largest ones on that island. This one is spectacular in its beauty and amplifies the already strong energy of this magical island. Also, when you see the unbelievably pristine Na Pali coast while cruising on our special KRYON chartered catamaran, you will pinch yourself and wonder if it’s actually real. That’s what people have said who saw it with us for their first time.

The trip down the Wailua River to the Fern Grotto is legendary, and starts right next to a historic landmark called “Coco Palms.” This is where Elvis did a movie, and where my parents stayed when I was a child. You might not think this is all that spiritual, but it plays into a beautiful heritage that is the current day history of Kauai, and also a part of my life. This historic and iconic hotel from the 1950’s is now being restored … kind of … on Hawaiian time … sort of. :-)

Do you think we esoteric people are the only ones who think that Hawaii is Lemuria? Perhaps it’s time to think again! During our Lemurian Adventure we will visit a very sacred and specially prepared place in the middle of the island called The Kauai Hindu Monastery. This is where a famous Hindu named Gurudeva, created a paradise (honest), and has been building a Hindu temple with artisans from India. The reason for this? In his book, The Lemurian Scrolls, he states that Hawaii is Lemuria, and that we came from the Pleiadians! Gurudeva passed in 2001, but this amazing, almost manicured place, continues to inspire visitors from all over the Earth.

The great excursions and meetings that we will encounter together is a result of fine-tuning the wonderful, pleasing, and high spiritual experiences we have delivered previously in the last two decades! Experiencing Hawaii is a life dream for many, but add to that the ceremonies and chants from Kahuna Kalei, and the channelled messages from Kryon, and you know will begin to feel that there is no accident you are there.

That is why this journey is vastly different from any vacation you can take in Hawaii. Come ready to suspend reality. Move out of your comfort zone and move into a multidimensional place where Kryon tells us that the true Ancients of this planet actually set the Akashic Record of Humanity. Come ready for channelling, meditation and spiritual teaching, and not just for “a time in Hawaii.” This Lemurian Adventure is being planned as a spiritual experience in paradise for those who are familiar with KRYON’s teachings and are ready to celebrate more profound information from both Kryon and Kahuna Kalei.

Message from Kahuna Kalei’iliahi:

Audio from the 7 Pleiadian Mothers:

What an exciting time is approaching for us to gather with Kryon and our Pleiadian Ancestors in the majestic island of Kaua’i! My heart is filled with such joy in anticipation, as a Lemurian/Hawaiian Priestess to be in ceremony with so many of you old souls, who will hear the call to come to Lemuria. The Ancients of this land, my legion of Ancestors, along with the 7 Pleiadian Mothers (A group of many Pleiadian mothers who I have the honor to channel) are all standing around with heads bowed in honor and respect for us all. We, who have been here for thousands of years. We, who have returned over and over again to create light on this beautiful planet, our earth mother, Gaia. It is with the help of our Star Mothers that we remain in our hearts and hold the powerful energy of compassion.

On this sacred journey we will be touched by them all, in our time together. We will be in ancient ceremonies held pure for thousands of years. We will laugh and sing and cry, along with them … our Spirit and Earth Family.

On behalf of my Ancestors, I offer you their message in love:
The Kahuna does not yet realize that this isn’t the first time we have waited thousands of years for such a potential gathering to occur. And on that majestic mountain peak of our beloved home MU, we have left our footprints in the dirt of the land, our voice in the wind and our love in every grain of sand. Every drop of rain holds our love, a lot of it! We know each of you by name, even those reading this who will not be able to attend this gathering, as well as those who will. We are touching you with our love and sacred mana (divine energy), all equally. Our message to you is this … you belong here on this sweet earth and are missed by those of us here, who have watched you for eons. We have followed your journeys and we will follow you to Kaua’i.

2015 Photos & Channellings
2014 Photos & Channellings


1. Special opening ceremony by Kahuna Kalei’iliahi and intention channelling with Kryon.

2. “AU AU KAI” – an ancient water purification ceremony with Kahuna Kalei’iliahi, at the sacred Hikina a ka la HEIAUI. “Hikina a ka la” means the “The East Sun” in the Hawaiian language. It is where the ancients gathered at sunrise to chant as the sun rose over the ocean. This ceremony is followed by a Kryon channelling.

3. We will meander along the Wailua River on a private chartered boat to experience a Sacred River Journey with Kahuna Kalei’iliahi and a Kryon channel. We are travelling in the footsteps of our Lemurian ancestors and will visit the famous Fern Grotto.

4. We reinforce our intentions with another “AU AU KAI” – water purification ceremony at the Salt Pond Beach Park before visiting the Waimea Canyon, which is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. After enjoying the spectacular scenery and immersing ourselves in the energy of Gaia we will have a Kryon channelling.

5. We will visit Kauai Hindu Monastery and explore the 353 acres of this spiritual sanctuary that holds beautiful gardens, waterways and ponds. Their temple is a legacy of the founding GURU DEVA (Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami) who channelled that this place was LEMURIA and was where the Pleiadians planted the seeds of Humanity’s spirituality. Lecture and guided tour by Kaivalyanathaswami and Kryon channelling will be given at this very special place.

6. We will conclude our Lemurian Retreat with a special Sunset Dinner Cruise, including dinner and drinks, along the Na Pali coast. Step aboard the majestic 63 Foot Catamaran Blue Dolphin – an exclusive charter for the KRYON group, where we cruise the tropical waters, framed by a Hawaiian sunset, while experiencing the last Kryon channel onboard.

ITINERARY: August 22-29, 2019

DEPARTURE to USA – Wednesday August 21, 2019 - Traveling day for non-USA locations – Overseas passengers depart with overnight flights from gateway cities for Kauai.

ARRIVAL DAY: Thursday August 22, 2019

Arrive at Lihue Airport (airport code: LIH)

Transportation options from the airport to The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa

Check-in time 3:00 PM. Relax, Rest & Explore the resort

Evening: Welcome Gathering

Day ONE: Day ONE: Friday August 23, 2019

Excursion – Ceremony – Kryon Channelling
Meals included: BL

Day TWO: Saturday August 24, 2019

Excursion – Ceremony – Kryon Channelling
Meals included: BL

Day THREE: Sunday August 25, 2019

Excursion – Ceremony – Kryon Channelling
Meals included: B

Day FOUR: Monday August 26, 2019

Excursion – Ceremony – Kryon Channelling
Meals included: BL

Day FIVE: Tuesday August 27, 2019

Free Day
Meals included: B

Day SIX: Wednesday August 28, 2019*

Na Pali Coast Sunset Dinner Cruise – Kryon Channelling – Ceremony
Meals included: BD

DEPARTURE DAY: Thursday August 29, 2019

Check-out time 11:00 AM
Meals included: B

5* Star Luxury Hotel: The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa