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March 4-28, 2022

Saqqara – Giza – Sphinx – Pyramids – Abusir – Dahshur
Full Upper & Lower Nile Cruise & Temples

Channelings by Lee Carroll / KRYON
Insights & Meditations by Monika Muranyi
Meditations by Elan Cohen

“May you always drink from the Nile” Kryon

Special message from Lee: View

I think one of the most exciting and exotic touring adventures we have ever taken with a Kryon group was the one in EGYPT in 2017. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, since I had never been.

First, I’m used to the way Elan with Shaloha Productions, does things. So I wasn’t surprised that we were going first class. The Nile River boat was one of the best you can schedule. These boats are really luxurious, and it’s like carrying a first class hotel with you wherever you go – extremely safe, with great food every day. The few hotels we stayed at were also top of the line.

However, what really shocked me was that Elan had scheduled private time for our group to go to a few very, very popular and famous places like the Temple of Isis, Temple of Horus, Karnac and Shrine of Sekhmet, the Sphinx, and inside the Great Pyramid AND the King’s Chamber.. I mean, alone with our Kryon group! I will always remember channelling at these places in private, and absorbing the grand history without massive crowds around us.

We recently finished a very fast-paced 9-minute video of our 2017 trip, and you can view it HERE. Check it out! You can clearly see us walking around some of these grand places with nobody around but the Kryon group. Our guides were the best, and all were graduates of the Egyptology schools, which is mandatory for the special touring agency we use.

All in all it was very comfortable, amazing in its scope, and filled with information that is astonishing for anyone who loves history. Then, of course, Kryon channelling is given all along the way.

Our following tour in 2019 was Epic and the next one in 2022 is going to be Grand and the most encompassing of them all!

We are starting now to take reservations. Why so early? Because it will again – fill up fast!

“May you always drink from the Nile” Kryon

Lee Carroll

Watch the Video of Kryon Egypt Tour 2017
Listen to Audio channelings of Kryon Egypt Tour 2017
Listen to Audio channelings of Kryon Egypt Tour 2019

With Kryon’s instruction and guidance we will be returning to Egypt for a third sacred tour in March 2022. This will be an extended tour of Saqqara, Giza, Abusir, Dahshur and the Upper and Lower cruise along the Nile river!

Old soul, hear the call of your Galactic Ancient Family within your Divine Galactic Akash. Awaken to the timeless wisdom of the Pleiadians and Hathors. A Gateway to the Stars and the origin of your Cosmic Soul!

Join Lee Carroll and Kryon in a grand sacred journey of a lifetime! Visit some of the most awe-inspiring, breathtaking, timeless and riveting places on earth. This is a soul-seekers’ journey beyond time and space, woven into a pure allied consciousness of wisdom, compassion and love. It’s encompassed by the presence and grandness of the multitudes of galactic enlightened civilizations. Together, we will all create light expanding consciousness!

Multi-part tour!
Four extraordinary life changing options to register for!
Total of 24 days of an astonishing journey!

Luxury Hotels, Cruise Ships, Amenities and Food!

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Saqqara – Giza – Sphinx – Pyramids – Abusir – Dahshur
Lower & Upper Nile Cruise & Temples

OPTION 2: MARCH 4-11, 2022
Saqqara – Giza – Sphinx – Pyramids – Abusir – Dahshur

OPTION 3: MARCH 10-28, 2022
Lower & Upper Nile Cruise & Temples

OPTION 4: MARCH 19-28, 2022
Upper Nile Cruise & Temples

ITINERARY: March 4-28, 2022

Includes a 13-Night Luxury Cruise on the Nile!

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DEPARTURE to Egypt – Thursday March 3, 2022

Departures traveling from USA and other faraway destinations
Depart for Cairo and arrive the next day.

Day ONE: Friday March 4, 2020 – Arrival (Check-in from 15:00 / 3:00 PM)

Transfer to the 5-Star Mena House Marriott Hotel in Giza

Mena House 5* Star Hotel at Giza

The Mena House, where we will stay for 7 Nights / 8 days, is one of the most unique hotels in Cairo, with its own rich and colorful history. Surrounded by 40 acres of verdant green gardens, this palatial hotel is located in the shadows of the Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo. The royal history of the hotel is reflected in luxurious interiors that are embellished with exquisite antiques, handcrafted furniture, original works of art and magnificent antiques that are rarely found in luxury hotels. Mena House has played host to kings and emperors, Heads of State and celebrities. The Mena House is located 700 meters from these wonders of the ancient world and offers unmatched views of the pyramids. You can gaze upon the magnificence of the pyramids from your rooms at sunrise and sunset. After dinner at one of the many restaurants, you can return to see them lit up for your private viewing pleasure. Regarded as one of the leading luxury hotels in Cairo, the hotel combines the magical charm of a bygone era with unrivalled service fit for royalty. Your idyllic stay at the hotel promises to be a journey of discovery, exploring Cairo’s ancient treasures and unraveling the many mysteries of Egypt’s past.

Overnight in Giza (Meals on your own)

Day TWO: Saturday March 5, 2022

Visit to the New Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum, also known as the Giza Museum, is a planned museum of artifacts of ancient Egypt. Described as the largest archaeological museum in the world, the museum is currently under construction and is scheduled to be partially open in 2021. The museum is situated on 120 acres of land approximately two kilometers from the Giza pyramids, and is part of a new master plan for the plateau.

Evening: Kryon Meeting and Festive Dinner

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Giza (BLD)

Day THREE: Sunday March 6, 2022

First excursion to Saqqara

After breakfast visit Saqqara necropolis and explore the Imhotep Museum, the Pyramid of Teti, the Mastaba of Mereruka and the Ptahhotep Tomb

In the afternoon we will visit The Serapeum, an unusual site with a huge sarcophagus weighing thousands of tons of granite, all built to honor the Apis bull. It is a must see and an underground miracle to behold. Lunch en route.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Giza (BL)

Day FOUR: Monday March 7, 2022

Second excursion to Saqqara

After breakfast we visit Saqqara and several of its magnificent and unique Tombs and the Pyramid of Djoser (Step Pyramid) and healing complex, designed by visionary architect and initiate Imhotep, the Tomb of Two Brothers, the Pyramid of Unas, the Tomb of Mehu, the Tomb of Horemheb and the Tomb of Maya. Lunch en route.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Giza (BL)

Day FIVE: Tuesday March 8, 2022

On this day we visit the three prominent Pyramids and Temples of Abusir and Dahsur

The Sun Temple of Userkaf & Abusir Pyramids

We have arranged for an early morning PRIVATE VISIT to the Sun Temple of Userkaf to view the Sunrise. This was an ancient Egyptian temple dedicated to the sun god Ra built by pharaoh Userkaf, the founder of the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt. The temple lies between the Abusir pyramid field to the south and the locality of Abu Gurab. The ancient name of the temple was Nekhen-Re meaning the “Stronghold of Ra”.

The Red Pyramid of Snefru at Dahshur

After breakfast en route we will visit The Red Pyramid, also called the North Pyramid, which is the largest of the three major pyramids located at the Dahshur necropolis. Named for the rusty reddish hue of its red limestone stones, it is also the third largest Egyptian pyramid, after those of Khufu and Khafra at Giza. It is also believed to be Egypt’s first successful attempt at constructing a “true” smooth-sided pyramid.

The Bent Pyramid of Sneferu at Dahsur

We continue with a visit to The Bent Pyramid, which is located at the royal necropolis of Dahshur, built under the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Sneferu. A unique example of early pyramid development in Egypt, this was the second pyramid built by Sneferu. The Bent Pyramid rises from the desert at a 54-degree inclination, but the top section (above 47 metres) is built at the shallower angle of 43 degrees, lending the pyramid its very obviously ‘bent’ appearance.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Giza (BL)

Day SIX: Wednesday March 9, 2022

Giza Plateau & The Sphinx

Full day tour of the Giza Plateau and Sphinx Complex. See the three Pyramids, the Valley Temple and a PRIVATE VISIT to The Great Sphinx, the most powerful vortex point on the planet. The lion in the sky is linked with the Sphinx on earth and they contain the knowledge of our true origin. We will also visit the incredible Khufu’s Ship Museum, that houses the king’s intact full-size vessel of his Solar Boat.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Giza (B)

Day SEVEN: Thursday March 10, 2022

The Great Pyramid

On our final day in Giza, we will have a PRIVATE VISIT to The Great Pyramid and time in the King’s Chamber!

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Giza (B)

Day EIGHT: Friday March 11, 2022

After breakfast, check-out from the Mena House and transfer to our private charter flight from Cairo Airport to Aswan.

Sonesta St. George 5-Star – Lower Nile Cruise Ship

Check into our chartered 5-Star Sonesta St. George I – considered to be the most luxurious Nile Cruise Ship on the Lower Nile – for 9 nights / 10 days sailing from Aswan to Luxor, Qena, Luxor then back to Aswan, on full board basis including all meals. An amazing luxury Nile cruise that provides the ultimate in comfort, elegance and design. St. George I features the highest quality for your enjoyment. Amenities: deluxe cabins, double-glass panoramic French windows that open to bring in fresh breezes from the Nile, internet access, direct-dial telephone, safe, hair dryer and bathrooms with spa unit including steam bath and jacuzzi and water massage. Sailing on the Nile is an experience to cherish. It is like time is standing still and you feel you are back in an ancient time, sailing again to your favorite temple.

Sonesta St. George 5* Star Nile Cruise Ship

Felucca sail – Elephantine Island – Temple of Khnum

Felucca sail - Elephantine Island - Temple of Khnum

In the late afternoon enjoy a Felucca sail with a visit to Elephantine Island to see the Temple of Khnum. Here was the ram-headed god of the Cataracts, also known as a creator god, for it is said he fashioned man on a potter’s wheel. We will also see an excavation of a 6th century Jewish community with their Temple that was called the House of Yahweh.

Evening entertainment on board: Nubian Folkloric Show.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Aswan. Cruise night 1. (BLD)

Day NINE: Saturday March 12, 2022

The Nubian Museum – Temple of Kom Omb

The Nubian Museum

After breakfast we visit the beautiful Nubian Museum.

Returning to our amazing Nile Cruise, we sail to the dual Temple of Kom Ombo. This Temple is unique as it is dedicated to two Great Gods: Horus the divine Hawk and Sobek the crocodile God, which symbolize the duality of our own higher and lower natures.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Edfu. Cruise night 2. (BLD)

Day TEN: Sunday March 13, 2022

Temple of Horus at Edfu

Temple of Horus at Edfu

For our group we have again made arrangements to have a PRIVATE VISIT before it opens to the public. Visit to Edfu Temple – this magnificent Temple is one of the best preserved of all the temples. The inscriptions describe the mysteries of the “First Time” Zep Tepe: the age when the Gods ruled Egypt. A library of ancient esoteric knowledge was once archived here. Ancient Egypt created a harmonious cosmology that reflected a conscious spiritual reality based on direct knowingness of the natural laws of the Universe. They created sacred physical structures that mimic the harmonic golden ratio found in nature to maintain universal harmony. This Temple is energetically connected to Denderah where it also taught about the meaning of Divine Union within self. We then sail to Luxor going through the Esna Locks.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Luxor. Cruise night 3. (BLD)

Day ELEVEN: Monday March 14, 2022

Valley of the Queens – Queen Nefertari Tomb – Temple of Hatshepsut

Valley of the Queens

Visit the west bank and see the most breathtaking beautifully preserved tomb in Egypt of Queen Nefertari in Valley of the Queens.

After this, we continue to experience the exquisite Temple of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut, one of the most beautiful masterpieces of the ancient world. Return to Cruise for Lunch.

Evening entertainment on board: Belly Dancer & Whirling Dervish Show.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Luxor. Cruise night 4. (BLD)

Day TWELVE: Tuesday March 15, 2022

Denderah – Temple of Hathor

Denderah - Temple of Hathor

Sail to Kena. After lunch we will visit Denderah Temple dedicated to Hathor, Goddess of love and joy. Experience the famous circular zodiac ceiling and secret crypts with enigmatic images.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Kena. Cruise night 5. (BLD)

Day THIRTEEN: Wednesday March 16, 2022

Abydos – Temple of Seti

Seti Temple at Abydos

Breakfast, then visit Abydos by bus. This amazing beautiful Temple built by Seti I was dedicated to Osiris. It was considered a profound pilgrimage place and over the centuries pilgrims came with offering pots to ask for a blessing from the beloved god Osiris. Today it is one of the most amazing sites in Egypt. Denderah and Abydos Temple were considered universities of higher learning and ancient Stargates and are still alive today. Return for lunch and then sail back to Luxor.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Luxor. Cruise night 6. (BLD)

Day FOURTEEN: Thursday March 17, 2022

Habu Temple – Valley of the Kings – Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple

Visit The Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III at Madinat Habu on the west bank. We then continue to the Valley of the Kings with its deep subterranean tombs of the ancient Kings of Egypt. In the evening we visit Luxor Temple (also referred to as the Temple of Man) during sunset, when the temple is lit. Here sacred geometry is infused into the heart of this temple.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Luxor. Cruise night 7. (BLD)

Day FIFTEEN: Friday March 18, 2022

Karnak Temple & Shrine of Sekhmet

Karnak Temple - Shrine of Sekhmet

Early morning visit to Karnak and a PRIVATE VISIT to see the Shrine of Sekhmet. We will explore Karnak Temple with its huge columns that reach to the stars. It was said that the ancient ones built these columns with special stones to collect and store the energies of their sacred singing and chanting that was done daily at dawn as the priests and priestess walked down the processional path to the Holies of Holies. Then daily the stored energy within the columns would fill the Temple spaces, energizing those who visited this sacred Temple throughout the day.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Esna. Cruise night 8. (BLD)

Day SIXTEEN: Saturday March 19, 2022

Full day sailing on the Nile as we make our way back to Aswan, relaxing, integrating and deepening our experience of the tour. We will end the day with a festive Farewell Dinner for the Lower Nile cruise.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Aswan. Cruise night 9. (BLD)

Day SEVENTEEN: Sunday March 20, 2022

Temple of Isis at Philae

We have arranged for a PRIVATE VISIT before it opens to the public to the beautiful Temple of Isis at Philae to watch the New “Dawn” and to connect with the divine goddess energies. We will visit the amazing temple and ask for a healing from Isis to awaken our full potential as we journey on the Nile.

After the visit we will check into the beautiful Movenpick Aswan Resort for one night. In the evening we will have a special Dinner at the Tower Restaurant with magnificent views of Aswan at sunset.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Aswan. (BLD)

Day EIGHTEEN: Monday March 21, 2022

Mövenpick M/S. Prince Abbas – Upper Nile Cruise Ship

After breakfast, we check out from the Movenpick Aswan Resort to visit the Aswan Local Market. Then transfer to the High Dam Dock and check into our chartered 4-Star Cruise Mövenpick M/S. Prince Abbas – considered to be the best Nile Cruise Ship on the Upper Nile – for 4 Nights / 5 Days sailing from Aswan to Abu Simbel, on full board basis. Deluxe Rooms with two twin beds. Cabins are approximately 22 sq. meters, all tastefully and luxuriously furnished. The cabins have en-suite shower rooms, benefit from individually controlled air-conditioning and include television, minibar, climate control and direct-dial telephone.

Mövenpick M/S. Prince Abbas

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Aswan. Cruise night 10. (BLD)

Day NINETEEN: Tuesday March 22, 2022

Temple of Kalabsha

Temple of Kalabsha

The Temple of Kalabsha is the largest free-standing temple in Nubia. Originally it stood about thirty miles south of the High Dam at Aswan before being moved to its present site, New Kalabsha, immediately south of the dam. Built in the later Ptolemaic period and continued by Augustus, it was dedicated to Horus-Mandulis (a Nubian god), Isis, and Osiris. Afterwards we continue our Upper Nile cruise as we sail to Wadi al-Sebua.

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Wadi al-Sebua. Cruise night 11. (BLD)

Day TWENTY: Wednesday March 23, 2022

Wadi al-Sebua Temple

Wadi al Sebua Temple

After breakfast we visit Wadi al-Sebua Temple. The temple is dedicated to Amun-Re, Re-Harakhti and the deified Ramesses, and was named “Temple of Ramesses-Meriamun-in-the-House-of-Amun.” Originally a few miles east of its present location at New Sebua, it was built by Ramesses II. It once had three pylons, the third of which survives. In the court past the first (now non-existent) pylon, are six human-headed sphinxes wearing the double crown of upper and lower Egypt. In the second court, there are falcon-headed sphinxes. Then the third pylon, pictured here, with one of the original four colossi of Ramesses remaining. Afterwards we continue our cruise as we sail to Amada.

Temple of Derr – Temple of Amada – Tomb of Pennut

In Amada we will visit three sites:

Temple of Derr - Temple of Amada - Tomb of Pennut

The Temple of Derr originally sat on the Nile’s east bank, a few miles to the south. Dedicated to the sun god Ra/Re, it was built by Ramesses II to observe his first 30-year Sed festival. It included statues of Ptah, Amun-Re, Ramesses II and Re-Horakhty, as at Abu Simbel.

The Temple of Amada was dedicated to Amun-Re and Re-Horakhty. Originally located about 112 miles south of the Aswan High Dam, it was moved – as a single unit – 1.5 miles to New Amada. It is the oldest of the Nubian temples, dating from the New Kingdom rulers Tuthmosis III and Amenhotep II, with additions by Tuthmosis IV, Seti I and Rameses II.

The Tomb of Pennut – the Pennut title in the administration of Ramesses VI was “Deputy of Wawat and Miam.” Pennut was the Viceroy of Kush under Ramesses VI, around 1140 BCE. He was also a priest of Horus. The orginal site was Aniba, the old capital of Nubia, 40km south. This was the only Nubian tomb saved from about 500 that were left to be covered by water. It would have amounted to a regular “Valley of the civil servants.”

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Amada. Cruise night 12. (BLD)

Day TWENTY-ONE: Thursday March 24, 2022

The Temples of Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

In the morning, we sail and have a view of Kasr Ibrim. After lunch on board, we visit Abu Simbel – a temple complex, originally cut into a solid rock cliff – in southern Egypt, and located at the second cataract of the Nile River. The two temples which comprise the site were created during the reign of Rameses II. The temples are dedicated to the gods Ra-Horakty, Ptah, and the deified Ramesses II (The Great Temple) and the goddess Hathor and Queen Nefertari (The Small Temple). The location of the site was sacred to Hathor long before the temples were built there and, it is thought, was carefully chosen by Ramesses for this very reason. The temples are also aligned with the east so that, twice a year – on 21st  February and 21st October – the sun shines directly into the sanctuary of The Great Temple to illuminate the statues of Ramesses and Amun.

In the evening we will attend the Sound & Light Show at Abu Simbel Temple, followed by a festive Farewell Dinner with music, a Galabeya party of the Upper Nile cruise, and celebrating the conclusion of our magnificent Egypt grand tour!

With Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Overnight in Abu Simbel. Cruise night 13. (BLD)

Day TWENTY-TWO: Friday March 25, 2022

After breakfast, we check out from Mövenpick M/S. Prince Abbas cruise and transfer to Abu Simbel Airport for the flight to Cairo on our private Egypt Air charter flight. Upon Arrival in Cairo we will transfer and check into to The Nile Ritz-Carlton 5-Star Hotel for three nights.

Overnight in Cairo. (B)

Day TWENTY-THREE: Saturday March 26, 2022

Enjoy this day for shopping and/or explore Cairo’s famous attractions on your own.

Overnight in Cairo. (B)

Day TWENTY-FOUR: Sunday March 27, 2022

Americans returning back to the U.S.: Effective December 6th, 2021, all airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older, regardless of vaccination status or citizenship, must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within one calendar day of travel.  A PCR swab test will be offered to our group at our hotel in Cairo on the morning of March 27th, 2022 (for tour options 1, 3, 4) and March 10th, 2022 (for tour option 2), with results available within 8-10 hours (Cost is $100.00 USD per test). A laboratory result certificate with the lab stamp and office government seal will be provided. Alternatively, travelers to the U.S. may provide documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding. Read more here

Overnight in Cairo. (B)

Day TWENTY-FIVE: Monday March 28, 2022

Departure for home: Wonderful day to return home and share profound joy and love.
Breakfast and assistance and transfers for clients to the airport. (End of our service.)

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